Nine. The week of the NFL 2020 regular season has arrived. This has to do with a lot of questions about your imaginary football team.

Normally at this time of the season you have to overcome all kinds of obstacles.

There are clearly problems in the farewell week, but there are also wounds that need to be treated. At the same time, there are usually a few underperforming superstars that you can ask if you want to put them on your list. In the meantime, new stars can join your team every week.

But this year there’s another wrinkle. It’s 2020, we can’t have good things. That means we also have to worry about VIDOC-19.

In this context, it becomes increasingly difficult to adapt your imaginary football team. Luckily we are here to help you (as much as we can).

So who exactly should you turn to when it comes to Wide Receiver? Let’s tackle this problem and try to decide who will start and who will be in your imaginary football line-up in week 9.

FP to early week 9

Brandin Cook, Houston Texas against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Houston Texans, 1 to 6 people a year. With such a record it always seems strange to start a team player in a fantasy.

But the fact that the team doesn’t perform well doesn’t mean it doesn’t have great players. Coincidentally, there’s a lot of them in Houston.

Deshawn Watson remains one of the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL. David Johnson has had a good year and the receivers are fascinating.

Randall Cobb is a good thing, but not the star he once was. Will Fuller’s fantastic, but there’s all these commercial rumors going around about him. That leaves Brandin Cook.

The cooks started the year slowly. After the first four games of the year, the Wide Receiver had only 10 receivers for 138 meters and no touchdowns.

But in the last three games, the bosses were the elite. He made 24 moves at 289 yards and two touchdowns. In all three games he played at least seven shots and 60 yards and scored a touchdown in two of them.

This type of production currently makes patterns mandatory. He’s an excellent receiver. He’s getting hot right now. Oh, and a ninth week Texas lined up with 1-6 Jacksonville Jaguars. Be sure to reconnect the device immediately.

Robbie Anderson, Caroline Panthers (versus heads of Kansas City)

Robbie Anderson’s having a great year. A large receiver has joined the Caroline Panthers and shows a huge number.

Anderson already has 51 appointments at 688 meters. However, there is a distressing problem with these figures. He has only one point to praise these good results. This makes some of his games much less exciting when it comes to fantasy products.

Add to that the fact that Anderson organized five 48-yard receptions during week eight of the NFL, and you might not be so happy to see him now.

Sure, it’s a decent game in the NFL – but it’s not a good thing. Do you want to bet on him so he can collect a lot of receptions and courts, because this year there is clearly no landing in the book for him.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. This week the Panthers put the bosses of Kansas City on an NFL roster. Do you know the crew that can drop 40 of these things on someone’s head at any time?

That means the Panthers will often throw the ball. Who better than Anderson to play a few short passes and maybe hit a few deep bombs?

Anderson has at least five hits in seven of this year’s eight games. He also scored over 50 yards in seven of the eight NFL games he played in 2020. In fact, it’s over 70 yards in six parts. He’ll find you a decent room.

When she takes action against the bosses, Caroline is scattered in the four winds. Expect Anderson more than usual. This should lead to a large number of receptions for many construction sites. He might even score a touchdown for you.

Jerry Gedi, Denver Broncos (vs. Atlanta Falcons)

Jerry Gowdy is one of the most exciting young recipients in the NFL. However, he is not so good in the first school year when it comes to nice football grades.

To tell you the truth, he had target problems in several NFL games. There were times when it looked like the quarterbacks of the Denver Broncos weren’t really looking in his direction.

However, there are two arguments against this approach. First of all, there are the games where Jeudy scored about 10 goals – that’s great. Second: Drew Locke is back.

Last week, with Lock as quarterback, Jody made four assists in 73 yards for 10 goals.

The figures are not important, but they do matter. In the meantime, these objectives are extremely encouraging.

The Broncos have a myocardial infarction in 9. NFL Tour: Interesting game against the Atlanta Falcons. Two teams that had reasonable expectations in 2020, but both were severely disappointed.

