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The victory of the Los Angeles Dodgers at the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series 2020 did not make Mookie Betts a star.

He was already MVP of the league and baseball champion. He’s a four-time all-star who plays with a 12-year contract worth $365 million. He even won a championship once. But in this post-season with the Dodgers, everything Betts did seemed like an instant trend. Every time he did something, his name was on all social networks, Lebron James was there with lots of exclamation points, and his plays became hip party moments.

It was the highlights of the off-season that made Betts a social media sensation:


The Betts can do anything this off-season proves. The defence erupted in the NLCS’ fifth game against the Atlanta Braves. When he lost 3-1 in the series and missed 2-0 in the race, he ran to Dansby Swanson’s shot that would lead to the race. The bets then left the house and got a double play.

We’re still working on that trick. Picture.twitter.com/fCyx1GBv8a

– Cut4 (@Cut4) 17. October 2020

Oh, but that was just the beginning. He had more ridiculous, impulsive running traps that caused more hits in game six.

If you don’t think it’s a spectacular catch – an impulse that goes backwards, bounces high against a wall, has body control and the means to follow the ball – you’re simply wrong. Then there’s the context – a potential elimination game, the mileage would have scored – and so much better. https://t.co/lsBjy6xcZG.

– Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) 17. October 2020.

And the seventh game.

MOOKIE REPEAT. pick.twitter.com/SlSttMLcVj

– Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) 19. October 2020.

They all played a great game with Los Angeles to win the NL pennant. The Betts have added another stunt to the World Series.

A better social response

Mookie Betts is the vote https://t.co/n5zWSOWQdn.

– Dodgers Yard (@DodgerYard) 17. October 2020

I really appreciate that in the next ten years and every time Mookie Betts does something great, all the baseball tweets for the clown will be on the Red Sox website https://t.co/5Lt6FHcTsf.

– sarah (@slwein) 17. October 2020

Beating, stealing and tacos

The bets were passed on with 7 for the price of 26 on a World Series plaque. He is the first player since Babe Ruth in 1921 to steal two bases in the same World Series round.


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Thanks to Taco Bell’s Steal A Taco action, Steal A Taco, Betts won with the first round of stealing American free taco. For his authority in the Hall of Fame, he is the baseball leader of all time because he stole baseballs that provided free food. In a game against the Boston Red Sox, he stole first base for the World Series 2018.

Then Mookie Betts won the American Free Taco.

Follow the updates in real time: https://t.co/Lz5mdqRar9.


– Los Angeles Times (@latimes) 21. October 2020.

TACO AT MY PLACE !!!! Burn me with your Taco pictures! #On Than Than Than Than Than Than Than Than Than. # #

– 20. Mukey Betts (@mookiebetts) 21. October 2020.

A better social response

MOCKI! Security @mookiebetts

– Lebron James (@KingJames) 21. October 2020.

If Mookie steals two bases, does that mean I get two tacos? pic.twitter.com/wBuLrRbXAK

– BaseballQuotes (@BaseballQuotes1) 21. October 2020.

In the first match, bets are also placed at home.

Our account actually means @ Marcus Lynn Betts. pic.twitter.com/zKhVLUQC8E

– MLB (@MLB) 21. October 2020

Mookie Betts, Oppo Taco. pic.twitter.com/XImoxS8jYf

– Rob Friedman (@PitchingNinja) 21. October 2020.

In the third game, he stole two more bases. But if you come up with opo-tacos, how can it be better?

Game six, that’s how it goes. After two goals against Rays, starter Blake Snell, Betts came alive after Snell was eliminated. In game six, he doubled the lead and scored a goal on a tricky basketball court. The bets then went home at the end of the eighth, when the Dodgers won their first world series in 32 years.

In the blink of an eye, the Dodgers take the lead. #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/GxijlijsQt

– MLB (@MLB) 28. October 2020

…mookiebetts is the king of crap. #WorldSeries pic.twitter.com/LOGviwTbVvv

– MLB (@MLB) 28. October 2020

Mookie did a good thing,

he won’t regret it at all, if you’re wondering what he did,

We’ll show you what he did,

he did something stupid, pic.twitter.com/Tu1MXrDzaK.

– Cut4 (@Cut4) 28. October 2020

A better social response

MOOKIE YEARS. pic.twitter.com/J7P8MPfMUo

– Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) 28. October 2020.

The Mookie Betts can be found in the #WorldSeries, such as pic.twitter.com/P15e0vItyl.

– Walking Dead (@TheWalkingDead) 28. October 2020

Mookie Betts is gonna make baseball cool again.

– Kazem Famuide (@Kazeem) 28. October 2020

ALL CENTION !!!!!! https://t.co/QIXlWiYpW9

– Lebron James (@KingJames) 28. October 2020.

COMPLETED WORK !!!!!  It’s for you, Los Angeles – the city of champions!  Enjoy it, damn it, but you know these guys haven’t finished chasing the rings! pic.twitter.com/rifShjVtke

– Mukey Betts (@mookiebetts) 28. October 2020.

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