DENVER — Broncos quarterback Drew Lock was in front of the team at halftime and said it was time for the group to become one man and be first in line.

And in the 30 minutes of football that followed that short speech, Locke cleared the two worst quarters of his football life, the Broncos scored 28 points in the second half, 21 of them in the fourth quarter, and Denver grabbed a 31-30 victory over the Los Angeles Chargers in the final.

I just stood up for the attack and I said You see, it’s so easy for us to come here and scream and get angry about what we’re doing wrong, but we just have to be brave and when the pieces come to us, we have to do them, including me. I’m not yelling at you, I’m talking to myself and I’m yelling at myself now, Locke. And that’s exactly what we did.


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The blockade, which occurred in 24 of the 40 assists a day of two steals in the 27-point loss to Kansas City, was set on fire in the days leading up to Sunday’s game by critics from outside the team’s complex. Criticism of his mechanics, possible regressions and the fear that he himself would be killed in the Bronxos in the 18th century. In October, the New England Patriots defeated only 10 out of 24 with two interceptors.

And on Sundays, it seems to be cooking. With a 14-3 loss and 60 yards on offense, the Broncos scored the most goals on the field 5700 times; Lock scored only 9 out of 15 assists and still hasn’t scored a touchdown in the opening game of the season. The sophomore quarterback said he was hit by a wave of prospects at the time.

Maybe people had an opinion of us in six games, with three different quarterbacks, different O-lines, guys on defense that were eliminated, said Locke. I think people just want to give their opinion and express it quickly, and I hope we can keep proving them wrong.

We’re a bunch of fighters, okay? We play hard, we play physically, we play for each other, we play as a team. …and we had to keep doing it, said Bronco coach Vic Fangio. And we made a few moves, a few stops, and we turned around. … The best way to win people’s trust is to play nice. You don’t have to sit on the couch of a psychologist to gain self-confidence, or read a book to gain self-confidence, you have to get out and play well.

Most contestants, including Locke, took note of Phillip Lindsay’s touchdown of 55 yards with just over six minutes left in the third quarter to admit the ball. The Broncos had a lead of 291 meters in the second period when Locke made 14 of 18 passes for 155 meters and scored three touchdowns in the fourth quarter.

I’ve been here my whole life, and I know what it’s like, Lindsay said about breaks from work. This organization is a great organization, it is not used to lose seasons, it is used to always win. I’ve been used to it since I was a kid, and I want to go back.

The blocker threw a winning touchdown pass, the one-yard receiver of newcomer KJ Hamler – the first touchdown of Hamler’s career – and there was no touchdown left on the clock. Humler said it was the first post-match victory he had achieved at any level of football in such a situation.

It all happened a week after famous soccer players like Shelby Harris and linebacker Bradley Chubb expressed their disappointment at their tenth straight loss to Kansas City. After the match, Locke said that Harris and Chubb had earned the right to speak out: We need to get out of the… and he said he’d be happy if you told him if he didn’t shoot.

After the match, the bosses were screaming, well deserved and necessary, Locke said. And it was like déjà vu when I walked into the dressing room [on Sunday at rest], all that shouting and shouting, the resentment was not very good, blah, blah, blah, blah. … But the games were coming, and there weren’t any that we didn’t want to give up. … It was great to be quarterback for that team.

The Broncos are now 3-4 behind after the team’s third victory in their last four games, after opening 3-0.

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