SUN LUIS OBISPO – Singers from all over the province do not have the community that comes with rehearsals and joint performances. That is why they have joined forces to create a shared choral experience in a digital landscape.

Virtual tickets are now available for SLO United: Concert of the Joint Choir on Friday the 20th. November, 7:00 p.m.

SLO United was founded by Scott Glisson, director of Choral and Vocal Research at Cal Paulie, and John Knutson, director of the Choral and Vocal Jazz Program at Cuesta College. They have helped the choirs of the district of San Luis Obispo and 18 groups have signed up to participate. All groups are required to adhere to the district rules for recording performances; schools with exceptions to the rules follow strict protocols for rehearsing and recording ensembles in person.

There’s a reason why people choose the choir, Knutson said. One can sing alone anywhere, but with the choir the community is integrated. Nowadays it is all the more important to establish and maintain communication between people. This concert is for both our singers and our community. It’s not a choral experience you’re used to, but it celebrates the fact that we’re still here.

In addition to the choirs presenting their pieces, one piece will be performed during the concert in which the 250 singers will participate. I Dream of Peace, written by David Brunner on the occasion of the famous poem by Langston Hughes, speaks extensively about our time and gives students the opportunity to learn about the Harlem Renaissance. As part of the Black Lives Matter 2020 events, the band wanted to choose a song that recognises social justice in the country and is accessible to a wide range of singers.

The SLO United concert is a declaration of perseverance, according to Glisson. There is a symbiotic relationship between artists and spectators, so it’s a bit heavy and a big attempt to turn this art form into a virtual representation, but it’s worth it.

At the end of this process, Dave Becker will have spent nearly 100 hours writing and editing this joint document. Becker, who has edited several virtual concerts over the past seven months, teaches recording, the art of recording music, saxophone and clarinet at Quest College and in applying jazz saxophone to Cal Paulie.

The concert is free, because the organizers want art to be accessible to everyone. The donations collected during this concert will mainly be used for production costs. The rest will be sent to the SLO County Education Office to share the gift of music with inspiring young students studying the performing arts in the community. In these difficult times, the producers especially appreciate the decision of the members of the community to make donations.

Free ticket registration:

For a suggested donation of $5:

Separate gift:

SLO United includes :

Kal Polyphonix

The Cal Paulie Women’s Choir

Cal Pauley Chamber Choir

The singers of the Polytechnic University of Cal

Cuesta Voce

Chamber singer from Cuesta

The Choir of the Concorde of Cuesta

Templeton High School Co-ed Choir

Canzone Women’s Ensemble

Los Osos High School Stage Choir

Morro Bay High School Concert Choir

Vocal Ensemble San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Youth Choir

University of Obispo San Luis Obispo

Lagoon University

The Atasquadero-University Concert Choir

Atasquadero University Choir

Choir of the Atasquadero Academy of Fine Arts

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