Caroline Panther’s superstar, running back Christian McCaffrey, has been on the team since the second round. A week after she sprained her right leg. The back of the Pro-Cup has been moved to the injured/return list. The team has to activate them within three weeks so McCaffrey can play again this season.

McCaffrey came back on the 26th. October returned to practice, but did not play in the game of 8. Tour against the Atlanta Falcons – a game the Panthers lost 3-5 this season. McCaffrey could probably play if he wanted to, but it’s clear the Panthers are playing quietly with their new franchisee in Newton’s post-camera era.

Suppose Christian McCaffrey can disguise himself against the mighty leaders of Kansas City in the ninth week. What can you expect from a star in the first game of sprain? Don’t forget that a single dislocation is considered one of the most serious injuries you can recover from, especially for a runner as explosive as McCaffrey, who always walks onto the field with the ball in his hand and spins.

In two games this season, where he appeared before being injured, McCaffrey brought the ball down 41 times to 156 yards and four touchdowns. My back also caught seven balls for 67 yards. McCaffrey is one of the most versatile players in the NFL. That’s why so many fantasy owners lured him this year with their best records.

Every time McCaffrey comes back – and this could be week nine against Chief – he should definitely be in your fantastic lineup. Will it be close to 100%? Probably not, because dislocated legs need time to heal. However, fantasy owners can’t take the risk of sitting behind McCaffrey when he’s active, because he’s such an explosive player that he can make and catch big joggings at any time.

Panther, who received a significant contribution from Mike Davis in McCaffrey’s absence, is likely to rejoin both riders as soon as McCaffrey is back on the team. Owners of Fantasy McCaffrey should not expect CMC to offer a vintage performance in their first game, because it will not be as explosive as usual and will probably not reach the usual level of use, because the Panthers do not want to exaggerate it.

With that in mind, McCaffrey can be seen about 12 to 15 times when he returns to the line-up, a total of 55 meters on the ground. McCaffrey should also be able to catch two passes from 20 meters away in the field.

These figures depend mainly on the team with which McCaffrey returns. If he plays against chiefs who give less than 150 yards running time per game, chances are McCaffrey doesn’t have a good game for his fancy owners. But on the other hand, you can’t risk the bank, because crazier things have happened in the NFL, and special talents like McCaffrey can still shock and blow up the world despite the odds against them.

Since joining the NFL in 2017, McCaffrey has thrown the ball 664 times for 3,076 yards and 28 touchdowns. The former Stanford star also scored 310 goals for 2,590 yards and 15 touchdowns. It was a double threat to the elite that has returned since the Panthers were mobilized, and the organization is lucky to have a CMC on its team, especially now that Newton is gone.

The Panthers will certainly keep their fans updated on McCaffrey’s status next week as the team prepares for Patrick Mahomez and Chef. To keep up with Kansas City’s powerful attack, the Panthers must overcome their attacking difficulties and put a few points on the board. It would certainly help to have McCaffrey in the lineup, but we’re not sure the Colorado Castle Rock will be back in the big lineup in week 9.

Panther farewell week in week 13. The team will have a hard time making the playoffs as a wild-card team; they won’t win in the southern division of the NFC because the bookrunners Tampa Bay and New Orleans Saints are better than they are. Carolina needs McCaffrey back on the team for the play-off game. Although not his usual dominance on his return, McCaffrey can be a big ace for the Panthers and make big moves for Davis, Robbie Anderson, DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel.

The Panther Nation is counting down the days until they see Christian McCaffrey in the field again. Even the owners of his fantasies wait patiently. The MCC will probably not cover him in his first match, but he still has to be a regular customer in all competitions.

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