The media blame the recent confusion at the Big Ten conference over the rigid coronavirus protocols. The Power 5 conference season started on the 24th. In October, but less than a week after the opening of the games, she had to face the first outbreak of the coronavirus. An influential conference recently announced that Saturday’s game between the Nebraska Haskers and Wisconsin will not take place due to the outbreak of the coronavirus that infected the Das. In Wisconsin, there have been twelve positive coronavirus cases involving six players and six employees.

It should be noted that Haskers has had a difficult position against Big Ten and Kevin Warren because he did not play this season because of the Coronavirus.

To put pressure on the Big Chief, he made a statement to cancel the game. According to 247 Sports, the head of the Big Ten said that the biggest problem is still health and safety. That’s why we’re doing everything we can. We have a solid daily testing program.

I tried to tell you a few weeks ago that daily testing will not solve all the problems of the G-10. As I said then, the big ten should have tried not to be smarter than the others, should have come back earlier and planned extra weeks. Instead, Wisconsin Nebraska is removed and cannot be compiled by

– Aaron Torres (@Aaron_Torres) 28. October 2020

The Big Ten will not change their eight-game schedule

Staff must be quarantined for 10 days before they can resume their duties, while players from Wisconsin can miss up to three games because the Big Ten require the student athletes to be isolated within 21 days.

However, many sports analysts have criticized the Big Ten for their strict coronavirus protocols. Some media experts believe that the Big Ten’s procedures are too rigid and could lead to major problems in the coming weeks. The game between Nebraska and Wisconsin, which was cancelled on Saturday, will not be rescheduled and the Big Ten insist that the teams finish the season within the time frame of eight minutes.

Several media observers have pointed out that it was a mistake for Big Ten to postpone the start of their season, as they now have little room to reschedule the games. Paul Finebaum, ESPN University Football Analyst, blew up the Big Ten because he outsmarted his opponents in the negotiations.

The best way to bring back Big Ten football would have been to stop the uncontrolled spread of the deadly virus in the states where Big Ten football plays, but the people who spoke the loudest about the need for the football season never seemed interested.

– Roger Sherman (@rodger) 28. October 2020.

Paul Finebaum recently exploded the self-isolating protocols of the Big Ten.

According to Finebaum, the Big Ten made a number of mistakes, starting with the decision to end the season in August because of the coronavirus pandemic. An ESPN analyst said if the Power 5 conference really wants to protect her student athletes, she should stick to her decision. Instead, the Big Ten gave in to pressure from some teams and decided to resume the season a few weeks after the start of the season by the SEC and ACC.

Finebaum believes that the conference has made it more difficult for their teams to succeed because of the requirement for student athletes to isolate themselves 21 days longer than the CDC recommends for 10 to 14 days.

Wisconsin announces that 12 people have tested positive for Covid-19 since Saturday. Including head coach Paul Christ. The game against Nebraska has been cancelled.
If we want to wear masks, we have to wear them.

– Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) 28. October 2020

It will be interesting to know whether the Commissioner of the Big Ten, Kevin Warren, is appealing to the growing criticism of his government from the media. Commissioner Warren says the safety of all student athletes is his top priority at the conference.

However, the teams may struggle to finish the season if new outbreaks of the coronavirus occur in the coming weeks. As long as the big ten have no choice but to revise some of their protocols if they want the 2020 season to end smoothly.

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