The extent to which the deterioration in the country’s development went beyond the last days of the election campaign shows how the elections became a referendum of personal property and how they failed to overcome the worst internal crisis in decades.

The roots of his current difficulties lay in his bed a few months ago.

Trump’s back in charge. They are not doctors, said first son-in-law and White House consultant Kouchner, already in April in interviews with Bob Woodward who was aired on CNN.

To win next Tuesday, the president must convince enough Americans to form a majority in the Electoral College that his populist anti-Vashington message, his cultural issues, his harsh rhetoric on law and order, and his declared experience in rebuilding a devastated economy are more important than his failed election in the face of a pandemic that worsens daily.

The sharp fall in stocks is a new blow for tram line.

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When the coronavirus tightened its grip, the president tried to change the subject by using violence after another police photo in Philadelphia to accuse Democrats of looting.

However, another massive collapse on Wall Street showed the extent to which the election results are beyond his control. The Dow Jones Industrial Average, one of the president’s favorite indices for his own performance, dropped more than 900 points Wednesday.

Former Chief Miles Taylor of Homeland Security said he wrote a 2018 New York Times report that castrated the leaders of the Empire.

And new polls have shown little sign of the president being left behind, which has helped consolidate his shocking victory over Hillary Clinton four years ago. According to a new national survey by CNN, Biden leads by 12 points among likely voters. Even a victory with clear, high marks could give Biden a comfortable advantage in the electoral panel. In other polls in Wisconsin and Michigan, the Democrat also led.

The chairman pointed out that he was fantastic in the polls and was in better shape than four years ago. Trumpet, however, seems to face a complex scenario on the electoral map in which he is expected to turn the tide on a series of battlefields in the South and the West for the final confrontation with Biden in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

With more than 75 million votes already cast – a third of the registered votes – there is little chance that the race will be delayed, even though the president has tried to strengthen his power base in the Wild West with rallies in Arizona, a state that could help Biden block his way to 270 votes.


Kushner’s new footage, taken from an interview with Woodward for his book Fury, shows in detail how, earlier this year, the president and his collaborators eliminated scientists from marginalized government institutions to stimulate economic discovery at all costs and support him in his re-election.

In an interview on the 18th. On April 4, the president’s son-in-law told a Washington Post veteran that Trump would take the country back from the doctors and called health officials to enemies when he told them about a negotiated solution.

Kushner, who had no previous leadership experience to coincide with his increased influence, misinterpreted the situation and also stated that the United States is rapidly going through a period of panic and pain and is in the early stages of recovery, with intense pain for a period of time.

At the time of the recording, more than 40,000 Americans had died from the virus. Currently, more than 227,000 people have died, the number of deaths is increasing and hospitals in many states are at risk of becoming overloaded.

But Trump told his crowd in Bullehead, Arizona – wearing little masks, as always – that people are getting better.

We will defeat the virus and be stronger than ever. Our country will be stronger than ever, he said.

Biden warns you that defeating a virus is not just a matter of flipping switch.

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Unlike the president, who is responsible for containing the recent spike in the infection, Biden held a briefing with public health experts on Wednesday. He came to tell the Americans that wearing a mask was patriotic, not political, but he warned that if he was elected president, he could not end the pandemic by pressing the button. And he used his own experience of personal tragedy to comfort the lovers of the late Kovid-19.

I know only too well what it’s like to have your heart ripped out, lose a loved one too soon, sit in a hospital bed and feel a black hole in your chest, Biden said.

Health experts inside and outside the government have made it clear that the state of the pandemic is closer to Biden’s report than the President’s persistent errors of judgement.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said we were in a bad position and we predicted that even with the vaccine at the end of 2021 or next year, it would be easy before Americans felt any degree of normality. Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former director of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said the U.S. is on a path broadly similar to the current increase in Europe in early November.

Mr Trump has rightly pointed out in recent days that European countries are being praised for doing better than he is in the fight against the virus and that there is now a terrible escalation of infections. France has imposed a new ban since Thursday.

But these countries, which were aggressive with the virus, were able to give their populations a break during the summer and save thousands of lives. Trump’s attempt to open up the state led to a summer viral outbreak across the Sunbelt, and the United States has never again seen the lower infection rates across the Atlantic.

Several Trump helpers tried to protect Trump from the virus on Wednesday, but this only served to emphasize his negligence. Campaign spokesman Hogan Gidley told CNN New Day that we were moving in the right direction after the White House document boasted that Trump had ended the pandemic. And Alice Farah, the White House communications director, admitted that the choice of words was wrong, but said the United States would turn the corner.

Attacks on the White HouseAnonymous

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The White House went on the offensive Wednesday after Taylor, then chief of staff to National Security Secretary Kirsten Nielsen, said he wrote the 2018 New York Times article and Trump of reviews book. (He was Assistant Chief of Staff Nielsen at the time of publication).

By publishing my criticism without attribution, the president had to respond directly or not at all, instead of distracting them with minor insults and nicknames, wrote Taylor, who is currently an associate of CNN. I wanted to draw attention to the arguments themselves.

In his article, Taylor Trump struck on his immorality, recklessness and chaotic behavior – provoking the White House in search of his identity.

White House spokeswoman Kaylie McEnani issued a statement calling Taylor a disgruntled ex-employee, a liar and a coward who prefers anonymity to management.

But in many ways, the president’s decision to ignore the consequences of excluding scientists from his work in order to minimize the pandemic and focus on his own electoral outlook confirms Taylor’s criticism.

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