Recently, a New York Jets quarterback went to a Packers game with another QB, and took some time during the game to give Aaron Rodgers some props.

People thought that Zach Wilson was a big fan of Aaron Rodgers when he was best friends with the Green Bay Packers quarterback.

When you think of the New York Jets, you think of a team with a high winning percentage and a lot of future franchise quarterbacks. Zach  Wilson is no exception. A talented rookie, he’s only thrown 16 passes in his two-year career. His performance against the Green Bay Packers was a welcome sign of the future, though.

After meeting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers for the first time during a joint practice Wednesday in Green Bay, New York Jets rookie Zach Wilson, who grew up idolizing him, was undoubtedly starstruck. James Morgan, a second-year quarterback with the Jets who played high school football in Green Bay, was in the same boat.

“James is a die-hard fan. He was becoming a bit jittery “Wilson told reporters after practice with a smile. “I’m a huge fan as well. We’re all supposed to act as though we’ve been there before. We’re having a great time simply being out here and talking to him.”

Wilson stated he was a “100%” Rodgers fan as a child, but he subsequently declared that Tom Brady, with his seven Super Bowl titles, is the greatest quarterback of all time.

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During a special teams time, Wilson and Rodgers convened on the field, with Rodgers giving advice on how to run a two-minute drill.

“We’re all in the NFL now, so we’re theoretically on the same level, but we’re all still like, ‘You know what? Aaron Rodgers is the quarterback. That’s a little insane,’ says the narrator “Wilson said.

Wilson’s playing style, especially his propensity to create off-schedule plays, has attracted parallels to Rodgers’. He was chosen second overall by the Jets, who thought he had star potential — but there’s a big difference between potential and becoming one of the all-time greats.

Because Rodgers is so talented and clever, Wilson admits it’s “challenging” to watch him.

“I want to do what he’s doing,” she says, “but when you’ve had 16 years of experience, and the checks and calls he’s making on the field…

On Wednesday, when the Jets were in Green Bay for joint practices with the Packers, Zach Wilson met Aaron Rodgers for the first time. Matt Ludtke/Associated Press

“First and foremost, the coaches do not want me to do that. Someone’s plate is overburdened. There aren’t many players in the league who are capable of recognizing what’s going on and altering plays like he is.”

Wilson claimed he talked with Rodgers a couple of times over the summer, when Rodgers’ agent was courting the former BYU star as he prepared to enter the draft. Wilson ultimately decided to work for a different firm.

Wilson claimed he was a good quarterback as a kid in Corner Canyon, Utah “Because he’s done it the correct way for so long, I’ve always tried to emulate what he’s done. He’s simply a lot of pleasure to watch play.”

Wilson made mental notes as he watched Rodgers do a two-minute exercise, observing that he seemed to be in good shape “cool and composed It seemed as though he was simply playing about. He’s having a wonderful time playing backyard football, and he manages to make it work.”

The two teams will train again on Thursday before meeting at Lambeau Field on Saturday. Wilson is anticipated to play a couple series after a good preseason debut against the New York Giants.

Rodgers remarked after practice, “Zach’s a terrific kid.” “Seeing him is entertaining.”

When questioned about Morgan, Rodgers said he had no idea the second-year quarterback was from the region.

“Was he in Ashwaubenon?” The high school is 1.4 miles from Lambeau Field, according to Rodgers. “That was completely unknown to me. I honestly didn’t think so.”

Wilson, who was just 6 years old when Rodgers debuted in the NFL in 2005, seems to wish he could have stayed in the league longer.

“I would spend more time with him and continue to ask questions,” he added.

Rob Demovsky of ESPN contributed to this story.

New York Jets QB Zach Wilson recently caused a stir on social media when he referred to Green Bay Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers as a “fanboy” and said he would have never signed up for the opportunity the second time around. Wilson, a second-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, went 3-3 as a starter in his first season with the Jets, and was plagued by poor accuracy and inconsistent play throughout the season. After the season, Wilson was asked if he would have signed with the Jets in the second round if they were still selecting, to which he responded, “I would not have signed up for that opportunity. I would not have signed up for that.”. Read more about aaron rodgers number and let us know what you think.

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