You can count on one thing when it comes to Atlanta: Falcons is about to get into an NFL shooting.

If the Broncos have to pass the ball and score a lot of goals, it means they have to distribute the ball. Is this really one of those weeks that Jody really has flashes?

Currently, the NFL rookie has 23 receptions this season for 359 yards and a touchdown. He still has to make more than five moves or overtake more than 75 metres. So you can be sure it has a very low bottom that can hurt you.

But right now, we’re facing a lot of problems during the NFL season, and sometimes we have to take risks. Jody’s worth it because he’s ready for a great game in week nine. The first of what should be a lot in his career.

FP in week nine

Cole Beasley, Buffalo Beals versus Seattle Sychaux.

Cole Beasley has been absolutely awesome this year. He’s got 41 rendezvous at 494 yards and two touchdowns. Not only was it good, but the recipient had also collected some weeks of legally important fantasy football.

However, there are a few things that speak to him. First of all, he’s coming off his worst game of the NFL season. Beesly’s had less than two shots during the season, less than 24 yards. His previous low shots came a few weeks earlier, when he made three 36-yard games, but he added at least one touchdown at that point.

Second: Quarterback Josh Allen hasn’t been very good lately. He doesn’t throw the ball into the end zone and his receivers suffer from a vivid imagination.

Finally, protection. Buffalo Bills has to face Seattle Six in week nine of the NFL. Even though they’re not the same worried team as they were a few years ago in defense, they’re not lazy.

Don’t expect Bisley to go steady. The only way to get a solid fantasy game is to score a few shots from a few meters or sneak into a touchdown. You don’t have to do this this week.

It’ll help you later in the season, so keep it on your list. But you can’t count on Beesly in week nine of the NFL.

Marvin Jones, Jr., Detroit Lyons versus the Minnesota Vikings.

I’m a big Marvin Jones Jr. fan. Still, it’s pretty dry. Of course, it’s always been a bit of a question mark in the NFL. The Wide Receiver is inconsistent when it comes to fantasy football. He can lose 40 points for your team in a week and in a few days he gets two.

But that’s not even the point. Just as they face the Minnesota Vikings and their disappointing defense.

The question is simple: No Matthew Stafford for the Detroit Lions. Stafford was added to the NFL-COVID/reserve list earlier this week. He came to this game.

Jones was solid that year. He has 22 appointments at 265 meters and three touchdowns. That includes a two touchdown gig last week.

You’re aiming high, aren’t you? The quarterback is either Chase Daniel or David Bluff. So, no, you don’t want to take it out on Jones in some NFL fantasy football.

No disrespect to those two quarterbacks, but this isn’t about Stafford. They were supported in the NFL for a reason. If you have other options, follow them. Jones is too dangerous this week.

A.J. Brown, Tennessee Titans vs. Chicago Bears.

The Tennessee Titan is in a two-game losing streak at the start of the NFL 5-0 season. That’s my point, right?

A.J. Brown has been pretty consistent this season in the NFL. This includes 10 shots at 177 meters and two touchdowns in the last two games (these two losses). So it looks like they’re not hurting him too much when it comes to fantasy production.

In just five games this year, Brown scored 27 shots at 356 yards and five touchdowns in the NFL. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. This year he only had one match without touchdown, which is even better.

However, this is a matter of defense. The Chicago bears have proven that it is difficult to defend themselves against them in the NFL. Will Ryan Tannehill and the company survive this situation and end their string of bad luck?

Chicago has a form of protection that can really put pressure on Tannehill and at the same time stay close to the beneficiaries. I don’t want to sound like a Tannehill tractor (which has proven itself over the last two years), but can it happen under all that pressure?

If he resists, Brown could easily be the one who doesn’t dry up. Brown was great, but don’t settle for that arrogant touchdown. It’s hard to imagine the two receivers playing good games for the Titans in week nine of the NFL. My money is clearly on Corey Davis, who still produces solid figures.

That means Brown better sit on the couch this time.

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