Matthew Stafford could hit the 6K yard mark in his career this season. That’s the claim of a well-known fantasy football expert, who believes the Detroit Lions quarterback will crack the career passing yardage mark he set last year.

According to a new report from Jeff Zrebiec of The Athletic, Matthew Stafford could hit the 6,000-yard passing mark this year. That’s a big number. If Stafford gets there, it would mean he’d hit the mark in his fourth season in the NFL. Of course, it’s not as if he’s impossible to hit when he reaches that number, either. Stafford owns the record for most yards by a quarterback in his first four seasons, at 6,863.

Matthew Stafford, the Detroit Lions quarterback, has been compared to a young Brett Favre, as he has the tools to be the franchise quarterback of the team. He is definitely on the right track as he has shown he can throw the ball to the other team’s endzone, and he has also shown he can throw the ball to the other team’s endzone. The Detroit Lions quarterback is also on the right track as he has shown he can throw the ball to the other team’s endzone, and he has also shown he can throw the ball to the other team’s endzone.. Read more about how old is matthew stafford and let us know what you think.

Matthew Stafford

Getty According to one national expert, Matthew Stafford is one of six quarterbacks who may throw for 6,000 yards in this 17-game season.

Matthew Stafford of the Los Angeles Rams passed for more than 5,000 yards once in his career. That was ten years ago, when he was one of three quarterbacks in the NFL to reach the 5,000-yard mark via the air with the Detroit Lions.

As ESPN’s Mike Clay wrote in his Monday morning insider piece, the NFL may see history’s first 6,000-yard passer in 2021, with a 17-game schedule this time around.

Clay identified six quarterbacks whose arm and offensive weapons around the signal-caller may make them a danger to not only surpass Peyton Manning’s 5,477-yard passing total from 2013, but but to go over the 6,000-yard barrier. Is one of them the Rams’ newest quarterback? Here’s what Clay has to say:

Stafford Is Among Six People Mentioned


Yes, Ram fans, Stafford, 33, is on the list of players who might throw for 6,000 yards in 2021.

Before we get into why, here are the six criteria Clay uses to decide which quarterbacks are capable of breaking yardage records this season:

  • A high-volume air system is one that uses a lot of air.
  • Playing with a lot of passes (67 percent pass rate or higher).
  • Most of the year, they’ve been up against a bad defense (one that allows 2-3 touchdowns a game).
  • High efficiency (67 percent completion percentage or higher).
  • There are fewer scrambles.
  • Finally, he’ll be able to play in all 17 games.

When you consider the next season, as well as Stafford’s history and what he’ll be facing inside the “Rams House,” he’s a great contender to go over 5,999 yards.

Stafford’s arm still showed it can pile up 4,000 yards at the age of 32. (4,084 in his final year in the Motor City). Surprisingly, he did it without having a 1,000-yard wideout, as the closest WR to the century mark was Marvin Jones, who had 978 yards. But take a look at the resources he now has in Los Angeles:

Another explanation is that Only the Baltimore Ravens conceded less than 19 points per game last season, out of the 17 games on the Rams’ 2021 schedule (18.9 behind the Rams). The game isn’t till the 2nd of January.

Another factor is Stafford’s current system.

Sean McVay’s Offense Is Designed to Set Records

Between 2014 through 2020, McVay’s offenses ranked between 12th and first in scoring offense in five of his seven years as the head coach.

McVay made Jared Goff a back-to-back 4,600-yard passer in 2018 and 2019. With McVay, Goff never passed for less than 3,800 yards.

But, as Clay points out, there’s another important issue to consider. The speed with which McVay’s offense moves:

“McVay’s offense is fast, ranking ninth in tempo of play (37.8) and third in offensive snaps (1,087) last season. In 2019, his offense ranked third in tempo (36.9) and ninth in snaps (1,049), indicating a pattern. Last season, McVay termed his system balanced, but he did tilt somewhat toward the pass (not exactly “pass heavy”) in the previous four seasons.

Stafford has a track record of efficiency, completing at least 64% of his passes in each of the last six seasons and peaking with an 8.6 YPA in 2019. (7.2 career YPA). Stafford has never cleared 26 scrambles in a season and hasn’t carried the ball 29 times since 2016, so we don’t have to worry about volume.”

Is Stafford Considering a 6K Run?


Stafford, according to Clay, has the fourth best chance of breaking the 6K barrier. Is he, however, considering that possibility? This is what he said to Clay:

He replied, “I don’t even want to think about that amount; it’s insane.” “I’m certain someone will.”

Stafford is named as someone who can help. Meanwhile, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Justin Herbert are the other players with the greatest chance of making history.

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