Major updates:

  • March 22, 2021, 2:52 p.m. ET.

March 22, 2021, 2:52 p.m. ET.

B.Y.U. thinks Rutgers is a surprise.

  • 22. March 2021, 2:30 pm ET.

22. March 2021, 2:30 pm ET.

Oregon, with its late start, passes Iowa.

no. 3 Arizona defeated No. 14 Stony Brook, 79-44.

Stony Brook did not score more than 12 points in any quarter.

Fourth-ranked Indiana, which defeated 13th-ranked Virginia Commonwealth 63-32.

Grace Berger had 20 points and eight rebounds. VCU shot up 22.8%.

22. March 2021, 3:24 pm ET.

22. March 2021, 3:24 pm ET.

Cade Cunningham, right, is considered by some analysts to be one of the best players in the N.B.A. draft…Credit…Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Instead of preparing for the Sweet 16, Cade Cunningham is now preparing for the next phase of his career.

Cunningham, a 6-foot-6 point guard from Oklahoma State, is the favorite to be selected with the N.B.A.’s first pick, and the pros will likely be the next place he plays after his Cowboys lost Sunday night to Oregon State in the second round of the men’s tournament.

I’ll definitely miss it, Cunningham said after Sunday’s loss, in which he scored 24 points, grabbed four rebounds and dished out three assists. It’s a special group of guys. I’m embarrassed to say this. That’s all. I feel like we had something special.

Cunning hoped to lead the Cowboys to a college title before transferring to the N.B.A., as Carmelo Anthony did at Syracuse in 2003 before being picked third by the Denver Nuggets.

He’s a special kid, Oklahoma State coach Mike Boynton said of Cunningham. He will be a very good player at the next level no matter who he buys. I’m really looking forward to cheering him on and seeing him on TV, because I know he’s going to have a long career.

After Oklahoma State imposed a postseason lockout last June, Cunningham could have opted for Kentucky, the NBA G League or overseas, but he stuck with it, in part because his brother, Kannen Cunningham, is an assistant coach under Boynton.

Man, that was special, said Cunningham, one of four finalists for the Naismith Award as the country’s best college player. I think that’s the best way to describe it. I think the most important thing is that I have surrounded myself with amazing people more than anything else.

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22. March 2021, 14:52 ET.

March 22, 2021, 2:52 p.m. ET.

Paisley Harding scored 28 points for Brigham Young University in its win over Rutgers…Chuck Burton/Associated Press

The women’s tournament has finally begun.

No. 6 seeded Rutgers led by as many as 12 points in the third quarter, but the defense of No. 11 seeded Brigham Young University shut down the Scarlet Knights, giving them a 69-66 victory, the first win for lower seeded teams in the tournament. The Cougars, behind Paisley Harding and Lauren Gustin, put together a 12-point run early in the fourth quarter that turned the tide and put Rutgers on its heels.

The game remained close until the end and Liz Martino hit a 3-pointer with five seconds left to bring the Scarlet Knights within two points, but Harding hit another free throw and Rutgers could not tie the game on the final play.

B.Y.U. coach Jeff Judkins said he thinks parity in the sport has improved recently. Every year the women get a little better. There are a lot of good coaches in women’s soccer, Judkins said. I’ve coached men’s soccer, I’ve played against the best players, but some of the women I coach are better. Doing our best against a very good team like Rutgers is hopefully something we can use for our program.

B.Y.U. made just 37 percent of its free throws, but 87 percent of them (20-of-23), which was crucial in the final period to maintain the lead.

The Scarlet Knights held B.Y.U. to just 10 points in the first quarter, but the Cougars then struck better, scoring 26 points in the fourth quarter.

Harding scored 28 points and Shaylee Gonzalez added 17, mostly from free throws.

We all came together as a team and said we weren’t going to lose this game, said Gonzalez, who hit six free throws late in the fourth quarter to keep Rutgers from coming back. We don’t let them in anymore, we had to fight. We said we needed to improve the defense. They were not very good in transition, so we knew we had to keep pushing.

