Game of Thrones ends in 2019 on HBO. It didn’t go well and many fans were deeply frustrated by the subpar final season. We quickly speculated that there would be another explosion at the end.

In fact, another series taking place in the same universe is already being worked on. This would be the House of the Dragon, though probably not the solution many had hoped for. But there seem to be others.

Development of an adaptation of the story of the gravedigger and the egg goes on

Variety claims that at least one other Game of Thrones-related film is in serious development.

In this case, the series will be based on The Tales of the Dumpster and the Egg, a series title given to three separate books over 12 years. They were also published together in a 2015 collection of the Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.

George R.R. Martin’s novel series The Song of Ice and Fire is still on. Martin also published other works in the same universe, such as B. Contes de Dunke and Egg. There are many sources of inspiration for potential screenwriters.

And HBO obviously wants a lot of it. He supposedly wants to develop several. Entertainment Weekly points out that all current projects are prequels. This means that the date for the end of the Throne has not yet been set.

However, there are unconfirmed rumors that HBO is in talks with distribution about a possible return. Among them are stars like Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington and Maisie Williams. The other members of the distribution openly expressed a desire to remedy this unsatisfactory result.

Another period of the franchise that can be adapted is that of Robert’s Rebellion. A civil war on the fictional continent of Westeros led directly to the events of A Song of Ice and Fire.

Even before the end of Game of Thrones, HBO was working on five different prequel series.

Only one of them ever produced a pilot. Naomi Watts and others, like Georgie Henley, participated in her casting. This series was not resumed and plans for the other four were abandoned. With HBO, instead of going the other way with Dragon House.

Dragon House and Mass and Egg with more Targaryens properties.

The two series prequels that have apparently lasted the longest will focus on Westeros’ most emblematic family, the Targaryens.

Based on Robert’s rebellion, it’s almost certain we’ll see them too.

House of the Dragon, which premieres in 2022, is based on the film Fire and Blood and possibly an untitled sequel. It would take place during the Dance of the Dragons, a confrontation between the Targaryens with lasting consequences.

One of the characters in the title of the Story of Immersion and the Egg is also a Targaryen. The future king Aegon V. The other is Ser Duncan the Great, the knight at Aegon’s request.

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