In the United States, 1 million new cases of Covida-19 were added just 14 days after 8 million cases were reported, and many states continue to report the highest daily disease rates since the start of the pandemic, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University. This is the fastest rate at which the country has registered a million new cases since the start of the pandemic.

According to Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the recent increase appears to be due to symptom-free patients.

A silent epidemic of asymptomatic Covid-19 infections moves into the 12-30 age group and then makes the leap to the elderly, told Redfield SiriusXM Doctor Radio Report Friday.

That’s why we’re seeing expansion across the country during the epidemic, he said.

Positive diagnosis every second

On Friday, when the health authorities reported 89,361 cases in the United States, the newspaper Covid-19 reached a new high point. On Thursday, the second highest number of daily cases was recorded with 88,521 cases.

In total, according to Johns Hopkins, 9.03 million people died from the virus in the United States and 229,544 people died.

In Florida, health officials reported more than 5,500 cases on Friday, bringing the state total to more than 800,000. According to Johns Hopkins, Florida is the third state to cross this border after California and Texas.

Nine other states reported a record number of new cases in one day, Jones Hopkins said: Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota and Ohio.

Today, a person is diagnosed with coronavirus (c) every second, said Dr. Lina Wen, former Baltimore Health Commissioner. Every two minutes an American dies of corona, and the number increases.

Wen, an ambulance doctor, told CNN post Wolf Blitzer Friday that she was very concerned about the speed of a positive result. In some states, one in two people test positive.

That means we don’t test enough, and every positive result is a canary in a coal mine, she says. There will certainly be many more, dozens of other cases that we will not discover, and this escalation will only increase in the coming weeks.

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By mid-January, according to the Institute for Health Metrology and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine, 2,250 Americans are likely to die each day from the coronavirus, three times more than today.

And it could be much worse.

If states do not respond to population growth by reinstating the mandates, the total number of deaths could reach 514,000 by the same date, according to the latest IPME forecast.

The fall/winter peak is expected to triple the number of deaths by mid-January. In December and January, 18 countries are expected to put extreme pressure on hospital systems, particularly intensive care units.

And the hospitals are already heavily loaded. More than 46,000 people were hospitalized on Friday, with 14 states and one U.S. territory reporting the highest number of Covid 19 admissions, according to Covid Tracking.

According to study, people with covid-19 patients are easily infected.

According to a study released Friday by the CDC, the transmission of Covida-19 is frequent and fast among household members. In the study, 53% of people living with a man with a Covid-19 were infected within a week.

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According to the researchers, there was a significant transfer whether the patient with the index finger was an adult or a child.

The study, published in the CDC weekly Mortality and Morbidity Report, was conducted between April and September in households in Nashville and Marshfield, Wisconsin, and involved 101 people initially infected with Covida-19 and 191 people with whom they lived together.

The household infection rate is 53% higher than previously documented. Most relevant studies have so far shown an infection rate of 20 to 40%. For this study, family members were not only contractually supervised, but also trained to monitor their symptoms and to collect their own samples for the coronavirus investigation within 14 days.

States continue to break daily records for the number of cases

On Friday, Phil Murphy announced 2,089 cases, the highest number of cases in the state since May.

On Friday, Murphy told CNN that he attributed the increase in the number of cases to cold, tired and closed private meetings.

South Dakota reported a record number of Covid-19 cases on Friday, with 1,389 new cases.

Forty-three states reported an increase in the number of cases last week, five in Oklahoma and Louisiana, and two in Oklahoma and Louisiana reported a decrease in the number of cases according to the JHU.

On Friday, for the second day in a row, more than 1,000 cases were reported in New Mexico and the death toll was over 1,000, which Governor Michelle Louis Grisham of New Mexico called an incomprehensible tragedy.

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I beg the New Mexicans: Take this virus seriously. Don’t wait for illness and death to come to your door, to your family, to take the precautions we know and that work. Recommend the mentality we all had in March, April and May: No job is worth your life, no visit to friends or family is worth your life, she said in her statement. Please resist the urge to give in to the virus, fatigue, whatever it is.

Illinois reported 6,363 new cases on Thursday, the second time this week that a high daily number of new cases is reported.

According to the Illinois Ministry of Health, the total number of cases is currently 395,458. Shit! Shit! J. Б. Pritzker and IDPH announced that the 3rd action will be taken to mitigate climate change in the Kovid-19 region.

Nine out of the country’s eleven regions are currently undergoing rehabilitation as a result of high average positive dynamics.

Minnesota, North Dakota and Ohio also reported the highest daily values for Covid-19 on Thursday: 2,872, 1,222 and 3,590 new positive cases, respectively.

Warning officials about traditional dressings

The Oregon Health Council reported 575 new cases on Thursday, breaking the state report for the number of days in a single day.

Preliminary data show that the increase reflects the fact that widespread transmission is still taking place in communities, leading to small clusters and rural epidemics, according to the UCI’s written declaration. The number of coronavirus deaths is now 673.

This year, health officials are urging Oregon residents to avoid the traditional Halloween tricks and meetings with friends.

Murphy urged New Jersey residents not to pick up family members from nursing homes on Thanksgiving.

It’s cold, it’s raining, our numbers are up. I’m not glad you can’t get Mom or Dad out of the nursing home, Murphy. I’m not happy to say you can’t have your usual Thanksgiving.

Improved performance of Kovid-19 after asset collection

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CNN’s investigation of the 17 rallies of the Truth Campaign revealed that 14 of the host districts increased the number of new cases in the Covida-19 case one month after the rally.

Between the ages of 17. August and August 26th. Rallies were held on 17 September. CNN estimated the daily number of new cases per 100,000 inhabitants four weeks before, during and four weeks after the rally at provincial and state level.

Of the 14 host districts that increased the infection rate, eight reduced the infection rate one month before the meeting. The other six provinces have already experienced an increase in the number of infections over the past month.

Jay Croft, Lauren del Valle, Andrea Diaz, Maggie Fox, Kay Jones, Nadia Kunang, Lauren Maskarenas, Brad Parks, Andy Rose and Anna Sturla contributed to this report.

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