Tiger Woods and Bryson DeCambo held a training session together on Monday Tiger Woods and Bryson DeCambo held a training session together on Monday.

Date: 12.-15. Place of November: Augusta National
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Defending champion Masters Tiger Woods says the dramatic changes Bryson De Chambo has made in long-distance pursuit have never been made before.

DeShambo is the favorite in August after winning the US Open with winged legs in September.

After adding 40 pounds of weight in 12 months, he became the longest rider on the PGA Tour and this week he’s playing with the idea of using a 48-inch rider.

What Bryson had done was absolutely unbelievable, Woods said.

We were all amazed at what he could do in such a short time.

Woods won the first of five championship titles in 1997 at the age of 21 and became famous for his distance, although, as he said, we are in another era of snowshoe technology.

Bryson took his time, he put in the work, added an American, who is now 44 years old.

What he did at the gym was great, and what he did at the shooting range.

What he did with his whole team to optimize this unique racket and transform his game and hit the ball as far as he did, had never been done before.

I came a long way in 1997. As I grew up, satisfied and tried to get stronger, I didn’t have to keep hitting the ball, I had to be more consistent and be able to train longer.

Actually, I got a little shorter when I was in my twenties.

The PGA Tour DeChambeau this year averaged 344 yards, but in practice 403 yards were covered. On Monday he tested the 48-inch rider with the longest handle allowed and said the results were promising.

I’m still not 100% sure to put him in the game because of the unknown, he is so close to the Masters, said the 27-year-old, who is famous for his scientific approach to the game.

But if this is an improvement in all facets of the starting conditions, why not?

A long shaft helps the head to reach a higher speed at impact, resulting in an additional impact on the ball. And the closer he gets to the green with his tee shot, the more control he can have over the shots coming up.

World number six has been added: I first tested it on Monday. We’ve had at least three or four iterations, and this is the most promising one.

I had about four or five miles per hour more in bullet speed, my acceleration speed went up to 143/144 miles per hour in distance, and the spread was the same, the speed was even lower.

So it looks promising. I didn’t expect it to work yesterday, I thought it would take even longer, but it worked.

However, the 27-year-old says that if he can win the first green jacket this week, it won’t be alone before he can hit the ball.

I can hit as much as I want, but it all depends on the setting and chipping, De Chambo said.

It’s one of those things I think people sometimes have trouble seeing. If I don’t do well at the US Open, I don’t keep it tight, I don’t close the irons and I don’t win this tournament.

Openly champion Shane Lowry is optimistic about the chances of the Masters.

Nineteen months have passed since Woods, who has undergone numerous operations in recent years, won his 15th major title and was the first in 11 years to receive the fifth green jacket.

I still get goose bumps when I think about it, he said. (The) Feelings when I turn 18. I am almost 18 years old and I know I only have to climb that little 15-foot pole twice and I see my family, my mother, my children and all the people who have helped, supported or been there for me in my time of need.

He referred to the coronavirus pandemic that jailed this year’s masters in November: I didn’t want to keep my coat on that long. It is clear that this is an unprecedented circumstance that we all have to deal with.

We are all very lucky to be able to participate in this competition, and this day is very special.

The quadruple champion of Brooks Cap missed the US Open in September during a two-month break, during which he received stem cell injections into his left knee to repair the partially torn tendon in his calf, as well as cortisone injections into a sore thigh.

That’s good. I feel fine. My knee feels good. Hip, he said I didn’t have a problem. It’s nice to have those two months of rehab in San Diego and have it all at once.

Looking for his first victory, Masters added a 30-year-old: The only thing I’ve learned over the years is where you can miss your golf shots.

You see the boys talking to the boys playing here, and you really see those little nuances, those little differences when you come to the same place every time.

Can beginners go into the history of the masters?

No player has won the Masters since the first attempt since Fuzzy Zeller in 1979.

Colleen Morikawa, who only won the U.S. PGA Championship in her second major appearance in August, and her compatriot Matthew Wolff, who finished second at the U.S. Open, hope to change that.

I’m certainly not afraid, said Morikawa, 23, the number 4 in the world. I think I can dissect the course and find out what my best chance is to get a good score.

Experience never hurts. Too bad I haven’t played here 15, 20 times, I wish I had that knowledge. It’s going to grow over the years when I come back and keep playing, but for now I have to feel like I can still keep up with these guys.

Wolf, 21, turned 14. After finishing in the top 5 of the last two Majorcan cities, he is now in the top 5 of the rankings.

If there was time, it would be now, Wolf said about someone pretending to be Zeller. I think the level of golf here is high right now.

It’s sad because of Covid, but since there are no fans here, I think it can certainly change the dynamics of everything.

Leaving the resort at once is certainly more relaxing without the thousands of fans sitting on the green watching each shot.

Does the button change your luck?

England’s Tyrrell Hatton is at the end of a successful season. He won his first PGA Tour title at the Arnold Palmer Invitational and also won the BMW PGA Championship in Wentworth.

But the 29-year-old still has to repeat that performance in the majors, he missed a draw at the PGA Championship and the US Open with his best result in three Masters, and in 2018 he tied for 44th place.

For me, 2020 has been a special year on the golf course, said Hutton, who suggested wearing his signature hooded sweater when the weather dictates August. I think the Abitur is the best shape I’ve ever had.

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