Glenn Hoddle highlights problem with Harry Kane and Jose Mourinho tactics after Spurs draw vs Fulham

Glenn Hoddle says Harry Kane is too depressed for Tottenham (Getty/Premier League Productions).

Glenn Hoddle believes Harry Kane is playing too deep and has asked Jose Mourinho to give Tottenham Hotspur’s players a clear message about their mentality once they take charge.

Kane gave Tottenham the lead against Fulham on Wednesday night, but Scott Parker’s side took advantage of a poor second-half performance from Spurs to salvage a draw thanks to a header from Ivan Cavaleiro.

Spurs have already lost 10 points in the Premier League this season, while Mourinho’s men are six points behind Manchester United in the title race with a draw.

And Hoddle thinks the problem is that Spurs players don’t know whether to score a second goal after they’ve scored one.

I think they need more possession, they need freedom in their minds, I think it’s a mental thing, Hoddle told Premier League Productions.

They are now in a situation where they are falling too low.

Harry Kane scored Tottenham's first goal against Fulham.

Harry Kane scored Tottenham’s first goal against Fulham (Getty).

I also think Harry sometimes falls too low. It’s a good thing he joined these posts.

In the second half [against Fulham] he played too deep for my liking. I like him when he comes to these posts, but he’s not worthy of being here.

And that’s why all four backs go a little further.

But I think it’s more than that, I think if they lead 1-0, they’re in the hot seat – they’re not sure they’re going to put on the handbrake and watch the game, well it’s not working, they’ve lost 10 points [in gaining positions this season].

Ivan Cavallero's header saves Fulham with one point.

Ivan Cavaleiro’s header earned Fulham a point (Getty).

You have to look at it from a different angle. They let Aurier run a little right, they let Reguilon run, but they’re very unbalanced in the way they attack when they have a 1-0 lead.

I’ve seen it before, they seem to take Aurier or whomever on the right and run the left. I think they need to take a little more risk to get the second goal and then win the points.

I think they should have a bit of a conflict and I think Harry Kane and the experienced players should ask the manager if he’s not really talking: I’d rather sit back and win the game 1-0, I ask him: What should we do? At each other’s throats?

Spurs are 10 points below the promising positions of this season under Jose Mourinho.

Spurs have already lost 10 points from this season’s promising positions under Jose Mourinho (AFP via Getty)

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At this point, it looks like they are on the defensive. You need to get 100% clarity from the person in charge: Do we get a second and finish the game?

Because this could be a season of what it could have been, given those 10 [lost] points. If this continues, they will look back and say Wow, what if we got these points by winning positions we should have.

When they take a 1-1 lead, they turn the situation around and start shifting bodies forward and being aggressive with the pass, so that’s where they wait to get out.

I think one part of the team wants to attack and the other part wants to defend a bit. There must be clarity.

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