Among Us Back: Mod Menu Unlocked v2020.10.22

The Mod Menu is a collection of programs and tools used for hacking Android devices. A group of developers have released the source code to the Mod Menu and a couple of currently-unreleased tools and tweaks. The next big release will be version 2020.10.22 of Among Us Back, which adds support for the Galaxy S21. Many of the Mod Menu files are ready for the S21 and can be installed with the custom recovery. To see the Mod Menu, you need to enable “unknown sources” from the security settings of your Galaxy S21.

While most users of the N7 were content with the stock ROM, some preferred to have a custom ROM installed on their device. This is why Among Us Back came together. We provide a means for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a fully-customized experience without having to install an entire custom ROM. Among Us Back allows users to stay on Stock, yet enjoy the benefits of a modified ROM.

The latest patch includes the ban, the ability to always be a cheat, and other things

Let’s start by getting to know the game itself. Among Us is an online multiplayer game. The game features a group of space fighters who perform various tasks on their ships or at different bases, but the problem is that there are imposters among them. In a five man game there will be one cheater, in a ten man game there will be two cheaters. For the last one, you can even do three, but players rarely do that. While the crew members are on their mission, the imposters have to kill them. Players can call an emergency meeting if they see a dead body, or they can go to the main room and press the emergency button to confer and find out who the cheaters are.

If you want to see some gameplay to get a feel for the game, check out the YouTube channels of PewDiePie, Markiplier and Corpse Husband. Understand how scammers work, learn from how players play when they are suspicious, and understand other things.

Hacking details

Amongst us

The different hacks in Among Us are Wall Hacking, Always Imposter, Speed Hacking, the ability to unlock all pets, skins and hats, no pauses between kills, etc. Here they are in detail:

  1. We don’t have time to wait to kill: Once you’ve committed a murder, there’s always a waiting period before you can kill again. The hack allows you to perform double and triple kills and finish the game quickly.
  2. Identification of the impostor : Useful for players who are teammates. That way, you can quickly identify the imposter and prevent him from being killed.
  3. Cross the walls: Just like a ghost moves through walls, you can run between them without finding a passage, make kills or quickly complete missions.
  4. Lightcutter: Cheaters can turn off the lights, making it easier for them to commit murders and escape their teammates.  With this hack, you can see well even when the lights are off.
  5. Speed hack: The Speed Hack allows you to change your movement speed to move and kill your teammates at will.
  6. No advertising: Enjoy the game without ads with this hack. After downloading, you can activate the No Ads option in the mod’s menu.
  7. There is no ban: Other players cannot kick you out of the lobby.
  8. See the ghosts and their chatter: Handy if you’re a member of the crew. You can identify the imposter from the conversations of the crew members who have already been killed.

Details Among Us Mod/Hack APK/iOS :

Apk name Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS
Apk version 2020.9.9
Apk size 70 MB
Last update 10. September 2020
Price Free
Support for Android Yes
Support for iOS Yes

How to install APK Hack version 2020.10.22 on your smartphone

  • Deleting an existing game from your device
  • Downloading a version of the mod from a third-party link
  • Make sure the file is not corrupt and does not contain any malware of any kind. If so, delete it immediately.
  • After installing the APK hack, you will see a menu of mods when you open the game.
  • Choose the hacks you want from the menu and start playing.

How to install a hack on your PC

  • Make sure you have the Bluestacks Android emulator installed on your computer.
  • Download the APK mod now.
  • Using the Bluestacks emulator, install the APK.

General Frequently Asked Questions about the newhack

1. Can I download the hack for free?

Answer: Yes, every player has free access to it.

2. Is there an ad?

Answers: No, there are no annoying ads.

3. Is it safe?

Answer: Yes, the hack is fully protected against virus attacks and malware of all kinds, so go for it.

In short, the hack is useful for getting out of difficult situations, but using it takes all the fun out of the game. This is not Grand Theft Auto with expensive cars and weapons, but a fun puzzle game to play with friends. Thus, the use of hacks detracts from its purpose. You can still try it out, as it is perfectly safe and you can have fun with a few games and confuse the other players.

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