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The second day of Formula 1’s three pre-season tests takes place at the Bahrain International Circuit.

This is the only time the teams have before the Bahrain Grand Prix on the 28th. March.

What happened?

Clive Mason/Getty Images

  • Mercedes’ difficult start to testing continued on the second morning in Bahrain, when Lewis Hamilton turned a fast lap in the new W12. He lost the rear of his car in turn 13 and ended up in the gravel, where his car ended up on the beach. To get the Mercedes off the gravel bed, the session was interrupted by a red flag.
  • Things returned somewhat in the afternoon when Valtteri Bottas set the fastest time for Mercedes in the final hour of the session. However, the AlphaTauri was just 0.1 seconds behind Pierre Gasly, with both drivers using the softer tyre compound. The amounts of fuel and modes of operation of the engine remain unknown, making it difficult to draw conclusions from these headlines.
  • Nicholas Latifi and Carlos Sainz also spun early in the session after losing control in separate incidents on the seventh and eighth laps. Strong winds cross the highway in this area and will likely be loaded. Both drivers removed the car from the barrier and drove on.
  • Red Bull tried a race simulation in the afternoon, suggesting the team is well on its way with its pre-season programme and giving an indication of its potential at the opening race in Bahrain in two weeks’ time. However, Sergio Perez parked the car at the final stop.
  • The second red flag went out as Perez’s bonnet drove into the pits in the wake of Nicholas Latifi’s car and the air pressure change lifted the bodywork. Litter was left along the course, disrupting the session.
  • Sebastian Vettel was only able to complete six laps after a gearbox problem in his Aston Martin. The new AMR21 uses a 2020 Mercedes transmission, but it’s unclear if this issue is related to the problem the crew encountered on Friday. He managed to get back on track, but only completed 10 laps in the late morning, while teammate Lance Stroll completed 70 laps in the afternoon.
  • Fernando Alonso experienced his first day as a full-time Formula One driver after a two-year absence. He had a productive day with 140 laps, including a combination of short and long runs.

Time (with time remaining)

1. Botti – Mercedes – 1:30.289 – 56 laps (C5)
2. Ghazli – AlfaTauri – 1:30.413 – 86 laps (C5)
3. Walk – Aston Martin – 1:30.460 – 71 laps (C5)
4. Norris – McLaren – 1:30.586 – 52 laps (C4)
5. Giovinazzi – Alfa Romeo – 1:30.760 – 125 laps (C5)
6. Leclerc – Ferrari – 1:30.886 – 73 laps (C5)
7. Latifi – Williams – 1:31.672 – 132 laps (C4)
8. Perez – Red Bull – 1:31.682 – 117 laps (C2)
9. Ricciardo – McLaren – 1:32.215 – 52 laps (C3)
10. Alonso – Alpine – 1:32.339 – 128 laps (C2)
11. Tsunoda – Alpha Tauri – 1:32.684 – 57 laps (C4)
12. Schumacher to Haas – 1:32.883 – 88 laps (C4)
13. Sainz – Ferrari – 1:33.072 – 56 laps (C3)
14. Mazepin – Haas – 1:33.101 – 76 laps (C4)
15. Hamilton – Mercedes – 1:33.399 – 58 laps (C2)
16. Vettel – Aston Martin – 1:38.849 – 10 laps (R)

(Connection of rail system in brackets. P = prototype corresponding to C3)


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