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Michael Jordan picked his best game to return to the Spectrum Center. In the first game he attended of the 2020-21 season, the Charlotte Hornets owner saw a lot of good things from his team, one of the biggest surprises of this NBA season.

MJ got to see the thrill of rookie LaMelo Ball, who didn’t have the best game ever, but still managed to make some impressive plays in a game against the Detroit Pistons, one of Jordan’s biggest rivals during his career.

This is LaMelo Target pic.twitter.com/ypgPoMzU3x

– Cleacher Report (@BleacherReport) March 12, 2021

But the biggest show of the night was Terry Rozier, who continues to show he’s different this season. The redoubtable Terry recently led a game against the Golden State Warriors and led his team to victory with perhaps his best performance of the season against the Pistons. He put his clutch performance in front of one of the most clutch players in NBA history.

Final score 3:11 for Terry Rozier:

4-point play
3-point play
3-point play
Ice runner @T_Rozzay3 picks up @roots in the pocket pic.twitter.com/XSiwb9tTFg

– NBA (@NBA) 12. March 2021

The former Boston Celtics player hit 4-for-5 in the final 3:11 minutes of the game and scored 12 points in that span, which was enough to give the Hornets a 105-102 victory over Detroit. MJ watched it all from the sidelines, and you could tell he enjoyed seeing his player do what he did in the 90s.

Terry Rosier… Kluch.

MJ loves to see it. pic.twitter.com/sXBXBfTekm

– Legion Hoops (@Legion Hoops) 12. March 2021


The Hornets won their 18th consecutive game. The season ends with an 18-18 record, which puts them in sixth place in the East. MJ and his team have done the right things to make this team competitive and they are already seeing the benefits.

Playing for this man is not easy, and James Borrego explained it better than anyone. After the game, head coach Terry Rozier praised the game, noting that they were particularly motivated last night.

This is rare. He feels very comfortable in these moments. He seems more comfortable in a more difficult game. That’s rare at any level, let alone this one. He’s great. He’s been great, he’s been our closer all season and he did it again tonight. I think 12 points in the last three minutes – I think 12 of our last 15 points came off Terry’s hands. He was great and we didn’t really touch him. We have a number of players now, so he hasn’t had much contact tonight, but in those final moments, he’s as comfortable as anyone right now, Borrego said of Rosier’s performance for Michael Jordan.

Yeah, and I’m saying he’s not afraid– And he will take responsibility for it, in good times and in bad. A lot of players in this league don’t want to go, they’re not willing to take that risk. Terry doesn’t care, he lives with the result, but he plays with that fearlessness on the line. And I think that’s why he shoots so well, he thinks it’s going in. There’s something special about having a neighbor.

They are poised to become a threat to the rest of the conference in the coming years. Rozier, Gordon Hayward and LaMelo are the three biggest players on the team, but they have a supporting cast that is willing to do the dirty work if it means winning games. So far it has worked, and fans couldn’t be more excited about the present and future of this franchise.

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