You should know that the work of the Air Force is demanding and complex. They must face all challenges in this demanding and complex world. If you are ready to become an Air Force professional, you are ready to fight for your country and keep your homeland safe. When there is war, you have to flee and save your home. You must have a passion to fight and defend your country. You need to prepare while you’re still in school. It would help if you were passionate about your profession.

The Indian Air Force has to go through several stages to become strong. What is the central role of Air Force personnel? Your main task as an air force pilot is to locate the enemy or cave and destroy it from a certain distance. At the same time, you must rescue and protect the people or residents where the attack is taking place. This work is not easy and requires a lot of patience and dedication. If you decide to fight for your country, it is a wise decision. You must give yourself completely to this noble work.

Air Force pilot training:

To become a pilot in the Indian Air Force, you need to have a specific academic qualification. This is a mandatory requirement and you must comply with it.

  • You must complete your 10+2 with an approved board with at least a 55% mark.
  • You must have passed the 10+2 Science Stream exam. This document is very important because without it you cannot apply for work in the Air Force. At the 10+2 level, subjects such as mathematics and physics must be present.
  • You must be between 16 ½ and 19 years old to take an NDA or (National Defense Academy Exam) exam. It’s an authentic way to enter the profession.

qualifications to become an air force pilot

Besides all this, you need to have certain skills to become an air force pilot. Let us examine them in the following lines.

  • You must have an excellent command of English. This is necessary when dealing with other people.
  • You must have a clear and correct view. If you’re considering becoming an Air Force pilot, you need to have good vision.
  • It would be helpful if you had some flying range to become an air force pilot. Both girls and boys can become air force pilots.
  • It would help if you were brave and smart. You must remember to have the passion and zeal to save the country. At the same time, you must have a real love for your country.
  • You must have a positive attitude towards the profession. This is very necessary for this profession. You must always be resilient and ready to deal with any situation. You must be ready to destroy the enemy of your country who is trying to destroy your homeland.

Tests required to establish air force position

The work of the Air Force is difficult. To be allowed to practice this profession, you have to pass several exams. In the following lines, you will discover the different tests associated with this feature.

Comprehensive review of military service:

The Union Public Service Commission or UPSC holds this exam twice a year for the recruitment of Air Force officers and other military professionals. Once you are eligible to take the exam, you must go through a training phase to become an Air Force pilot. This training is a prerequisite for permanent employment. If you are a candidate for this exam, you must meet all eligibility requirements. You must have studied for three years at a recognised institution and have obtained a minimum number of points. It is possible to skip the 10+2 of science subjects with math and physics. There is no age restriction for the CDSE exam and only men can take the exam. Each year, in November and August, the CDSE announces the examination dates. You must submit your application according to the procedures. You need to fill the forms accordingly and take the exam. It’s mandatory.

Special mention NCC :

This is another way to pursue your dream of becoming an air force pilot. Both men and women can apply for a permanent position in the Air Force in this line. Recruitment for the position will be conducted by the National Cadet Corps Branch. However, you must have a minimum education for this job. You must have completed your B.Tech degree in any field with a minimum score of 60%.  This enrollment is announced every year in June and December by the Indian Air Force. You can sign up accordingly.

Air Force General Admission Test:

If you dream of becoming an Air Force pilot, you can also apply through AFCAT and join the Air Force. It’s a short-term job. You can serve a maximum of 14 years in this organization and there are no renewals.  To get into this section, you must show your 10+2 with sciences from an accredited school. You must score at least 60% on this test. You must also have earned a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. The Indian Air Force organizes AFCAT demonstrations every year in June and December. You should try to pass this exam to make your dreams come true.

National Defense Academy (NDA):

This is one of the most important places to become a pilot. The NDA exam is conducted by the UPSC or Union Public Service Commission. They must have a 10+2 science background. You must score at least 60% on this test. If you are eligible for the exam, you must complete three years of rigorous training. It’s hard to stick to a workout routine. At the end of the training period, you will be given permanent employment. You can also get a lucrative job in the Air Force and spread out all over India.

So these are some of the entry points into this business. If you qualify for the trials, you can quickly get a pass to join this team. If you are sincere and dedicated, you can join this team.

Air Force Benefits and Opportunities

If you serve your country with dedication and integrity, you deserve better. The Indian government has always supported the lives and families of Air Force officers. The Government is working to provide the best possible service for these families.

  • As an Air Force pilot, you get free accommodation, regardless of your duty station. This is a great help for families. The apartments are furnished and equipped with all comforts. They are equipped with all modern conveniences.
  • Each year you and your family will receive a comprehensive health check at no cost to you. If you have elderly parents, they are also covered by this benefit. A full dental exam means you will also receive comprehensive eye and dental care.
  • You get all the help you need to go on holiday. All kinds of arrangements are made to ensure that you get the most out of it.
  • Your children may also receive appropriate educational and financial support. The Air Force supports and offers a variety of scholarship programs for future officer cadets. This is a great facility that will help students in need.
  • You get free shopping cards to buy household items. This helps the family to function well. All the high quality food is given to the family members of the Air Force personnel.
  • The best benefit you can get is the benefit you get after you retire. You get a good pension and other benefits. It’s a small sign of respect from the Air Force for its employees. You will get the best treatment you need as you age.

Nevertheless, the respect you get in your life is the best success. First of all.

Air Force pilot salary:

When you become a pilot in the Air Force, you get some great benefits. You will also receive a good salary and other benefits. As an entry-level employee, you will receive a salary of 80,000 to 90,000 per month. This will increase with time and experience. The work of an Air Force pilot is both fascinating and adventurous. It’s full of challenges. You have to give everything for the nation to get something good.


Being an Air Force pilot doesn’t sound easy. If you are willing to give something back to your country or do good for your countrymen, you should become an Air Force pilot. Your dedication, sincerity and love for the nation can help you become an ideal Air Force pilot. You’ll be proud of your country. Your family members will be proud of you as you become the perfect defender of your country.

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