Eurovision 2021 clashes with Glastonbury’s Worthy Farm Live in May

Worthy Farm will be live for five hours. (Photo: AFP/Getty)

Emily Eavis made Glastonbury fans happy with the announcement of a live show with Worthy Farm in May – but for some music fans, the line-up leaves nothing to be desired.

Worthy Farm Live – a five-hour live show featuring performances from Coldplay, Haim, Cano and others – is set for May 22, presumably in an attempt to avoid the FA Cup final on May 15 and the Champions League final on May 29. May.

However, this means that the battle will now continue with the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will also take place on 22 December. The month of May will take place.

At first glance you’d think there wouldn’t be much overlap between these fandoms, but it’s worth remembering that more than 180 million people watched Eurovision 2019 worldwide and more than 200 million watched the tunes in 2016 – with the event being overshadowed by 37.5 million online registrations for Glastonbury 2019 with 200,000 participants.

Eurovision fans asked the organisers of Worthy Farm Live to schedule the festival on the same night as the final and questioned why they wanted to split up the audience.

Others complained that it was rare to see big events on TV on Saturday nights in the summer, and that the Worthy Farm Live festival should be held in June, like Glastonbury.

Glastonbury We know you love music, that’s why we’re going live to an amazing event on the same night that 600 million people around the world watch European artists in the spotlight #Eurovision @Eurovision

Terrible level, arrogance or stupidity.

– Karen Higgins (@karenellaB) March 31, 2021

I’m sticking with #Eurovision tonight, but it would have been nice under different circumstances…..

– Darren de Valle (Darrendeval) 31. March 2021

Why a global music event on the same night as Eurovision?

You can literally choose any weekend, but this is

– 31. March 2021.

The Glastonbury and Eurovision events at the same time seem to be a very strong test of what kind of person you are in the music business. I can think of a few domestic disagreements that would also be worth airing, since we can’t just go to a friend’s house.

– Elaine scattermoon (@scattermoon) March 31, 2021

I really thought the live events affected by the pandemic would want to work together to help their industry instead of dividing the public. Why Glastonbury decided to do it on the same night as Eurovision makes no sense.

– Harry vr-r-rrl (@kthejutokes) March 31, 2021

I mean, fair play to Glastonbury for putting #LiveAtWorthyFarm together, but they were shocked to book it on the same night as Eurovision.

– Elliot Leaver (@elliotleaver92) March 31, 2021

Whatever you think of Eurovision, there’s no denying that it’s one of the biggest musical events in the world. Then why are we fighting on the same night?

– Michael Free (@M_P_FREE) 31. March 2021

We were a bit busy last night @Glastonbury⦠but we ordered new boots in case September turned ¥08.

We were just happy to see more and more live music coming back.

Music first. Anytime.

– Eurovision Song Contest (@Eurovision) 31 March 2021

But, as the official Eurovision account tweeted, the contestants hold no grudges: We were a little busy that night at @glastonbury….. But we ordered new boots in case Senter came through.

We’re just happy that there’s more and more live music. The music first. Anytime.

The Eurovision Grand Final will be commented by Graham Norton.

Although there is usually a broadcast on Glasto, there will be no direct overlap with the 2 events, as Worthy Farm Live is an online ticketed event, with a £20 surcharge to access the stream.

Coldplay, Haim, Damon Albarn, Michael Kiwanuka, Kano, George Smith, Wolf Alice and IDLES are confirmed for Worthy Farm Live, with a Honey Dijon set to DJ and other special guests yet to be announced.

Eurovision takes place in Rotterdam in May (Photo: Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

Shows take place around Worthy Farm, including the iconic pyramid stage and stone circle.

The live broadcast comes after Glastonbury was cancelled for the second consecutive year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Meanwhile, Eurovision is expected to take place in Rotterdam after the cancellation of the 2020 version.

Plus: Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Over the course of the week, 39 countries will compete against each other. At the end of each of the two semi-finals, ten acts will be selected to compete in the grand final against the big five (UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy) and the defending champion, the Netherlands.

James Newman will represent the UK with his song Embers, after failing to enter in 2020 with his song My Last Breath.

Malta is currently the favourite to win, along with Destiny and their song Je Me Casse.

Worthy Farm Live and the Eurovision final take place on the 22nd. The month of May has arrived.

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