Quarterback Tom Brady made an important decision in the off-season when he left the New England Patriots after two decades and signed a two-year, $50 million contract. That decision immediately paid off for the Buccaneers, who won 8-5 with three games to go. The Pirates finished last season with a record 7-9. The deal was included in the top 10 of Nick Schuck’s free agent signatures in 2020. Brady’s signing made the Buccaneers an immediate Super Bowl contender, but the lack of training camp and off-season made it difficult for the veteran quarterback to adapt to Bruce Arians’ style of play.

Anyway, Brady has sent the Pirates on a playoff hunt as they try to put an end to a post-season drought that started in 2007.

According to Shook, Brady becomes more and more comfortable for the Arians with every game, despite the head coach’s preference for long balls. But Brady has adapted, this season with a record number of 9.1 airways per attempt, the highest in five years. It’s also the third highest in the NFL. However, Schock stressed that if the Buccaneers want to put an end to the drought in qualifying, they will have to rely on Brady’s strengths, namely his passing match in midfield. This season, Shock reported that Brady has passed a 64.6 percent success rate at the mid-range (10-19 air meters), placing him sixth in the league.

Brady also scored 119.0 points on those passes, making him eighth in the NFL this season. In terms of play-action, Brady got a score of 124.0, making him fourth in the NFL. Brady caught 64.8 passes for 3,496 yards and 30 touchdowns with 11 stealing this season.

Spinner 2nd in the Wild Card race

The Buccaneers are currently second in the NFC wild card race, but with two teams with records under 500, it could be an easy road to Tampa Bay.

The Atlanta Falcons will enter Sunday’s game as four-point favorites. Earlier, Raheem Morris, the interim head coach of the Falcons, said they expected Brady to be in his usual dangerous form on Sunday. The Falcons have been windy in six games against Brady and the Patriots, including the memorable loss to New England in the Super Bowl LI.

According to the quarterback of the Falcons, Matt Ryan, he hasn’t seen the tape of that game, in which they took a 28-3 lead. But Brady and the Patriots refused to be discouraged and recovered from a big hole on their way to a 34-28 victory.

Buccane upper steering on COVID-19 list

Ronald Jones II, the top player of the Buccaneers, was put on the reserve list/COVID-19 on Wednesday, making him a long-awaited player for Sunday’s game against the Falcons. Before he was placed on the list, Jones underwent surgery to insert pins into a broken little finger that he maintained in a 26-14 victory over the Minnesota Vikings. Jones is fourth in the lineup of the Buccaneers, behind the Bradley Ryan Succop gun and the long shot Zach Triner.

According to Arians, Leonard Fournette would be the Buccaneers’ number one option if Jones couldn’t play.

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