Rick and Morty, you know, the utterly brilliant adult animated show about a genius scientist and his grandson—the latter of whom has a misguided obsession with 1980s cartoons? It’s a neo-comedy masterpiece and one of the best shows on TV. But have you seen the latest episode? It’s also an insightful primer into modern pop culture.

The new season of Rick and Morty kicked off with a low-key premise: Rick and Morty are piloting their spaceship to a planet where they will spend Spring Break. As they fly through space, they’re approached by an alien (voiced by Community’s Danny Pudi), who says they’re his latest subject. The alien was once an ordinary man, he says, but now he’s a genius. He’s also a bit of a dandy, wearing a fancy tuxedo, a fedora, and a cravat. Rick says he can’t believe this guy’s got the nerve to ask for a huge deposit. Morty says he wants to leave the planet, and he’ll pay the deposit. Rick says that’s fine,

If you’re looking for a good show to watch this Summer, you should give Rick and Morty a try. The show follows the super-nerdy adventures of the titular duo, and their friends, and it’s incredibly funny, with extremely creative storylines and plots that will keep you on the edge of your seat.. Read more about anime news network and let us know what you think.



With the fifth season’s latest episode, Rick and Morty faced Voltron, mafia films, and more anime! The Adult Swim cartoon comedy has had prior brushes with anime, with tiny allusions here and there throughout the previous four seasons, but the first look at the newest episode was already intriguing since it hinted at a lot more anime. Not only that, but Episode 7 of the series was named “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion,” emphasizing how much more Rick and Morty anime we’d see in the future.

After Rick, Morty, and Summer stumbled across the Blue Gotron Ferret on their way to a funny amusement park named “Boob World” in the opening few minutes of Episode 7 of Rick and Morty’s fifth season, it was hinted that Rick would get involved with a humorous new type of Voltron. But it was just the beginning of an even more bizarre event to come. Continue reading for a complete recap of the episode:

  • Rick, Morty, and Summer are on their way to Boob World, a theme park where they brought Summer to receive a discount on entry. Rick comes upon a moon containing the Blue Gotron Ferret, a machine he’s been looking for for a long time (it’s the last component of a five-machine collection). Rick ends up hanging out with Summer when Morty disappoints him by insisting on going to Boob World.
  • The three of them then appear at the Smith home dressed in brightly colored outfits, recruiting Beth and Jerry to assist them in flying the five ferrets that have formed. They first reject since the last time they all did anything together, it ended in a huge incest space baby (from Episode 4), but Summer persuades them to do it, which Rick enjoys and Morty begins to be concerned about.
  • The Smith family then dons their Gotron suits and begins a long sequence in which they fly via tubes into their five different colored ferret robots at various places across the globe. They then travel to another planet, assemble the whole Gotron robot, battle a gigantic bug, and defeat it with a power sword. But, as Morty’s narrative shows, Rick becomes more addicted.
  • While Morty attempts to talk Rick out of it, Summer persuades him to go ahead and enlist additional alternative versions of himself with unfinished copies of the Gotron collection for even larger robots. He then enlists the help of four other versions of himself to create a mob-style alliance of five Smith families (complete with Scarface and Godfather parody versions of Rick).
  • Rick then proposes that they all join forces in his world and enable him to alter each of their Gotrons individually. The Hot Head Rick opts out and attempts to flee in his Gotron ferret before it explodes. He swears to return for vengeance, and he is quickly replaced by Yo-Yo Rick. The five families then work together to find all of the Gotron pieces from their own worlds (and killing the anime pilots along the way when necessary).
  • If an alarm was sent, all five Gotrons would unite to create the even larger GoGotron. Rick and Summer become closer as a result of their battles with space insects, but Morty notices Rick’s preoccupation with acquiring even more Gotrons. To keep them secure, they construct a hidden casino hideaway on one of the planets they cleansed of bug creatures.
  • Rick quickly becomes too much for Summer to handle, and Morty is whisked away in a limo by a group of anime pilots who want to take over the Gotron organization from inside. While Morty is coping with this and is eventually kicked out, the rest of the families are torn apart when Hot Head Rick returns to get his vengeance and kills their Ferrets. Morty’s family is enraged by him, so they give him money and then disown him.
  • Rick is still fixated on acquiring additional Gotrons, and he soon tells Summer that he’s hired a Gotron pilot via a temp agency (the same one who tried to get Rick to turn on his family). Meanwhile, Summer fires Beth and Jerry, and Summer explains that she, too, was dismissed by Rick, as they all realized they were just trying to make Rick happy.
  • Summer says that she’s been screwed up all this time due of her enormous incest kid, and that she’s been traveling to a secret facility on Mars and interacting with the child. She was intended to convert him into a government weapon, but she ended up assisting him in his escape. Morty believes Rick is in trouble when he notices Rick has replaced them with anime characters.
  • When Rick and the anime characters create the GoGotron, they seize control of the situation and begin fighting Rick. The Smith family comes on the incest space baby, now known as Naruto, to rescue him and destroy the Gotron. Morty and Summer successfully rescue Rick, and they return to their normal lives. However, the insect space monsters continue to assault and murder millions of people every day. The insects are really come to Earth on peacekeeping missions, but they transform into gigantic monsters when they pass through a portal, as shown in the post-credits sequence.

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The much-anticipated third season of Rick and Morty has finally arrived, and in the premiere episode, we see the titular characters embark on an adventure that takes them into their own minds to check out their personal memories. How exactly did that work, and is it possible to go even further into our own minds? A new episode of the show tonight will answer that question, and it’s sure to be a bonafide classic.. Read more about is rick and morty over and let us know what you think.

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