B.Y.U. outscored Rutgers 22-13 in turnovers, beating the Scarlet Knights in their signature territory.

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22. March 2021, 2:30 pm ET.

22. March 2021, 2:30 pm ET.

Oregon’s Frank Kepnang celebrates his team’s 95-80 victory over Iowa. linked to Stacy Revere/Getty Images.

Despite the 10-day hiatus, the Oregon Ducks were not rusty.

After defeating Virginia Commonwealth in the first round when V.C.U. was disqualified due to coronavirus, the Greyhound Ducks defeated Luca Garza and second-seeded Iowa, 95-80, to advance to the Sweet 16.

Coach Dana Altman’s team (21-6) will face Oregon (21-6) in the fifth regional semifinal against the winner between Pac-12 rival Southern California and Big 12 powerhouse Kansas.

The Ducks have been on a good run since losing to Oregon State on the 12th in the semifinals of the Pac-12 Tournament. The march is no longer played.

Monday’s game ended with a score of 46. Oregon took a 10-0 lead into halftime and increased the lead in the second half.

Four of Oregon’s five starters scored at least 10 points each, led by Chris Duarte with 23 and L.J. Figueroa with 21.

Garza, one of four finalists for the Naismith Award as the nation’s best college player and two-time Big Ten Player of the Year, finished with 36 points, his 13th of the season. Carrier game with at least 30 points and nine rebounds.

The game reflected the Big Ten and Pac-12 trends in the tournament.

The Big Ten, which started with nine teams, has been reduced to two, Michigan and Maryland, both of which will play Monday. They are now 6-7 in the tournament.

The Pac-12 remained undefeated at 7-0 with five teams still alive: Oregon, Colorado, USA and Los Angeles.

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Seventh-ranked Oregon beat Iowa 2, 95-80.

Oregon qualified after being unable to play in the first round because its opponent, Virginia Commonwealth, was disqualified due to corona virus.

No. 11 seeded Brigham Young University defeated No. 6 seeded Rutgers, 69-66.

The loss was the first of the tournament after Sunday’s 16-selection win.

No. 7 seeded Alabama defeated No. 10 seeded North Carolina, 80-71.

Jordan Lewis had 32 points, 11 rebounds and eight assists.

22. March 2021, 2:07 pm ET.

22. March 2021, 2:07 pm ET.

Brigham Young, the No. 11 seed, is set to defeat No. 6 Rutgers in an evenly matched match, but ESPN2 has paused its broadcast and directed viewers to ESPNU for the final so another women’s match can be broadcast early.

No. 3 Georgia defeated no. 14 Drexel by 67-53.

Jenna Staiti scored 19 points for Georgia.

March 22, 2021, 1:56 PM ET.

March 22, 2021, 1:56 PM ET.

Drexel, playing in his second N.C.A.A. Division I tournament, came on strong. But No. 3 seeded Georgia distanced themselves in the second half and continued the tradition of the highest seeded teams advancing to the second round. Drexel’s Hannah Nyhill led all scorers in the game with 22 points, but the Bulldogs were too far behind. 67-53, Georgia.

March 22, 2021, 1:01 PM ET.

March 22, 2021, 1:01 PM ET.

In a hard-fought match, no one leads. 7 Oregon up 56-46 at halftime against No. 2 Iowa. Luca Garza already has 22 points. It’s still a long way to go, but if Garza and Iowa lose, the Big Ten falls back to Michigan and Maryland after starting the tournament with nine teams.

22. March 2021, 12:47 ET.

22. March 2021, 12:47 ET.

Outside of a dozen 3-by-5-foot signs and a long banner on one side of the field, it’s hard to tell you’re at the N.C.A.A. women’s tournament at Bill Greehi Arena on the campus of Saint Mary’s University, where Drexel, ranked No. 14, will take on No. 3 Georgia in the first round. But neither team would hold out until the set-up, a scrappy first half and a tie early in the third quarter.

March 22, 2021, 12:03 ET.

March 22, 2021, 12:03 ET.

