Biden’s victory increases the number of votes by 16 to 306, which is the total number of votes that President Donald Trump will receive in 2016. CNN predicts that Trump North Carolina, with a final count of 306 to 232, will win a landslide victory for an elected president who has taken five states and the Nebraska congressional district from red to blue by 2020.

Symmetry gives the president another bitter pill to swallow. Trump spent years tweeting and talking about his victory over Hillary Clinton – the woman who has now turned her head in the last national reprimand of her presidency.

In Georgia, Trump led the vote from the start, but Biden took the lead when the votes were counted in Atlanta and its suburbs.

The historic success of the democratic electoral list was supported by a grass-roots organizational renaissance that brought together a rapidly diversified electorate and growing suburbs, which became increasingly inhospitable to national candidates. Republicans in Georgia have complicated the situation, as state legislators still refuse to extend Medicaid under Obamakar and Governor Brian Kemp signed the so-called Abortion Act in 2019, which is one of the most restrictive laws in the country.

Biden’s success in a traditional republican state is the culmination of the party’s slow and steady success. Two years ago, Democrat Stacy Abrams lost only 1.4 percentage points to Kemp in her bid for governor. Since then, his campaign and work has focused on winning the democratic voters who had stayed at home in previous cycles. This created the conditions for Biden, the moderate, to win big in the overlapping provinces and outside Atlanta, a city in the heart of the New South.

We’ve been working on it for over ten years. And there are dozens of organizations and hundreds of people who have made it their primary mission, Abrams told CNN reporter Jake Tapper this week about the state of the union. I was lucky, before and after the elections of 2018, to spend the 40 million dollars that we could spend in 2018 to build a democratic infrastructure, which may not have brought me the victory in 2018, but which has certainly brought me the victory this week.

Democratic presidential candidates narrowed the gap between their republican rivals in the last elections. But no one repeated Bill Clinton’s performance 28 years ago when he defeated incumbent President George Bush. Barack Obama was close. Hillary Clinton came close in 2016. Biden completed the project.

In the final days of the race, vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris visited the state with Abrams and Obama. Visibly concerned about the trend in Biden, Trump also landed in Georgia the weekend before the elections.

Just as Biden gained momentum in the days after the election, so did John Osow, who is a candidate for Republican Senator David Purdue, gain momentum in his campaign for his resignation. Neither ended in a majority decision, which means that their race and special elections for another seat in the state senate will be held on 5 December. January in the second round.

The results of these games, Purdue versus Osow in one race and Democratic Reverend Rafael Warnock, who succeeded Senator Kelly Loffler in another race, will determine which party will have a majority in the Senate next year. The Democrats have to win to make the numbers change in their favor.

However, Löffler and Purdue are faced with the prospect of running for election without having an ace on the ballot paper. However, they try to take possession of his coats and attribute it to false and scandalous statements about massive electoral fraud. The couple even demanded the resignation of Georgia’s Republican minister, which was rejected.

Because the presidential race was so close that Biden won with just over 14,000 votes, the state started its review on Thursday morning. Completion is scheduled for next week. But the trump card campaign may require a later recalculation of the hand, even if the margin has not changed.

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