Netflix Finally Sets Release Date for its Highly Popular Korean Teen Drama ‘Love Alarm’ Season 2!

Netflix offers phenomenal Korean dramas on its platform, ranging from Kingdom and Itaewon Class to Extracurricular and Rugal. One example of a K-show overcoming adversity is Love Anxiety, a romantic series for young adults that went global when it first aired a year ago.


But just two days before its triumphant return in August 2020, the series was postponed. Another release date for the second season has already been revealed. When will the successful series return for more episodes? In August 2020, fans of Love Alarm were stunned to learn that Season 2 had been delayed by just two days before the series would return to Netflix.

However, it was recently confirmed that the hit show K will be back on our screens in March. On Valentine’s Day, Netflix Korea broadcast the news with subtitles: On Valentine’s Day, we didn’t know what to get you, so we got you this. As a gift, you are offered the second period of heartbreak. 12. March: meeting with Netflix.

밸런타인데이, 여러분께 뭘 려야 할지 몰라서 가져와 봤어요. 선물처럼 <좋아하면 울리는> 시즌 2가 옵니다. 3월 12일, 넷플릭스와 마주 보기-❤#좋아하면울리는 #시즌2 #LoveAlarm2 #넷플릭스 #Netflix

– @NetflixKR (@NetflixKR) 14. February 2021


Love Alarm is probably the most popular sentimental series on Netflix. This series is a treat for all lovers of sentimental drama. The story revolves around the three teenagers Hwang Sung Oh, Hye Young and Kim Jojo. The lives of these young people take an intense turn when they come into contact with another application called Love Anxiety. This application has all the strengths of a dating application, but with a little extra. So with this application, you can essentially track your ideal partner over a distance of about 10 km. Moreover, it can be connected to the client’s heart so that he can receive it in case of a lie. In the main season, we saw that Hwang and Lee have been comrades for a long time.

But everything changes when they succumb to a similar young woman named Jojo. We saw Jo Jo struggling to choose between Hye and Hwang. So season 2 of Love Anxiety will be interesting to see if Jojo really makes the right choice. If she does, who will she choose? Similarly, the upcoming season will reveal the statement protecting Jojo from having his heart associated with a candidacy. There is a theory that these young people are familiar with the slightly updated application form. Moreover, we can expect the second season of Love Alarm to give us insight into the thought process of the application engineer.

Is it correct to say that he was identified with Kim Jojo? The next season will also test the bond between Hwang and Hye. Would they go in different directions if they suddenly discovered they liked a similar girl? Indeed, the upcoming season will be very revealing!


Season 2 of Love Anxiety has been postponed due to issues related to the Covid pandemic, according to some sources. This marks a significant delay, tied to COVID, for the Netflix K-show and one of the worst delays on the platform a minute ago. The problems Love Alarm is experiencing in season 2 are no doubt due to changes after filming, as it was supposed to end in June.

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frequently asked questions

Will there be a season 2 of Love Anxiety on Netflix?

The second season of South Korean romantic drama Love Alarm will air on Channel 12. March, Netflix announced Sunday. Actors Kim So Hyun, Song Kang and Jung Ga Ram, who played in the first published season in 2019, will return for a new chapter.

What is the start date of season 2 of Love Alert?


Will there be a second season of Abyss of Kdrama?

Done in the abyss. Season 2: According to reports, the series has not yet been renewed for a second season. If Netflix renews the series for a second season, fans can expect the second season to premiere around May 2020.

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