Man of Steel was a great movie, but people have claimed that our great American hero, Superman, was so much more than a great movie character. I’m here to tell you that, as a comic book fan, I agree. Sure, he was a great movie character, but Superman is so much more. He’s a super hero, a super man, a super human, a super anything you can think of, and he’s one of the greatest comic book characters of all time.

The rumors are true: an actual Superman and Lois Lane movie is in the making.

Many people like to reference the day when Superman put on the red cape and became a hero, but not many people know that Superman also had a best friend in the comic books. The best friend was a boy named, Clark Kent. In the 60’s Superman comics, the two of them met a boy named, “Wole Parks” in the Dixie Peach Motel. When asked what his name was, Wole Parks told Clark and Superman that his name was, “Wole Parks”.. Read more about superman film and let us know what you think.Last night’s episode of Superman and Lois changed the status quo of the series when Wole Parks, the villain formerly known as Captain Luthor, got his story clarified, showing viewers that he is indeed an alternate Earth version, not of Lex Luthor, but of fan-favorite character John Henry Irons. The episode, written by Jai Jamison and directed by Arrow veteran David Ramsey, titled Man of Steel, gave fans their first glimpse of what John Henry’s big picture will look like by setting up some of the pieces of the mystery, placing viewers in front of the characters for the first time since the series began, and raising some very interesting questions for the second half of the season.

The character last appeared in the 1997 film Steel, starring NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. However, the actor who plays John Henry Irons this time around has not yet seen the film.

I pull myself together… I was what, 16 at the time? The parks say they do. The reviews were so bad I skipped it, so I never really saw it. I feel like maybe I should watch it now, just for fun I guess? So I can’t get anything out of it just because I’ve never seen it.

I haven’t watched it since I was a kid, added Jai Jamison, writer of last night’s episode. I wanted to try and keep the nostalgic thrill of Shaq alive. I’m generally a big Shaq fan. I’m also a big fan of Shaq in this role.

The revelation that Alien is John Henry Irons’ version solves a mystery that has plagued fans of the Arrowverse since the beginning: how he’s still alive. The dialogue reveals that John Henry Irons of Earth Prime died six years ago. The circumstances of this death are unknown, but it means that the strict rule that no more than one version of a person can share space in the post-crisis Arrowverse still applies. When it was announced that Parks was playing an alternate Earth version of Lex Luthor, many fans wondered why he could survive while Beth Kane had to die from another Earth in order for Alice to live on as Batwoman.

It also means a fundamentally different approach to the character as villain.

When it was Captain Luthor, it was more of a redemption story: We understand why he does what he does, what happened on the other Earth and so on, said Jai Jamison, the writer of tonight’s episode. But then Adam Mullinger, our assistant writer, suggested that if we made him John Henry? And that’s exactly what it was, yes. And it’s funny because Adam emailed Todd and then he casually told me: I think you’ll like this place. And I thought: Oh yeah, I really like that pitch. I told them I spent a lot of time thinking about John Henry’s land. I had a lot of ideas, too many ideas for Todd. Something we’ll never see, but I have his whole story, everything that happened. We’ll see some of it, but I’ve given it too much material. But it was so awesome and such an incredible, surreal, awesome responsibility to introduce this character that so many people, myself included, love into the Arrowverse.

In the comics, John Henry Irons was a former gunsmith who turned his back on violence and became a construction worker. After falling off a skyscraper he built while saving the life of a co-worker, he is saved by Superman. When John Henry asked Superman how to thank him, Superman said to make his life worth living.

Later, when Superman is fighting Doomsday, Irons tries to join the fight to help Superman, but a building collapses on him, leaving him buried for the rest of the fight. Waking up among the rubble and hearing that Superman was dead catapulted him into a superhero existence.

How about the arrival of John Henry Irons in the Arrowverse? Send us an email in the comments or let me know @russburlingame on Twitter!A superhero and his love interest who are happily married, only to be torn apart by outside forces.  Lois Lane and Clark Kent are a very well known married super-powered couple in the DC Universe. They have been depicted as an on-and-off couple in the comics, where they were married, but in a super-hero world, that relationship is a lot more transient.. Read more about superman actor and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the only person to kill Superman?

Lex Luthor.

What age did Superman die?

Superman died at the age of 78.

Did Superman really die?


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