In the recent issue of Wonder Woman 1984, it has been several decades since the public first came into contact with heroin, and a lot has changed in that time. In the film, Diana not only leads a fairly quiet life in the Washington of the eighties, but she still discovers her strengths, her abilities and her place as a hero in the human world. In the film this means the development of new forces, forces in which Amazonia participates and which are not only authentic for the development of Diana’s character, but also have roots in the comic book.

Disclaimer : Spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984 below. Stop reading if you don’t want to see those spoilers!

In Wonder Woman 1984, Diana (Gal Gadot) develops two new fundamental forces that lead the character to her iconic version of comics, namely the ability to transform herself into something invisible, but especially the ability to fly. The power of invisibility is what Diana used to create the iconic invisible ray. When she takes a plane to Egypt with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in pursuit of Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal), Diana has to think fast to hide the plane from the radars. Eventually she tries to hack something her father Zeus could have done, by telling Steve that her father managed to hide Themyscira from the world and that she has been trying to make things invisible for years, although her only success at the time was a cup of coffee. Luckily for them, she managed to make an invisible surface appear on the screen and create a rather breathtaking scene in which they were filmed by the fireworks on the 4th floor. July in flight.

This scene is also important for the development of Diana’s other great new power in Wonder Woman 1984. So far, we’ve never seen Diana fly. She even tells Steve, in Wonder Woman 1984, that flying is her strength and something she cannot do. Steve then explains to him that flying is feeling the air and the currents, and gives him a very passionate and eloquent description of the basics of aerodynamics. It’s a conversation that comes up later in the film.

After Diana has given up her wish – she literally takes away his power to keep Steve alive, because his powers are the price for making his wish come true – and Steve is gone, we see Diana using her lasso to swing through the air, essentially holding on to a passing plane. There, in the clouds, Diana repeats what Steve told her about flying, and after a short period of adaptation, Diana learns to follow the currents. In a few minutes, Diana can fly without the need for a lasso.

The idea that Diana should learn how to fly comes straight from the comic book. See, Wonder Woman couldn’t always fly. That’s where the invisible plane comes from, because flying wasn’t one of its superpowers when it first appeared. It is something she had to learn and develop at different times in the history of comic strips. Diana’s presence in Wonder Woman 1984, a film about the human nature of the heroine, was supposed to reveal new powers and possibilities. Diana may be an Amazon of extraordinary strength, but she is not without flaws, which gives meaning to her passion for protecting people. It is also a good way to give a wink to the characters in the history of comics, as it has had strange and unique powers over the years.

Wonder Woman 1984 now broadcasts on HBO Max and is in the theatres.

What do you think of the fact that Diana learned to fly in Wonder Woman 1984? Let us know in the comments.

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