Not only did the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA title last year, but it looks like they will win it again this season. LeBron James and the Lakers lead 11-3 this season, winning more than any other team in the league.

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr isn’t surprised at all. With eight NBA championships under her belt, both as a player and coach, Kerr knows the slump that sometimes occurs in a team after winning a title. In an interview on Sunday during Warriors practice, Kerr compared the Lakers team to one of the greatest teams in NBA history, which Kerr was a part of.

Kerr compares the Lakers to histeam.


Kerr thinks the Lakers will impress the league this season. He also believes that the Lakers have the confidence of a championship team while not looking as exhausted as other championship teams in the past.

They have the limitations that come with winning one championship and they don’t have the fatigue that comes with winning multiple championships, Kerr said, according to the Warriors’ SoundCloud. It’s a very nice place. That’s where we were the year we won ’73.

Kerr lived through the championship exit, so he knows firsthand that it will bolster the team’s confidence next season.

You come back and it’s almost like a continuation of your championship season, Kerr said in the same interview. You’re on top of the world. Everyone’s happy. You add a few layers to what you’ve already done. And you’re more confident in what you’re doing.

This is usually not what other people think happens to a team the next year after a championship. After the championship season, it is much harder to repeat the same success, as the goal of most teams is to beat the reigning champions. However, Mr Kerr disagreed, noting that trust can lead a team to success.

Curry agrees with Kerr’s assessment


Like Kerr, Warriors star Steph Curry has experienced firsthand what it’s like to play in a season that just ended with a championship win.

Once you get to the top of the mountain, it’s an unreal feeling [and you] try to save it for the next season, Curry told the SoundCloud Warriors. It’s clear that their way of playing is [their] chemistry – they have an identity and they know how to play each other. Everyone plays a role and does their job. It’s not a coincidence that they start.

The Warriors take on the Lakers on Monday at Staples Center. Although the Warriors are missing Clay Thompson, the game is far from over. One former NBA dynasty against another that could be next.

Given that most of their players are under contract until at least 2023, it’s entirely possible that the LAkers have a chance to win the title not just this season, but perhaps for years to come. With their key players, the Lakers have hopefully laid the groundwork for the next NBA dynasty.

The Warriors are 6-6 for this game against the Lakers. After a difficult season in which the Warriors finished last in the league, Golden State hopes to return to the playoffs with their revamped team.

After reaching the finals five years in a row, high expectations, team problems and injuries have tormented the Warriors and led them to where they are today. Kerr sees part of the Warriors dynasty from years ago with the Lakers. In the Warriors’ race, they managed to set an NBA record with 73 wins in one season.

Kerr clearly has positive thoughts about this Lakers team, but that doesn’t diminish his hopes of making the playoffs with his Golden State Warriors.

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