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The NBA 2K has launched a new generation of gameplay for the NBA 2K21, which has generated a variety of fan reactions. Gaming officials have tried to collect a good product, despite all the problems related to the NBA suspension and the limited time available to work on the video game in recent months. Well, they have released a video that shows the new generation of gameplay on Playstation 5, which shows the match between the New Orleans Pelican and the Golden Warriors of the States.

Discover the new generation of 2K21 games:

Take a closer look at the gameplay of #NBA2K21 Next Gen so far.

Developer Comment Erick Boenisch and @Beluba
⚡️ Lightning fast download
The busiest arena in the history of 2K
Second team of commentators in the game
New epic Rail Cam presentation

– NBA 2K21 (@NBA2K) 27. October 2020

As expected, the gameplay has received mixed reviews from fans, with some talking about a new reporter, others about the infamous sweat effect, and others wanting to discuss other modes of the game.

I like that the aggressive ones are always in the game.

Take a picture of the view, people pamper the game with fashion.

Oh, back alleys are the biggest operation they’ve ever done. It’s very unstoppable and unfair. You need a nerd. Now let’s add the contact oops that could make this an even bigger operation, so keep an eye on her.

– LESVAN (@zSwantzYBabY) 27. October 2020

we still have the heat counter from

– Mahad (@sherlockpluto) 27. October 2020.

Player traffic at the edge of the field has improved this year. *6 seconds standing and swinging *

– BLM | Bear Down (5-2) (0-1) (@BullsEra21) 27. October 2020.

I can see where they’ve improved, but this thing doesn’t make me say, damn it, I need this game

– Mr Kindred (@The_Best_Jalin) 28. October 2020

We keep talking about what we can do with the hardware, but we never focus on the PC fun community.

– RuthlessFragger (@RecklessFragger) 27. October 2020.

It’s the same damn presentation as the original game, but in 3D.

– That_boii_trill (@boii_trill) 27. October 2020.

I like her. It gives me an old 2k vibe

– CrackerTweak (@Colepreme1) 27. October 2020.

I haven’t seen a new animation in this clip, except for the contact strip. The dribble is 100% similar to the current gene, with probably a little more features, which increases the size of the base. This time the finish didn’t seem unfavorable, so maybe it’s worth trying a new badge.

– Ken (@akaBuckets04) 27. October 2020

You have the ALDRID-DAVID ????.

– Momo (@kapanenshaar24) 27. October 2020

All about 2K when players visibly sweat

– EvenToGoViewsFactual VisionError (@edward_whealan) 27. October 2020.

My problem is that reporters don’t leave the neighborhood! Idc on the fact that a player does not transform, but why not the directory? You have this banal MyTeam transferred to neighborhood♂️.

– King Gooch Cobtyg716 (@DredHeadGooch) 27. October 2020.

why the players are still standing there like fucking heads.

– LAMELO TO THE CAVS is still a dream (@_f1j1) 27. October 2020.

me when they shut down David Aldridge.

– Mike Wang (@stevenflake24) 27. October 2020

This game will always be studied in depth. Recently we have seen the most disrespectful reviews in the new edition, and this does not seem to be the end. Josh Hart responded to Jrue Holiday’s 83 OVR by grumbling at the officials of the game.

Well, such things will always be controversial, and not all fans will be happy to see them. However, others seem to enjoy the game a lot and will probably buy it when it is released next month. More than ever this is a personal decision and all we have to do is wait and see how 2K and their new product goes.

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