Spider-Man 3 has recently become one of the most exciting projects in the Marvel film world thanks to the recording of Dr. Strange and the return of Jamie Fox as the electronic villain. One person trying to understand how all the works fit together is star Tom Holland, who went on the social media to tell him that he now had the script.

I just got home and I just had a package delivered. This package is an iPad, and on this iPad is a script. And that scenario is Spider-Man 3.
POWERFUL: Spider-Man 3 is ready for action when Tom Holland arrives in Atlanta to film.

Fortunately, the Netherlands finally seems to have learned from its mistakes and has sworn not to unmask the spoilers.

I won’t tell you because I’ve learned my lesson. I’m gonna read it now, and I can’t wait.

Tom Holland has built up a reputation as a ruthless developer of details about upcoming films. There have been a few cases where the Netherlands accidentally omitted narrative details, including undeclared titles and other such goodies, and now the Dutch language has become infamous, especially because Marvel prefers to keep things close to his chest.

If the Netherlands has learned not to mess things up, the actor probably hasn’t learned to capture things properly, for example when he talks about the iPad, he does something outside the camera to make that sound crackle, and Holland screams: I just broke this iPad! Oh, my God!

The shooting of Spider-Man 3 officially started earlier this month, and has recently started in Atlanta, the Netherlands. We just landed in Atlanta. И… it’s time for Spider-Man 3. Let’s go! The actor said about social media. Now that the Netherlands has arrived, it’s only a matter of time before the main photo session starts. The Netherlands had previously made a film called Unplanned, another project for Sony, but now that the actor had completed his role as Nathan Drake, he was clearly ready for another Spider-Man in red-blue spandex.

Little is known about the history of Spider-Man 3, and if the Netherlands has really learned its lesson, it is likely that we will learn nothing concrete for the time being. However, we know that the Netherlands has returned as Peter Parker, Spider-Man and Zendai as MJ, Jacob Batalon as Peter Ned’s best friend and confidant, and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May will join us. The film should continue after last year’s shocking Spider-Man finale: Not far from the house where Peter Parker was passed as Spider-Man by John Jameson, the beloved bad reporter played by J. Jameson. К. Simmons.

Dr. Strange Benedict Cumberbatch is also involved in the process in which the character will play the role of mentor, previously held by Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr.

Spider-Man 3 was originally launched on the 16th. July 2021 as part of the long-awaited fourth phase of the MCU. Due to the current global circumstances, the whole phase has changed fundamentally and on the 5th day of the conference a new phase was initiated. In November 2021, Spider-Man 3 took off in cinemas in the United Kingdom and the United States. Holland distributed this video through his Instagram Stories.

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