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SANTA CLARA, California. — … at least for the next three weeks of the 49th in San Francisco is a homeless team.

The reason for this is that on Saturday afternoon, the Santa Clara district, home to 49 residents and Levi’s Stadium, issued improved COVID-19 guidelines for professional, team and youth sports, which effectively imposed a three-week ban on all contact sports taking place in the district.

Saturday’s announcement comes in response to an increase in the number of KOVID 19 cases in California and the Bay Area.


The ban and other related rules, including a 14-day quarantine for anyone who travels to the district from more than 150 miles away, will begin Monday.

All recreational activities, physical contact or proximity with non-family members, including all contact sports, are temporarily forbidden, according to the order. People can continue to participate in athletics and outdoor activities while maintaining a social distance.

The 49ers currently have two home games in that three-week time window at 7. December against the Buffalo Beals on Monday night and the 13th. December against the Washington football team. According to the rules, the team has to find another location for these matches and do its training.

We are aware of the Santa Clara District Health Department’s emergency directive, as 49 people have stated in a statement. We are working with the NFL and our partners on operational plans and will provide details once these have been confirmed.

49 players worked with the emergency league in stadiums that were NFL-ready before the start of the season, a league source told ESPN.

At that time, 49 players were considering potential non-government gambling alternatives if they weren’t allowed to play at home first. Two of these possibilities took place in Texas and Arizona. Neither the Cowboys nor the Cardinals have conflicts with the last home games of the Niners, and both teams will play their last two away games before the end of the season.

Nine players prefer a local option to train, so that the players are not separated from their families during the holiday, but all options, including those that involve transferring the entire operation from the state, remain on the table.

The Santa Clara district councillor, James Williams, made it clear during a press briefing that no one is exempt from the new rules.

This temporarily suspends activities that require direct physical contact or interaction in Santa Clara, Williams said. This means that these teams cannot play or train if they have direct contacts in the district.

M. Williams reported that 49 individuals and other teams in the district are in contact with the leadership of the district. The team received no feedback early Saturday morning, but is currently gathering information to understand what is going to happen and what options there are to continue the season.

Although there are a number of obvious alternative playing and training venues in the Bay Area, it is not yet known how viable these districts are and whether they will be closed in the future.

Nor are the new health guidelines limited to the 49. Santa Clara County plays soccer and basketball at Stanford and San Jose State, Santa Clara basketball and San Jose Shark NHL also play at home. At Stanford is the home game for 12 December, and San Jose is the stage for the 5th and 11th games. December planned.

In his statement, Stanford said he was aware of Clara Santa County’s announcement and is currently in close contact with university and county officials regarding appropriate next steps.

According to district officials on Saturday there were 760 new hospital admissions for the VIDOC-19 and 239 for the VIDOC, 71 of which were in intensive care. Both the number of new cases and the number of hospital stays related to IDVOC have set new records most days since the start of the pandemic.

I am deeply concerned about the continued increase in Covid 19 cases and hospitalization, said Dr. Sarah Cody, the Santa Clara County Commissioner for Health, in a statement. The number of patients admitted to our district with COVID-19 has doubled in recent weeks, and we may soon exceed the capacity of our hospital if current trends continue.

At this critical time of rapid transmission of COVID-19 in our community, I urge every resident to be careful and minimize contact with people outside their nearest home.

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