NBA Fans Blast Steph Curry After Going 9-35 From 3 This Season
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Stephen Curry knows he has a big responsibility with the Golden State Warriors this season after once again losing Klay Thompson to an injury late in the season. Steph is not afraid of a challenge, but so far his grades are not the best, which has given him much criticism from people in the league.

The Dubs won their first game of the season against the Chicago Bulls after losing their first two games against the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks. Golden State has a lot to improve in the next few days, just like Curry. He was in the spotlight the last few hours after people noticed his grades this season. Curry is known as an excellent three-point shooter, but even he has struggled to reach the three-point limit this season.

The Bulls had a great game against Curry and although he scored 36 points, he is now 9 out of 35 from behind the bow. It’s a little weird for the Curry and NBA fans who followed his songs.

The police unmasked her. Sorry, Warriors fans:

– Arturas Karnisovas Fanclub (@arturasfanclub) 28 December 2020.

It’s not an exposé, there’s something wrong with him this season. That doesn’t take anything away from the last ten seasons when he was a god.

– Ⓙⓞⓔ (@StephShimmy) 28 December 2020

Steph without the Allstars

– Thomas Crown (@thomas45crowwn) 28 December 2020

He can’t carry a team like LeBron, Kawhi or KD.

– Jay (@JaySteezy719) 28. December 2020

No more Hall of Fame around him, never say Curry > Harden/Ross/Damma/LeBron.

– (Check pinned!) (@FlamesNBA21) 28 December 2020

But in practice, he did 105 triplets…

– Rhody ➐ (@notethan27) 28 December 2020

Don’t apologize for being so bad. Trey Young is six feet tall, weighs 90 kg, is chubby and has no problem scoring 37 points in the evening. Curry can’t adjust his game, and that’s a serious problem. He proves that he really is a lone wolf who can only get along with Klay/Dray.

– 4m3r1c4 1z tR@5h (@m1eew) 28 December 2020

better than Kiri.

– Lonzo Ball Burner (@LonzoBallStan) 28 December 2020

Because people think this guy is even at 25, he has to prove he can carry the team. No, I don’t expect him to wear this team, but as a brother only Duncan Robinson can dribble, play and finish.

– 305~BamBinLaden~(10-5) (@TuatoParker) 28 December 2020

Human shit, unless he’s got Clay or KD on his ass.

– It’s me. (@DjNitzyNitz) 28 December 2020.

The bad body says it needs 2 allstars – you don’t know that GS made the other two, do you? So you’re saying he needs his injured teammates. Yeah, you speak slowly.

– stuttering (@jayden_hairston) 28 December 2020

Can’t pick up the ground, needs 2 or more stars to be good.

– Nick Traylor (@pelicansfan13) 28 December 2020

As a big fan of curry, I can admit it was a disappointment.

– Bad Boy SZN (@BibbyNeverDies) 28 December 2020

Keep pulling, you’ll get it back I think what you’re trying to do is relax too much, feel the rhythm, pull the rhythm, smooth it out and let it go to its peak #NBA #NBA2K21 #NBAXmas #nbawarriors #

– Major Papi 860 (@PitkoJerald) 28 December 2020

Visit Curry Mann

– Tyler (@ENGTyler) 28. December 2020

Yeah, but we don’t count the ones he does if he doesn’t count

– Great Salsa (@TheGraboss) 28 December 2020

Curry has had 105 consecutive trios in training, starting at 0-3 in the game

– — . (@Pharaoh__Black) 28. December 2020

Nobody said it would be easy, but Steph seems to have a harder time than we all expected. He needs to come forward and put the good he does into practice in the field. Steph knows he has to do something more, and the Dubs can’t wait to get back to that version of their star.

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