He walked to his death: In the evening World Beyond showed the most exciting episode of the first season, especially thanks to the performance and the story with Aneta Mahendru as Huck. In the end, Huck’s journey revealed a character who was a marine until the end of the world, when a zombie virus changed everything. Directed by actor Abraham Ford Michael Cudlitz of The Walking Dead, Mahendru shot a powerful episode accompanied by a heavy cliffhanger. The actress has started an exclusive interview with .

Someone cold and sarcastic like her and sarcastic and all that, it’s like a mask for something really painful and wrong, you know? Mahendro told me about Huck. So I knew it would happen, and it would be my mom’s burden, you know? Because somebody kind of… He’s a bit of an asshole, not an asshole, but he’s a bit of a sh-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah-tah. But maybe because she hides her vulnerability or doesn’t want to spend time on it… So now we know why, because it’s complicated, right?

The episode revealed many things about the character while developing their relationship with the future in The Walking Dead : Out of this world. During his immersion in the episode, Mahendru also talked about the ultimate goal of the series – the films of Rick Grimes.

Spoilers for the undead: World Beyond follows the unedited transcript of the interview with Haka actress Annette Mahendru below!


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I’d like to start at the beginning, because so far I haven’t had the privilege of speaking to you. When you’re on the Walking Dead show, somehow it has to be different from everything you did before you were on the set with zombies and so on. It’s your world of the undead. Are we in, now, for a while?

Annette Mahendro: Well, we landed there to take care of the pilot, and the first few days there was no sign of zombies or anything like that. So he was like a pilot, and we all, what… What’s happening to us? And I took my three-year-old daughter to the shoot, and two days later a truck filled with zombies came, and it’s just like lunch everywhere. And I mean, it was just a trip because they look great and you’re just scared. I mean, I’m scared all the time. It’s just, you go through the world, so it’s as real as the world I’ve experienced as an actor, because it’s just… I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. It is so vivid because of this contrast between the living and the dead or living together. So they’re always looking at death and appreciating life, you know? So it was fantastic, beautiful.

SIBI: Huck is the only adult in the group who agrees with the children, while Felix is the only adult in the group who tends to resist and doesn’t like this trip to New York. If Annette was in this situation, what character do you think you’d rather agree with?

FOREMAN: Oh, I don’t know. I just want to be Huck all the time, so I think it’s hard for me to do things she doesn’t, she’s got me. She hacked me! I mean, she’s just… I don’t know, she’s just the most incredible girl I’ve ever met. So I’m gonna do whatever she does.



SIBI: Michael Cadlitz directed this week’s episode, and is known for playing Abraham in the Walking Dead.

FOREMAN: Yeah, he did 1×06, and I wasn’t there, so I went to the table to read, because I was a little… Michael. And then I came home to Los Angeles, and they said: Oh, he’ll lead you. And I’m like this: Oh, it’s gonna be a piece of cake. And it was, it was just, are you kidding?

SIBI: I think it’s funny, because in Walking Dead he was an ex-soldier, and he directs this episode about soldiers. He has worked for the franchise for years and never left. Did he give you any advice or wisdom about this?

FOREMAN: He really punished all of us when he came, his presence. Because, as I said, we were the whole world… It’s such a huge franchise, and so much happens every day, we would be responsible to make it useful to the fans, because there is a lot of push-ups, like, really? Do you think you can be a part of this cool thing and make it cool? Or something else. So there was a huge burden on our shoulders. Are there enough of us? Are we doing everything we can? I’m just afraid of all this, of this huge experience. And he came in and he was like this, guys.

It’s just a warm-hearted teddy bear that was like that, guys. He took us all in, and he was so reassuring. It’s not as if another great thing that is part of this universe is falling on our shoulders: Oh, my God, we must be so good in his presence. He set us up, and you’re all great, which is great… He confirmed all our efforts. After that, we were just really excited, like it was legal, because Michael had said it. And walking with him in the world has just given us something that drives us, like a confidence that this is our world, and that we have it. Got it?



SIBI: Now that we’ve met Huck, that memory was very hard to remember. She’s made some difficult choices. When did you find out that this was a background story, and what do you think of the image of this character who is supposed to betray orders, but doing what I think a lot of people would say is the right thing to do to protect these innocent people.

