Sebastian Vettel is set to put last season’s disappointment behind him when he joins the Aston Martin team in 2021.

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Vettel finished 13th out of 20 drivers in last year’s world championship standings, taking a third of the points from his Ferrari teammate Charles Leclerc.

He became a four-time champion with Ferrari last season before switching to Aston Martin this year, but Vettel said he no longer regrets the way his time with the Italian team ended.

It’s been a tough year, he said at the launch of the new Aston Martin AMR21. I obviously thought about it a lot during the season last year, and obviously I wasn’t happy with the way things went last year in terms of performance, partly on my part, but yeah, I think I took it in terms of what I experienced.

I have no regrets, of course there are things that didn’t go well and things I would have liked to do better and differently and so on, but at the end of the day I am really looking forward to this year. I’m very quiet compared to last year.

I know I wasn’t ready, that I held back most of the time, that I didn’t care what people said or thought or wrote, but for that very reason I think it’s important that I get through it myself and go into this year with very, very high expectations of myself.

Sebastian Vettel switched from Ferrari to Aston Martin in the winter. Aston Martin.

Vettel’s lack of performance has often been linked to the performance of last year’s Ferrari, particularly the lack of stability at the rear.

Every car behaves the way it does, he said. Of course you have certain preferences, but I think if you have the wheel in your hands and you are happy and everything is happening around you, you get the hang of the car very quickly and do what you have to do, you try to find an advantage somehow, you adapt and so on.

I’m looking forward to getting in the car, being myself, being happy and having a good time, and if I do that, the results will follow, whatever that means.

I think the whole thing with the back has gotten a little out of hand. I mean, if you look at the cars I had at Red Bull or in the early days at Ferrari, there were always times when the rear was nervous and that’s normal, so I don’t think I’m more vulnerable than anyone else in that respect.

Actually I don’t like it when the car just understeers, at least with the skidding in the corner you can do a lot. The understeer is there too, as is the driving technique, but your hands are a little more tied and you’re a little more limited. I prefer the car to be a little loose in the back, then it can turn better and do things – but of course if it’s too much, you lose too much time and then nobody likes it because it’s slow.

But to get back to the [Aston Martin] philosophy: I think it’s interesting. Obviously I haven’t driven a lap yet, but maybe we’ll see that tomorrow [in Silverstone shake-up], but then really in Bahrain with consistent conditions to get a feel for it.

From what I hear, it’s very different, I hope they come to me when it’s there and we’ll see how it goes.

frequently asked questions

Will Vettel stay at Ferrari?

Sebastian Vettel will leave Ferrari at the end of the year after contract negotiations between the two companies ended without agreement. Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto said the decision was mutual and not easy, given Sebastian’s value as a driver and as a person.

Who will replace Vettel in 2021?

Carlos Sainz leaves McLaren to replace Vettel at Ferrari in 2021 The four-time world champion is looking for a new record to stay in the grid, but his options are drying up fast.

Will Ferrari improve in 2021?

Due to Covid-19, the new changes to FIA regulations have been delayed by one year, until 2022. This means that we will see few significant changes to the cars on the grid this season, including the Ferrari F1 car. GOAT had a terrible season in F1 last season, and it can only get better for them in 2021.


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