NBA Fans Destroy Mike Budenholzer’s “Unmotivating” Speech: “Put This Up Against To How Monty Talks To Ayton.”

In a series of tweets posted early Saturday morning, the former Atlanta Hawks coach and current Milwaukee Bucks president issued a few Barstool Sports-style zingers followed by some harsh criticisms of the league. NBA teams are losing a ton of quality players to free agency each summer, and Budenholzer believes that the league has been hesitant to punish players for that kind of behavior. “What is the difference between a “man” and a “boy”?” Budenholzer asked in his first tweet. “I can’t wait to get back to the NBA and see what happens. We are going to grow a lot as a league and it will be fun, but what is the difference between a “man” and a “boy”?

Former San Antonio Spurs head coach Mike Budenholzer has been accused of being “unmotivating” by fans who claim his post-game press conferences are boring and lead to low attendance at the AT&T Center. It was a claim that has been made before, but a new report suggests the coach has some work to do to win back fans.


The Milwaukee Bucks enter the 2021 NBA Finals after a 2-0 defeat against the Phoenix Suns. The Eastern Conference champions tried to tie the score Thursday night, with Giannis Antitokounmpo seemingly the only player to do so.

There was constant discussion in the NBA community about the Greek Freak’s play and how little help he got from his teammates. They weren’t the only ones missing last night, as Mike Budenholzer was also criticized for his lack of adjustments.

Fans have also noticed that the Bucks have not gotten off to a good start. The coach is not the most eloquent person when it comes to motivating the players, and he confirmed this with his speech before the game. For the second game of the finals, Coach Bud turned to his players as if they were playing their first game of the season and spoke a few general words before they took the field (S/O Redditor manwhatthefawk).

Play fast, play loose, play together, play big, so play basketball, Budenholzer told his players.

This is clearly not what you want from a coach before the final game, and fans condemned him for his uninspiring speech.

Compare that to the way Monty talks to Ayton.

A perfect summary of his training style: Do what you want.

And if we… win the game… uh-huh, just kidding… unless…?

There is no effect in his voice. He looks like a prisoner on death row.

I was sure it was the same clip they were playing, but it’s very different.

My husband spits fire immediately

Playing it safe is one of the buddy coach’s favorite phrases.

Throw them a dolphin.

Don’t look at me. You all need to play more RANDOM.

-Coach Bud during a timeout, probably.

And also the fact that he has to read that crap off the board every time, like he can’t remember those 3-pointers + have fun and play basketball.

Bud is just playing here.

Empty the orange spherical object. Send an orange spherical object. Place the orange spherical object into the round spherical goal post attached to the plexiglass frame. Don’t let your enemies do the same. To victory.

He certainly thought about playing randomly during the first timeout he took in the first quarter, when the Bucks were destroying the Suns in the paint and the Bucs were still warming up. It killed a lot of legumes.

If we play it randomly, they can’t plan their game. Probably Coach Bud.

Play smart, play fast. Those damn Redditors want me to be Al Pacino in Any Sunday.

Budenholzer gave a similar speech to the players before the first game, which makes it even more curious.

The difference between Bud and Monty Williams in the second race was huge. Coach Sanz shared an incredible moment with Deandre Ayton during a timeout, motivating him to go out on the court and hit Giannis Antitokounmpo.

Look at you, setting the bar very high for yourself. That’s why you fell. That’s great. Now go and reach that level. And you can do it by force. It’s not always about statistics. Dominate the game with force. OK? Because you’ve set the bar high for yourself. Dominate the game with force. Let’s go!

The Bucks coach has already done his job for Game 3 of the series. Milwaukee needs to show a different face against the Suns before it’s too late. Giannis can’t do it alone. Despite his historic achievement, the Greek Freak needs help from everyone around him, including his coach.

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