FOREMAN: Thank you very much. I didn’t know what people were thinking. I mean, someone cold like her and sarcastic and all that, it’s like a mask for something really painful and shitty, you know? So I knew it would happen, and it would be my mom’s burden, you know? Because somebody kind of… She’s a bit, not an asshole, but she’s a bit of an asshole and she pushes buttons. But maybe because she hides her vulnerability or doesn’t want to spend time on it… So now we know why, because it’s complicated, right? What was your question?

SIBI: If they give you all that history, is that where it’s going?

FOREMAN: They told me briefly about their bow, but again it was a lot, and in a way I didn’t digest it until I played 107, how difficult it was and what it meant to move forward. And even then, just like morning really comes. That’s why… I’m sorry, damn it. Hello? Hello? The fact that Michael was there really helped to be in the real world step by step, and in a way he was standing behind me, and we were almost like two soldiers in that episode, working together on that episode because it was a lot. I discovered her by living her life, by experiencing the moments that made her what she is. Then it all fell apart, part of it, being one of the dead, being Huck and what it meant, who she was and how other people saw me after they met her. Everybody’s… I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. He was tall.



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SIBI: She also seems to take the relationship between Hope and Huck to a higher level, with a sense of guilt that enables other people to live a happier life.

FOREMAN: You have a tendency to do something bad, to follow that destructive path, don’t you? Because you’re so stressed, so excited and so reactive… We’re all responsible, but we don’t always go forward, we don’t always accept what happened to us, not always in a constructive way, right? We tend to destroy more. I just have to get in that shush- shush- shush- shush- shush.

And that’s what’s happening with Hope and Huck. We’ll take every opportunity to keep our heads under water with one of the kids and be like that, you know? Get up, get up, get up. Get up, get up, get up. Let’s go, now, okay? Of course, I don’t think Huck wanted this experiment to keep Hope and Walter at gunpoint, but I think it cemented a lot of what Huck wanted to bring them. For example: Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Got it? So it was a consciousness, and she was happy to be a part of it, because it was like I was trying to tell you, you know?

So if you’re not here right now, I don’t know. It was the last straw, as if they were shaken and pretended they could still do good. We need your help.



SIBI: At the end of the cliffhanger episode, Tony was killed, all indications are that Silas did it. We don’t know for sure yet, but it looks like there’s a big key in the plan, so what can you do to make jokes about how we’re going to keep an eye on it?

FOREMAN: This next episode is for everyone… Everyone needs to re-evaluate their relationships and ideas about people, and indeed… Everything was thrown away, all the resources and plans they had. Now you just have your instincts to figure it out, you know? Because he’s a friend, he took part in our trip, and Huck was always suspicious of him, of course. And you don’t know when… Because we haven’t heard his voice yet, have we? We didn’t hear how he dealt with the trauma. And that’s why my Huck was always so worried, because if he doesn’t, something big is gonna happen, you know? Don’t stop. And with any luck, he can find his voice and beg all of us, right? Whether he did it or not. This time he comes out of his shell in the next episode, like it’s now or never. He’s in trouble. This doesn’t look good for him.


Rick Grimes Films

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SIBI: He walked to his death: World Beyond was announced for two seasons, 20 episodes. There is a known purpose, and it seems to point to the films of Rick Grimes, which are all available in one form or another. So what can you say about what people can expect?

FOREMAN: Who is it? [Chuckles]

SIBI: Secrets! All right! How extensive do you think this series will be for the universe as a whole, and for the films that people are enthusiastic about?

FOREMAN: I mean, we’re about to go to the movies, so let’s go. All the questions the fans have been asking are, I don’t know, ten years old, right? Our show is the answer to that question. So we’re on our way to CRM. I mean, it’s a helicopter. We’re very close, you know? In a way, this episode heralds the difficulty and sharpness of the task. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you like this episode, you will like the next one, and the finale will be an explosion of the whole.

SIBI: You talked a lot, but you didn’t say anything to get in trouble, so it was perfect. Cheers!

My last thing for you, Tales of the Walking Dead, is one of the most exciting things I think will come out of this universe in the future. I loved Heck’s past. Do you think it’s possible to get more first episodes of Huck in a single episode, or an arc of episodes in the next spin-off show?

FOREMAN: Yeah, ask for it! I get a lot of little messages I send to the universe and they’ll come looking for me. Absolutely. I mean, I felt like it was the beginning of Huck. So this is just the beginning, you have no idea.


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