Purple Evergarden is an arrangement of a Japanese light novel by Kana Akatsuki and performed by Akiko Takase. In 2014 he won a formidable fifth nomination at the Kyoto Animation Awards in the Epic Literature category. It is the first permanent work since that time that wins a distinctive prize in one of the three classes (novel, situation and manga). Animation about Kyoto spread on the 25th. December 2015: lots of light under the auspices of KA Esuma Bunko.

Eternity and the doll of automatic memory

The 13-episode of Kyoto Animation for Animated Television was broadcast from January to April 2018, after several development forecasts in 2017. At the Crunchyroll Anime Awards of 2019. A unique video episode of this revival was aired in July 2018, and the derivative film debuted in Japan in September 2019. The next animated film, Violet Evergarden Film, was scheduled for the 18th. September 2020.


The story revolves around automatic memory dolls, first used by a researcher named Dr. Orland to help his visually impaired wife Molly get her books printed, then recruited by others who demanded their management. At this point the term implies composing for other people. The story follows Violet Evergarden’s outing to society after the war and her search for motivation in life, because she is not an officer at the moment, to understand the last words her coach and goalkeeper, Major Gilbert, advised her to say: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.

New to the CH Postal Corporation, Violet fulfils the role of Auto Memory Doll – a professional writer for those who cannot write or need help expressing their feelings in letters.

Violet was found by naval officer Ditfried Bougainvillea on an island where he and some of his crew members had to go ashore after they went on patrol. Her martial arts were demonstrated when she massacred several officers who tried to attack her before he could stop her. Purple followed and shot a wide range of individuals from different groups. For reasons he didn’t understand, Violet saved Ditfrid and granted his wishes. Dietfrid then brings Violet home and gives her to his brother Gilbert in the army as a present for his promotion to major. He suggested that Gilbert use it as a means of war because he didn’t want to take care of Violet himself. Gilbert treated her more like a human being, showed her how to speak, read and compose, and called her Violet, wishing she would grow up as beautiful as flowers. During the war she took part in compulsory battles again and again. She lost both hands trying to save Gilbert in an undisputed war. When the battle was over, her hands were replaced by modern metal prostheses, and she decided to turn them into an automated memory doll to understand the meaning of the words I love you (愛してる, Aishiteru ) – the last words Gilbert spoke to her before they were forgotten in the war zone.

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