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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Browns, outside linebacker Mack Wilson.

The NFL was collectively scared when quarterback Patrick Mahomes was tackled Sunday by Cleveland linebacker Mack Wilson, but the tackle was far from what most people would call dirty.

Patrick Mahomes’ mother, Randi, disagreed. She went public on angry social media, Wilson for attacking.

BREAK: #QB leaders Pat Mahomes were eliminated, while LB Mac Wilson took a hit

– Ryan Sakamoto (@BEASTwriter_) 17. January 2021

#51 Wilson is junk football, leads with the helmet, pulls the head and pushes the helmet, wrote Randy Mahomes. Why don’t you get fired? Come on, NFL.

#51 Wilson, it’s crap football, helmet lead, head pull, helmet push…. Why weren’t you kicked out? Come on, NFL.

– Randi Mahomes (@tootgail) January 17, 2021

Patrick Mahomes would not return to the game, but the Chiefs held on for the 22-17 victory. Mahomes’ mother took the opportunity to call Wilson again.

51 evil NEVER wins! !! I love my bosses, she writes.

#51 Evil never wins !!!! I love my guides.

– Randi Mahomes (@tootgail) January 17, 2021

After the game, Wilson tweeted a message to Mahomes and prayed for his health.

Prayers for Patrick Mahomes. I pray you are back next week! You’ll be as wonderful as you were.

Prayers for @PatrickMahomes . I pray you are back next week! Go be as awesome as you were! ❤️

– Mac Wilson (@5mackwilson1) January 17, 2021

Patrick Mahomes replied: Good brother.

Patrick Mahomes Amazing Andy Reid Manipulation.

All reports exchanged about Mahomes’ status after the coup were positive. After the game, Chiefs coach Andy Reid said he passed all the necessary tests – a good sign for next week’s AFC championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

He was hit in the back of the head, Reed said. He’s doing very well at the moment, which is very positive. Let’s see where this goes.

Andy Reid on Patrick Mahomes: He got hit in the back of the head. He’s doing very well at the moment, which is very positive. Let’s see what happens.

– Nate Taylor (@ByNateTaylor) January 17, 2021

Mahomes, though not on the field, nearly opened the door for the Browns’ return. Cleveland got the ball for just 5 points at the end of the fourth quarter, but chose to forfeit the ball and never recovered.

You hate to see him suffer. Hopefully he’ll be back in shape soon, coach Kevin Stefanski said. He’s a great player and a great ambassador in this league, and you don’t want anyone to get hurt at times like this. It’s a very good football team. Really, they have great players and I have a lot of respect for Coach Reed and his team for what they were able to build there.

#Kevin Stefanski on losing Patrick Mahomes to a concussion

– Mary Kay Cabot (@MaryKayCabot) January 17, 2021

Browns Touchback Call failed

Getty ImagesCleveland Browns receiver Rashard Higgins throws the ball out of the end zone.

The game would have been much tighter midway through the half if catcher Rashard Higgins hadn’t shot to the goal line trying to reach it. The game also includes what looks like a classic helmet-to-helmet move, though nothing has been said about it.

Stefanski said that big receivers are taught not to be eager on the goal line because of situations like this, but that he has always been a big supporter of Higgins.

Rashard Higgins is a fighter, Stefanski said. He put up a fight. I never doubt his efforts. Unfortunate match. I’m proud to coach him.

The Browns’ season is over, but they have exceeded expectations in their first year under Stefanski’s leadership and have a great core that will continue to grow in the coming years.

I’m proud of this team. We have some fighters, Stefanski said. We did not, and we will share in this defeat. They fought and fought. I’m not surprised, because they’ve been doing that all season.

READ NOW: The former Star Shades of the Browns team before their game against the Chiefs.

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