Riz Ahmed has been honoured with a BIFA award for his work in film. The 36-year-old actor was awarded the prize at this year’s ceremony, which took place on Sunday night (February 17).

The “riz ahmed movies” is a British actor who was honoured for his contribution to the film industry at the British Independent Film Awards. The awards are presented by BAFTA and voted on by members of the public.

British Independent Film Awards 2021: Riz Ahmed honoured for contribution

Riz Ahmed at Bifa 2021

At Bifa 2021, Riz Ahmed received the Richard Harris Award (Picture: Rex)

At tonight’s British Independent Film Awards (Bifa), Riz Ahmed was recognized for his performances in Encounter, Shifty, Four Lions, and Mogul Mowgli, while After Love received a lot of nominations.

The Girls star came to the stage to receive The Richard Harris Award before the celebs enjoyed themselves in the backstage photo booth.

‘He has championed the frequently neglected perspective…’ said Yaan Demange, who presented the award. Riz did not fit into the business; instead, he carved himself a niche for himself and a generation.’

‘I want to thank my instructors for informing me that if I screwed up in class, I may be expelled, but if I did it on stage, I might earn a round of applause,’ Riz said as he accepted his trophy.

The actor expressed gratitude to his family for helping him ‘learn the art of story-telling,’ as well as his sister for being’so theatrical.’

‘I grew up coat-switching, thinking acting was about becoming someone else,’ he said. ‘I hope the next 15 years are about learning to take the masks off and giving more of myself,’ he added.

Riz Ahmed

Riz accepted his medal and thanked his family and instructors (Picture: Rex)

In other categories, After Love won six awards, beating out titles like Belfast and Boiling Point for best indie film.

‘Does this really happen?’ As he took up the gong, Aleem Khan, the film’s director, stated, “This is so crazy there are honestly no words.”

‘At its foundation, this film is about strangers finding themselves in one another, and I believe we can learn a lot from that right now in the society we live in.’

Joanna Scanlan received best actress for her depiction of a Muslim convert in the film After Love, which revealed her late husband’s hidden existence.

British Independent Film Awards 2021: Aleem Khan

After Love by Aleem Khan won six awards (Picture: Rex)

‘I want to thank Aleem’s mother, I met her and she lent me her clothing, she offered me a lesson in humility, a lesson in love,’ the 60-year-old actress said of her honor.

‘This is a narrative about love and what happens when it is lost; the only way to learn to love again is to go through a lot of pain.’

‘She is without a doubt my inspiration for this performance, so thank you.’

The awards night in London was the second Bifa event of 2021, with the first taking place virtually in February and Sarah Gavron’s Rocks emerging victorious.

Sam Adewunmi, Kosar Ali and Bukky Bakray 24th British Independent Film Awards

Backstage, Sam Adewunmi, Kosar Ali, and Bukky Bakray had a good time in the photobooth (Picture: Rex)

Despite receiving the most nominations (11), Sir Kenneth Branagh’s autobiographical film Belfast, about his youth in Northern Ireland, failed to win any honors.

One award was given to Vinette Robinson for outstanding supporting actress in Boiling Point, which starred Stephen Graham as a chef under duress.

‘Wow, I am very pleased to be in this film. It was done with such an unbelievable bunch of individuals with a very little amount of money, a lot of heart, and commitment. It is a genuine ensemble piece,’ she screamed as she accepted her trophy.

Winners of the British Independent Film Awards in 2021

After Love – Best British Independent Film

After Love’s Aleem Khan was named Best Director.

After Love’s Joanna Scanlan was named Best Actress.

Adeel Akhtar, Ali, and Ava are the best actors.

Vinette Robinson, Boiling Point, Best Supporting Actress

Talid Ariss, After Love, Best Supporting Actor

Nell Barlow, Sweetheart, Delivers a Breakthrough Performance

Aleem Khan, After Love, won the Douglas Hickox Award for Best Debut Director.

After Love, Aleem Khan, Best Screenplay

Michelle Antoniades, Sweetheart, is a breakthrough producer.

Cathy Brady, Wildfire, won Best Debut Screenwriter.

Poly Styrene: I Am A Cliché, Paul Sng, Celeste Bell, Zoe Howe, Rebecca Mark-Lawson, Matthew Silverman, Daria Nitsche, Raindance Discovery Award

Femme – Best British Short Film

Flee – Best International Independent Film

Carolyn Mcleod, Boiling Point, Best Casting

Matthew Lewis, Boiling Point, won Best Cinematography.

Grace Snell, The Souvenir Part II, won best costume design.

Connie Farr, Harry Escott, Ali & Ava have the best music.

Steven Bray, Mike Knights, and Dashcam have the best effects.

Helle Le Fevre, The Souvenir Part II, Best Editing

Vickie Lang, Kristyan Mallett, Donald Mcinnes, The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain – Best Make-Up & Hair

The Souvenir Part II, Stéphane Collonge, Best Production Design

Boiling Point — James Drake, Rob Entwistle, and Kiff McManus Best Sound

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