It is clear that China has benefited from this initiative of the United States with regard to the moon mission. The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong, an American. It was 1969, over half a century ago. Since then, the Americans have put the moon back in its place and focused on other aspects of space travel. They developed the International Space Station and forged plans to explore Mars using robots. Recently they focused their attention on the moon through the Artemis program. It came to light when people were planning to go back to the moon with an astronaut.

The plan provides for the examination of the lunar surface and the return of rock samples. But China has a clear advantage.

According to the USA Today, Chang’e 5 is China’s most ambitious lunar mission. The mission wants to remove the material from the lunar surface. Its success would represent serious progress for China’s space programme. The study of lunar rocks and debris from foreign soils would help scientists learn more about the moon, its age and its sources. The spacecraft consists of four modules. China’s national space agency has not released much information. According to NASA, however, China’s task is to drill a certain depth into the lunar surface and remove a certain amount of rock and other debris in order to return to Earth.

In the sixties and seventies American and Russian missions did something similar. Today it is possible that China takes its place on the moon for America or Russia.

China may subtract it from.

The astronomer at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics thinks China can do it. USA Today adds that he proved his calibre with the Chang’e 3, Chang’e 4 and Chang’e 5 missions.

The country has made great progress and is now ready to take samples from the moon and bring them back to Earth. In December 2018, China launched its Chang’e 4 mission to explore the other side of the moon. It was a whole new area for scientists. Joan Johnson-Fries, American space specialist.

Naval War College, said: China has demonstrated its ability to successfully develop and implement sustainable high technology programmes, which are important for regional impact and the eventual global partnership.

The China Chang’e 5 spacecraft is unique

The Chang’e 5 spacecraft is composed of four different modules. It consists of a ship, an elevator, a service module and a return capsule. The first one’s a digger. He’ll pass the material on to the Ascendant. It will then leave the lunar surface, dock with the service capsule and eventually return to Earth via the return capsule. In 2003, China sent a man into space for the first time to become the third country to reach this milestone after the United States.

and Russia. USA Today also adds that under current US law China cannot participate in the International Space Station. So China is working on its own space station.

This is a 23-day mission to China.

According to Sky News, China has launched a Chang’e-5 robot spaceship to the moon. This mission will depend on the effective implementation of artificial intelligence, renewable energies and robotics. He will bring moonstone samples to Earth to study the nature of the raw materials in detail. It will also be a country’s first mission since the 1970s to make such an attempt.

The journey to the moon will take about eight days, and the goal of the mission is to gain confidence to face more complex challenges.

The probe will remain on the lunar surface for about two days, and the whole mission will take about 23 days, said mission representative Chang’e 5. There is also a technical objective. By taking samples and sending them back, we were able to better understand the technologies related to the exploration of the moon.

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