Canadians like to keep anything that shows the hint of a scam at an arm’s length. Though their relationship with casinos is old, with the rise of online casinos, they are just as susceptible to scams as the rest of the world. As most Canadians prefer to make a beeline for the slot machines, our in-house expert, Kevin N. Cochran, writes about the precautions you can take while playing slots in casino Canada online. He also puts together a list of facts about the gambling industry, discovering the best casino bonuses in Canada, and all the little things you need to know as a passionate gambler. Let’s dive in! 

Stay Away from Branded Slots

Celebrity-endorsed slots are called branded slots. If you came across an advertisement with one of your favourite famous people playing slots and asking you to play too, don’t. Because these slots usually have low RTP but high volatility. 

What does this mean? It means that you can win big, but your chances are low. On the other hand, non-branded games tend to give you small, more frequent victories. These slots will retain their customer base and give the players the satisfaction of winning. 

Because of their overhead costs, branded games can afford celebrity endorsements, but players can’t. Among these costs is the licence charge for a brand-associated position. They charge you for all the extras, but you won’t get anything back unless you strike the huge jackpot. 

In most cases, a branded slot machine’s prize comes from a rare bonus round. Even though you enjoy playing branded slots due to their well-known characters and bonus rounds, keep in mind that the firms who make them rely on your revenue. 

Use the Free Trial

Casinos that give out a free trial are a blessing in disguise. You won’t be able to win any real money but you will be able to familiarize yourself with the technology, security framework, games, and operations before investing your hard-earned cash in real money slots. This will also show you if the software has any points for you to look out for or avoid entirely. 

Don’t Bet Too High

Players have been told for generations that the highest bets pay the most. On most three-reel slot machines, this is the case, but it isn’t true of video or online slot machines. Incentives placed into pay tables were the reason why max bets returned the highest percentages. 

If you bet the maximum number of coins, the prize usually increases by a large amount. That’s not the case for most online and video slots. The average payback percentage is the same whether you’re betting one coin per line or the maximum number of coins. 

Be sure to play all the pay lines, both on a video slot and the online version, but don’t worry about going over your budget. 

Bet Enough to Win Jackpots in Progressive Slots

Every bet on progressive slot machines contributes to the jackpot or jackpots in some way. To be eligible for a three-reel slot machine’s progressive jackpot, you must bet the maximum amount. 

If your bet is any less, when the highest jackpot combination appears on the pay line, players receive a set but decreased pay-out. Progressive jackpots on video slots online are frequently divided into several levels. In the past, incremental stages ranging from two to twelve have been presented. 

When it comes to four-tier progressives, the most common is called a “mini,” a minor,” a major,” and a “grand”. All players, regardless of stake size, are eligible for the jackpots on select video slots. To be eligible for the jackpot on some games, you must place a separate bet.   

Progressives are primarily known for their jackpots, and aside from those, the games typically pay less than other games. Do not accept a lower-paying game as a compromise. If you want to win the jackpots, make sure you place the wagers required. Consider playing a non-progressive game if you can’t afford to place those bets. 

Read Expert Reviews Online

New games and casinos can make it difficult to find a middle ground. From shady casinos to rigged software, there are all kinds of slots you need to be cautious about. So how do we know which ones to play? 

Professional reviews of slot machines featuring free spins can be found online, they are written for your benefit after they read the fine print. RTP, bonus features, volatility, and anything else you need to know about a slot before you put your money into it are all covered in them. A well-written review can help you decide if a slot machine is right for you or just another scam. 


There you have it, simple precautions that you can take while playing slots online. They are straightforward yet highly effective when you want to invest your hard-earned money in a casino. One could argue that casinos are meant for gambling and how you stake your money is also a gamble. They would be right, but if we want to make money with online casinos, precautions are necessary. 

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