Memorial Day in the United Kingdom is an annual event in which the Royal Family participates. Last year Prince Harry and his wife Megan Markle travelled to the United Kingdom to visit other members of their family. But they gave up their royal rights and went to America. Among the celebrities they bought a mansion in Santa Barbara and visited the Los Angeles National Cemetery on Sunday to commemorate war heroes on Memorial Day. Other members of the royal family did so during a ceremony in London.

It is said that Harry and Megan came out of their garden with flowers and laid them on two graves.

They were two Commonwealth soldiers. One served in the Royal Australian Air Force, the other in the Royal Canadian Artillery. Harry also placed a wreath on the obelisk at the cemetery. It was in memory of the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to protect their country. Harry signed a message with a crown. It says: To all who have served and served. Thank you very much. It was an emotional moment because Harry himself served as a fighter pilot in the army and witnessed the actions in Afghanistan.

Harry has a soft spot for the military.

In London, the royal family paid homage to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country.

Prince Charles, Harry’s father, has laid two crowns, one in the queen’s name and one for himself. Harry’s brother, Prince William, was there. Harry also wanted to lay a poppy wreath at the National Monument. However, the courtiers rejected his request. The reason is that he no longer represents the family.

I heard Harry asked for a shrubbery. It’s a British tradition. They wear poppies to honor veterans and others who have sacrificed their lives. He remembered the soldiers who were with him in Afghanistan. A lot of them didn’t go home. Anyway, Harry and Megan both wore masks at the Los Angeles National Cemetery when people were there.

In addition, the coronavirus pandemic disrupted his travel plans. Otherwise, he’d be in London paying his respects to his military comrades. Harry made the Invictus games for people with disabilities, and the 2022 games take place in Düsseldorf, Germany. Megan Markle was first seen with Harry at the 2017 Games in Toronto.

Harry’s humanitarian work for the military community

Harper’s Bazaar adds the Prince, who served in the British Army as Captain of Wales for ten years. Harry was a helicopter pilot and had to keep flying to keep his license. Much of its humanitarian effort is focused on the military community.

His wife Megan Markle was with him. She is an American actress who played in costumes for TV shows before she married Harry. They have Archie’s baby and now they live in Los Angeles. On Memorial Day the couple went to Los Angeles National Cemetery to pay their respects to those who died in service. They wore commemorative poppies on their lapels and put on face masks in the company of others.

Prince Harry wore his medals

To preserve decency, Prince Harry wore three medals he had won. Harper’s Bazaar calls the medals. They are the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Medal in 2002, the Task Force Afghanistan Medal in 2008 and the Queen’s Diamond Medal in 2012.

Harry wanted to have a wreath laid to his name at the War Memorial in the cenotaph in London. The authorities at Buckingham Palace rejected the request, citing the travel restrictions imposed on COWID-19 and the fact that he was no longer an active member of the royal family. This decision was not successful with many war veterans around the world.

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