TAMPA, Fla. — Coach Bruce Arians of Tampa Bay said Tuesday he didn’t believe quarterback Tom Brady, who lost the ball 27-24 twice Monday night after Los Angeles Rams, had trouble relying on his new attack.

But the Aryans believe that after 20 years as New England Patriots under Bill Belichik, Brady is struggling with continuity problems.

Arians also believes that some of Brady’s problems with deep ball accuracy – the basic principle of a coach’s offense – have more to do with his confusion with certain cover-ups than with his skills.


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We’ve got Tom calling his [games] many times and we’re getting him out of the picture behind the scenes, Arian Tuesday said. I don’t think it’s a matter of trust. It’s not a lack of trust – it’s a lack of continuity in crime, in the big picture.

Deep Ball has been a special challenge for Brady the past few weeks and the coaching staff has talked about changes in the matches. In weeks 1 to 7, Brady carried 43% of his passports to 20 or more airports (16 out of 37). But in 8 to 11 weeks Brady only succeeded in 5.3% of these races (1 in 19). Brady went 6-0 against the Ramsees in those shows.

We’re open, guys. We just missed them, the Aryans said. There are times when the light tells you to look at this man. I think we should make better use of Deep Ball in our game plan… But if they come here, we have to meet them. We can’t let them escape, and we can’t bring them down.

Apart from the deep ball, I think it’s confused with lighting, which can lead to inaccurate balls, but I don’t see this at all in practice. We won’t miss a deep ball at practice, that’s for sure, so on Sunday it’s all about shooting.

The misinterpreted report eventually led to Brady’s second pass, destined for Cam Brother’s tight end, with just under two minutes to go and Bax behind the goal on the pitch.

It’s just a bad lecture, Brady said. Cam walked along the seam, and at the last second I saw the fuse coming, and I just pushed it over Cam’s head. One wrong reading, one wrong throw, the decision is everything. This can’t be happening.

Brady made eight touchdowns and three interceptions against camouflaged rubbers – when the defense shows one type of rubbers but is in a different type. On three occasions he spoke out against the disguise and finished fourth in the league, while his eight DTs came second after Russell Wilson.

The completion rate is 58.3% for tubs – 29th place. This is the lowest in the league and the lowest since ESPN Stats & Information started following disguised rubbers in 2016. From 2016 to 2019, Brady made 69.1 percent of his New England disguise passes with 17 touchdowns and only two steals.

Some critics have suggested that the Aryan system did not work for Brady, who relied more on a quickly passing game with the Patriots. When asked what he would say to those who think this crime doesn’t suit Brady, and what he does best, the Aryans said he can do anything. So it doesn’t look like he can’t do it. I see him there all the time. He did it in September, so nothing’s changed.

You don’t have a spring or a real training camp, it’s hard for a quarterback, especially when you’ve been doing something for 20 years and you throw all these guys at him. I think training time and everything else from spring to camp is yet to come.

Interestingly, the Aryans were told that he wasn’t currently worried about finding an offensive identity – which seems to be the reason for some of the Bucs’ battles. But on the other hand, the lack of identity can surprise the opponent.

Teams also evolve over time, such as the Seattle Seacocks in Let Russ Cook’s attack, where they pass the ball at a much higher speed than in previous years. But with so many new parts, the continuity of work or construction during the week is not necessarily guaranteed.

The Bucs only played the ball five times against the New Orleans Saints two weeks ago, 37 times against the Caroline Panthers last week and 18 times against the Rams Monday-evening.

I think every week is different, Arian said. Right now, it’s just an attempt to win a baseball game. Is the question what’s best to beat the next team? That’s not what I’m talking about… All the offensive game and all that, and all that. Take this game plan and try to win this week, then we’ll take care of it next year.

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