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In his first season in the Missiles, 31-year-old Russell Westbrook has a lot to prove to the NBA community. In his 12-year NBA career, the Russian reached the finals only once and was unable to win the title, despite being surrounded by some of the biggest players in the game.

As the number of critics increases and Westbrook ages, it seems that the Stargardist is in a race against time to show that he really is a player who can win at the highest level.

But whether or not he can do it with Houston remains an open question, as rumor has it that H-Town is in the middle of a major overhaul.

The good news for Westbrook is that there are several scenarios that could see it win – perhaps no more intriguing than a deal for the LA Clippers, a franchise seeking NBA legitimacy. There Russ, Kauhi and PG will form a powerful trio that will be among the favourites in the West.

Despite the seemingly improbable fact that this will actually happen and the fact that the Clippers will have to give up, this is an agreement that works for all parties and can shake the foundations of the Western conference.

Missiles increase depth, improve protection

After another failed campaign, the missiles seem to be on the verge of collapse. Daryl Maury is gone, Mike D’Anthony is gone, and two franchise stars are spreading reports of riots.

Recreation is not possible at the moment, even if it means exchanging one or two stars in the garden.

In exchange for the Russians, the rockets could house Montresel Harrell (by sign and trade), Lou Williams, Patrick Beverly and Rodney McGruder. Even if these names do not occur, it gives more depth to Missiles in a chain that naturally includes Hardening. His talent to score goals around Williams, Harrell, Gordon and Covington would be crazy.

Beverly also helped give the missiles a defensive advantage that can never be ignored.

Finally, the deal is unlikely to cause Houston to dominate the NBA, but it will keep it afloat until a new opportunity arises. And really, it’s not the worst place.

Clippers Indomitable Super Team Assembly

The winners of this hypothetical deal are the Clippers. Its depth grew considerably in the 19-20s, but it may be worth giving it up to add Westbrook.

This guy’s like a freight train that stops at the edge. His tireless attack and incredible finishing power gave him a 27.2 point lead last season. His impulses also make the lives of his teammates easier and Russ is often the first to give others opportunities (as evidenced by his 7 assists per match).

Of course, his game, which is about shooting and carelessness in basketball, is a cause for concern, which can lead to critical turnover in late matches.

But with teammates as good as Kauhi and Paul George, a single talent should be enough to fill these gaps.

The question for them is how to fill their second team with the garbage of Harrell, Williams and Beverly.

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