Inglewood, California. (AP) – The Las Vegas Raiders had a heartbreaking new finish for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Donald Parham # of the Chargers celebrates a clean take in the last second quarter of the fourth quarter, while Isaiah Johnson of the Raiders celebrates a clean take in the eighth quarter. November 2020 at the SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California to celebrate just take. Originally the game was called Touchdown, but on replay it was abandoned to give the Raiders a 31:26 victory. (Getty Images)

Justin Herbert’s pass to Donald Parham Jr. for a 4-yard touchdown in the final game was canceled after a replay as Las Vegas Los Angeles beat 31-26 on Sunday.

They’re just running around the field. They think the game ended in the last game. Then they go to a checkpoint and all our guys race around the field and go crazy. It’s an emotional roller coaster, according to Derek Carr, who scored two touchdowns for the fourth time in five street games against Las Vegas (5-3).

Herbert scored 26 out of 42 for 326 yards and two touchdowns for the Chargers (2-6), who reached the finals for the second time in a row to keep it short.

Six defeats in Los Angeles were scored on 24 points and all were decided on 7 points or less. The Chargers have lost nine consecutive AFC West games.

Right now we’ve had six spades in the stomach and that’s six times too many for me, says Anthony Lynn, the coach of the Chargers.

After Daniel Carlson brought Las Vegas with his 31-yard goal to five points, Los Angeles got the ball to 25 points (4:37 left) and went to Las Vegas with 4 points. They had two shots to win with six seconds to go. Herbert threw the sequins at Mike Williams at the end of the zone, but Isaiah Johnson knocked him down.

In the final Herbert Parham met in the right corner of the end zone, but the narrow end did not remain in possession of the ball throughout the reception.

It’s always hard to believe you won the game, Herbert said. We have to keep playing for points and do our job to keep the ball rolling. We didn’t score enough points today.

In the break the Raiders came through at 17.14, but scored a goal in the first two cars of the second half. Carr met Nelson Aglor with a 45-yard TD, when Darren Waller gave Las Vegas a 28-17 lead with a 3-yard, 7-49 lead in the third quarter.

Carr finished 13 yards from 23 to 163.

I think Derek has shown great leadership. In this league it’s not easy to come out with as many revolving doors as we have in front of us, said Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

Michael Badgley’s second goal led the Chargers 28:20. The next time Herbert threw a screen pass at Gabe Nabers for a 4-yard touchdown, but the 2-point conversion attempt failed, leaving 9-12.


The fast attack of Las Vegas was strong for the second straight game, with a win of 160 yards and an average of 6.2 yards per carry. Devon Booker led with 68 yards on 8 carriers and Jesus James had 14 carriers on 65 yards.

Booker opened the scoring with a 23-yard turn on the right for his first touchdown in two years. After Los Angeles tied him up, Jacobs brought the Raiders back to the top and made a 14-yard run in the second quarter.

Every week when I come here, I think we’re good with the ball, Jacobs said. I don’t think we’re close to our peak. There are many things we need to eliminate mental errors.


Calen Ballage made 15 runs at 69 yards and his first touchdown of his career. At the beginning of the season, he was in the coachingstaff of the Chargers and was called to the game because of injuries.

Kalen, he got up, and I thought he was doing a good job, Lynn said. In the second half I think he started looking at the field too much instead of taking what was in front of him.


The Chargers were the first team in almost 11 years to score 10 or more points in the last 20 seconds of the first half when they joined forces and took a 17-14 lead.

Herbert contacted Keenan Allen to score a 27-yard touchdown that cost him 14 seconds in the remaining 19 seconds. There were two time-outs in Las Vegas, and he decided not to stop. When Jerry Tillery hit Carr, he knocked him down and scored on the Raiders 27 field with 8 seconds to go. Badgley scored the ball from 45 meters.

I don’t regret calling him that. I’m really sorry about the results, that’s for sure, Gruden. But we found Waller perfect. Too bad the ball was thrown there.

The last team to score 10 points at the end of the half is Philadelphia, 28th. December 2008 versus Dallas.

Allen ended the game with nine shots of 103 yards and a touchdown. It was his third 100-yard game this season and 26th of his career.

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