Arella Girantes of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights during a game against Iowa in the Big Ten tournament. Credit…Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Rutgers could fly in the next round.

Rutgers’ sixth graders are averaging 12.6 steals per game, 19.9 forced turnovers and 12 steals points. The 11th-ranked Brigham Young University Scarlet Knights are averaging 14.4 turnovers per game.

This is a recipe for a potential flight match.

They apply pressure like no other, coach Jeff Judkins told reporters last week. You athletes are great. But we were playing against San Diego, who lead the country in turnovers. We played against Auburn a few years ago and they are similar. Rutgers’ size, with their pressure, is a big problem.

Rutgers Regents senior Arella Girantes leads the Knights with 20.8 points per game, but also 2.8 steals. Only six players are averaging more than 10 minutes per game, so if there’s anything that will demote the Knights, it’s the lack of depth.

By aggressively handling turnovers, they didn’t get burned out, even with a shorter bench. Even though B.Y.U. thinks it has played against aggressive teams before, Rutgers lives and dies by flies.

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March 22, 2021, 11:52 ET.

March 22, 2021, 11:52 ET.

Oregon advanced to the second round by not competing when Virginia returned several positive tests. Credit…Mitchell Leighton/Getty Images

The match between no. 7 Oregon and no. 2 Iowa will also be interesting because Oregon advanced directly to the second round after their opponent, Virginia Commonwealth, had to withdraw from the tournament due to multiple positive tests for coronavirus.

The Ducks haven’t played in 10 days, and of course that leaves questions about their preparedness. On the other hand, they should be well-rested after their last game, a loss in the semifinals of the Pac-12 tournament against Oregon State. At the same time, Iowa was warming up in the first round by No. 1. 15 Grand Canyon.

The Hawks are led by one of the best players in the country, Luca Garza, who scored 24 points and grabbed 6 rebounds against Grand Canyon. He is a mainstay of Iowa’s offensive success and will be crucial against Oregon. The Ducks are a versatile team with five players averaging at least 10 points per game.

Iowa and Oregon are very offensive teams, so expect a shootout.

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March 22, 2021, 11:52 ET.

March 22, 2021, 11:52 ET.

UConn easily won its first round game against High Point and is heavily favored to reach the Final Four. Credit…. Carmen Mandato / Getty Images

When the dust had settled on the first day of the N.C.A.A. women’s tournament on Sunday, the top 16 seeded players had all moved on. This should come as no surprise. Unlike the men’s tournament, which has a reputation for being shocking, the women’s tournament is almost always in shape.

Most basketball fans know that the No. 16 seed has only beaten the No. 1 seed once, both on the men’s and women’s teams: the Harvard women against Stanford in 1998 and the Maryland-Baltimore County men against Virginia in 2018.

Then the divergence becomes clear. On the men’s side, #15 wins about 5% of first round matches, while #14 wins 15%. (This year, Oral Roberts (No. 15) beat Ohio State to advance to the Sweet 16, and Abilene Christian (No. 14) beat Texas).

Among the women, neither No. 14 nor No. 15 has ever won a game, with a total of more than 200 losses without a win.

The difference continues in the seed shell: At 13, men lead with disorders and women lead with 20-6%. For the 12 seeds, it’s 33% to 20%.

One of the reasons for the larger profit margins of most women is the home advantage generally given to the top four (men’s matches are played at neutral sites). With the entire women’s tournament being held in and around San Antonio this year, there were hopes that the first round would be a little crazier. That leaves one day for the women’s underdogs in the first round of history.

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frequently asked questions

Is March Madness cancelled or postponed?

There is no craziness in March, April and May. The NCAA has announced that all remaining winter and spring championships, including the men’s and women’s basketball tournament, have been cancelled and have not been rescheduled. … The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is one of the most prestigious and lucrative sporting events.

Will NCAA basketball be eliminated in 2021?

Leaving: 2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship, first and second round.

Where will March Madness 2021 take place?

Games will be played on two fields at Lucas Oil Stadium as well as at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Indiana Farmers Coliseum, Mackey Arena in West Lafayette and Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall in Bloomington.

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