Prime time ‘dogs and overs shining; bettors fading after strong start

Bookies and bookies fought back and forth, while the losers, especially in prime time and on the streets, and Auvers, more than anyone else, won money during the nine weeks of the NFL season.

In the middle of the range the distance is 75-56-1 (57.2%) of full range. Street dogs account for 59% of the clip, the losers are 19-6 TTY’s in the high season. The games have an average score of 50.7, which is the highest score in the first nine weeks since the NFL and AFL merged in 1970, according to ESPN statistics and information. A little later this season, the scored points were struggling to keep up with the score of 72-58-3 (55.4%).

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has caused unprecedented problems for bookmakers and betting offices, the bookmaker market has adapted quickly. The teams cover the margin around 9.52 points per game, the lowest margin – the difference between the finish line and the final winning margin – in the first nine weeks of each season since the merger in 1970.

Look at the NFL betting market in the middle:


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– Super Bowl odds: The first runners are still the unanimous favourites to win the Super Bowl and have been rated 7:2 by William Hill’s Caesars Sportsbook magazine. The steel producers follow (11-2), followed by the saints (7-1). The Buccaneers and Ravens are the only other teams that have a single Super Bowl ratio, each with a 9-1 scoring line.

– The biggest initiator: The Steelers started the season with a 22-1 victory and then won the Super Bowl. They are now the second most popular, only after the reigning champions.

– The biggest waterfalls: The Cowboys saw their chances of winning the Super Bowl drop from 12-1 at the start of the season to 200-1.

– The best teams to bet on: Steel plants, dolphins, packers and Bengal – each at 6-2 fairs.

– The worst teams to bet on: Cowboys – 1-8 TTY. For the first time this season they covered the margin on Sunday compared to the Staalbouwers. Jet 2-7 ATS.

– Better than the teams: Raiders, Sea Hawks and Saints – 7-1 each.

– The best of the team: The Cardinals and the Aries are each two or six below.

– The biggest castle: The saints (+3.5) bridged the gap of 31.5 points with 38-3 moves for the Boozers in week 9.

– The season has won an entire castle: The season of the winners of the cowboy contest has been set at 10. By the age of 2-7, the lower half is already conquered (provided Dallas plays a full regular season with 16 players).

– The chance of an MVP: Russell Wilson +130, Patrick Mahomez +200, Aaron Rogers +300, Josh Allen +1800, Ben Rothlisberger +2500.

– The chance of a rookie of the year attacking: Joe Barrow +100, Justin Herbert +100, Tua Tagoviloa +1,000 (via DraftKings).

– Chances of the AP returnee of the year: Alex Smith -250, Rothlisberger +270, Cam Newton +1,000.

Off-season bookkeeping report

Daily news and information programme on sports betting (18.00-7.00 ET, ESPN2), which aims to better serve the millions of sports enthusiasts participating in sports betting and to contribute to the training of sports enthusiasts in general through in-depth analysis. Clock

– After hanging out at the beginning of the season, the wind has turned against the gamblers. Several bookmakers have declared the 8 and 9 weeks to be the most profitable of the season so far.

Overall, it’s been kind of a turbulent season, said Jeff Stoneback, director of racing and sports book sports at BetMGM in Nevada. We’d have a good day if we acted Monday night. Until the last few weeks it was the whole season.

– The sportsbook operator PointsBet indicated that its retention rate (the amount retained by the book on the payroll) exceeded expectations for nine weeks.

The big factor is the number of consecutive unsuccessful appearances of the favorites in prime time games, said Patrick Eichner, ESPN’s Director of Communications for PointsBet. Our biggest events with pens will always be tents, independent night games, and the favorites are crushed against the spread there so far. It should also be noted that these games are often the final phase of the game, where gamblers usually have to cover the favorite.

– Casinos in Las Vegas operated at limited capacity due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it did not cause significant damage to the NFL’s betting button.

Year after year, our NFL pen has actually grown since 2019, says John Murray, CEO of SuperBook in Westgate Las Vegas. I was surprised when I saw that, because I know we have had much less tourism in recent years.

An excellent pen to bet on, Stonebeck added. I would expect it to be a little lower than in previous years, but it holds up. We’ve actually written more messages than in recent years.

– Station Casino’s sports betting showed a strong focus on the NFL and an increase in mobile phone betting.

The season started slowly in terms of winning and maintaining the percentage. The betting offices did a good job in September, said Chuck Esposito, director of the station casinos’ sports books. Last month, however, she started to change a little in favor of the book.

– When players come in and out of KOVID-19 lists, the bookies and bookmakers must keep a close eye on the news.

We have certainly noticed that our sharpest players at the university have become much more cautious this year, especially at the beginning of the week. It’s hard to fall in love on Monday when you know there’s a good chance 10 guys on your team will be quarantined by Wednesday, according to Murray in the Super Book. We have to be a little more careful than ever, and we see much sharper players using this approach than in previous seasons. As far as the NFL is concerned, I’d say it’s similar. But the NFL doesn’t seem to be so influenced. There’s a little more clarity. In professional and university football, but also in all other sports, information is indeed more valuable than ever. Knowing the QB will soon be impossible for COVID before anyone else can afford it, and it’s always a race to get that information.

Average season specified in

– • 48.02 : Average score near/not near in this season’s games, the highest score since nine weeks in the last 20 seasons.

– • 18 : The number of matches that ended with a lead of three. That’s eight games more than any other victory.

– $132.1 million: The amount paid for football in September and October with Indiana sports books.

Brian Beesley, ESPN’s Statistics and Information Researcher, contributed to this article.

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