The internet offers various forms of entertainment for many people globally, with online gambling being an important category. Gambling is regulated by various territories, and Poland is one of the European countries that need ordinances to cater to its online gambling population of over 5 million people.

Even if the country has very strict rules for Polish gamblers and casino operators, it’s still worth playing. According to online gambling expert Klara Czerwinska “Jeśli znajdziesz swoją pasję do zabawy w kasynie, możesz się świetnie bawić bez żadnych strat finansowych. Skorzystaj z zalet, jakie dają różne kasyna online w polsce.

She explained Poland’s gambling restrictions and how Polish gamblers can play legally. Read more about her here.

Online Casino in Poland

Poland is one of the countries with online and land-based casino gambling regulations. The Gambling Law or “Ustawa o grach hazardowych” sets strict rules on gambling and requirements for operators to handle authorized online casinos. This law places a severe penalty on its violators, and it passed through the parliament in just two days.

The Polish government enacted the new law to respond to the gambling affair “afera hazardowa” – a lobbying rumor related to the previous law on Games and Betting. This new gambling law made Poland one of the most restrictive countries in Europe.

There are only two types of online gambling legalized in Poland. Licensed online casinos in the country are only allowed to offer promotional lotteries and online betting. However, the state-owned lotto brand Totalizator Sportowy Sp. is permitted to provide other online games to their customers.

Why Are Online Casino Restrictions Different in Other Countries?

There are countries where online gambling is legal, with few restrictions. You can tell that your country is restricted from online gambling if you can’t register on a site, access real money games, or if you experience deposit and withdrawal issues.

Here are a few things different countries consider in allowing online gambling:

1. Potential Income

Winnings from online gambling are taxable and profit the country where the player resides. Thus, countries take taxes into account when creating gambling restrictions. Those that want to encourage more citizens to play in hopes of getting taxes are more lenient with their regulations.

However, gamblers should keep in mind that winnings from betting only offer the potential for income and should not be considered a source of stable earnings.

2. Beliefs and Traditions

Due to beliefs and traditions, some governments do not allow online and land-based casinos. Even if countries are becoming increasingly accepting of new ideologies and take these with a broader perspective, there are still places where any form of gambling is banned due to religion or culture.

3. Avoid Money Laundering

Money laundering is a serious issue that governments and casino operators vehemently avoid. Online gambling is a huge industry worldwide that can spur people to do illegal steps rooted in greed or desperation.

As a result, authorized online casinos require more valid information from applicants and constantly upgrade their security features.

4. Gambling Addiction

If you are already familiar with online gambling, you’ll be aware of casino sites encouraging “responsible gaming.” Governments are trying to prevent people from succumbing to gambling addiction. This can lead to problems that affect not only the gambler but also those around them. 

Can I Play at An Online Casino in Poland?

Polish gamblers can legally gamble online in the country through lotteries and betting. In March 2020, and led Poland’s gambling and betting websites, with over 3.7 million and 1.8 million users, respectively.

Here are some online casino games in Poland that you can enjoy for betting and lottery:

Sports Betting

This is a type of online gambling where you will place a bet on your favorite player or team. Sports betting is available for sports such as Football, Basketball, Boxing, eSports, and Horse Racing. 

Cash Lotteries

This is done by purchasing coupons or tickets from the lottery organizer to win cash prizes.

Raffle Lotteries

This is where players participate in legal online casino events by buying tickets or coupons to win in-kind prizes.

Promotional Lotteries

Free lotteries take place when you purchase a product or service to win cash or in-kind prizes.

Premium Rate Lotteries

It’s where the lottery entries are from paid phone calls or messages sent via a public telecommunications network.

Casino games such as poker, dice, slots, bingo, and monopoly are only offered by authorized online casinos upon approval of the Polish Ministry of Finance.


Always be vigilant in choosing the casino you play at. Only look for licensed online casinos to protect your money and personal data. Avoid being scammed by becoming familiar with how you can spot casino scams, and have fun!


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