Writing a quality essay on racism is impossible without an answer to the question What is racism? The term is complex and multifaceted, as racism in today’s society has many faces. This can take the form of unequal access to healthcare or gaps in education; it can be overt racial discrimination and career restrictions in the workplace; it can escalate into overt violence on the streets and in social spaces.

As you can see, racism in healthcare is not the only subject of the study. So before writing an essay on this ever-topical subject, focus your attention on the aspect of this phenomenon that you are aiming at.

How to Stop Racism Essay: 25+ Important topics

  1. What is racism?
  2. Racism in schools – how racial inequalities affect students’ career prospects and outcomes.
  3. Racist posts on social media.
  4. Racism in the media.
  5. History of racism legislation.
  6. Racism and economic inequality – how people of color are systematically excluded from social assistance and economic initiatives.
  7. Racism in classical literature.
  8. The psychological effects of exposure to racial prejudice.
  9. Children grow up with racial prejudice – are they ready to reverse the prevailing stereotypes about them?
  10. Racism and genocide – how racial prejudice causes wars.
  11. Interracial marriages – changing social attitudes.
  12. Americans of mixed race – the legal, social, and political changes surrounding this unique population group.
  13. Study history to end racism through better understanding.
  14. Teaching cultural diversity in schools as a means of combating racism.
  15. Illegal forms of racism and how to combat them.
  16. Understanding the sources of racial hatred.
  17. Colorblind politics is an admission, not a fight against racism.
  18. Feminism in the fight against racism.
  19. Racist prejudice against refugees.
  20. The tragedy of an immigrant in a racially different country.
  21. Racism in sport and how to combat it.
  22. The hidden ways of conveying racial prejudice through advertising.
  23. Racial prejudice and academic achievement.
  24. Racism in higher education – a link to study success?
  25. A Christian approach to the fight against racism.

Essay on racism and discrimination: Avoid these 10 topics

When writing an essay about racism and discrimination, you can easily fall into one of the popular pitfalls related to this sensitive topic. In the absence of simple solutions, it’s easy to be too judgmental or overly concerned. So keep these things in mind and try not to dwell on them if possible. There are plenty of safer topics to explore.

  1. Discrimination does not exist in today’s society.
  2. The meaning of politics, regardless of color.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of a racialized approach to employment.
  4. Slavery is a form of imperialism, not racism.
  5. Racism and bullying at my school.
  6. My friends are racist.
  7. There is no problem of racism.
  8. Racism as a method of school survival.
  9. Racism in the world is similar.
  10. The racial basis of intellectual skill assessment.

It’s not like the topics are completely off limits. This is due to their sensitivity and the high risk of crossing the boundary from objective analysis into the realm of biased and subjective judgments.

Formatting and outlining the argumentative essay on racism

Let’s take a closer look at one of the topics to show how preparing an essay works. The first thing you need to understand is the format in which your essay will be written; it can be a five paragraph essay or a longer academic paper, APA or MLA, etc. So, before you start writing your paper, go through all the requirements. It’s much easier to do things right the first time than to make changes to a finished project.

Now that all the details are taken care of, you can get started on the siding plan. Suppose you get an essay about racism in the workplace. It’s time to narrow down the list. In this section, you can explore how racism in the workplace has changed over the past half century or what laws currently exist to prosecute racism in the workplace.

An example of an issue we might suggest for the review is the refusal to promote an employee of color – how can we prove that this is racist? The plan for this topic would be as follows:


The choice of a career depends on many factors, including the employee’s suitability for the new job, his or her specific skills and work experience. Employees of color who do not receive the promotion they want often attribute this decision to racial prejudice and sue employers for racism. Please provide statistics on complaints related to racism in the workplace.

Thesis statement

Understanding the legal and professional standards for equal opportunity for promotion is essential to eliminating racism in the workplace.

Paper body

Paragraph 1: Professional standards and procedures for employee development. Criteria the employee must meet.

Paragraph 2: The reason for these accusations of racism is the racial disparity between upper management and executives. Statistics on the wage gap.

Paragraph 3: Procedures that workers of color can follow if they suspect that they are being discriminated against in the workplace due to racism. Things to check before suing your employer The actions they can take to improve their skills and become more competitive in the company.


Competence related to racism is a very sensitive issue in the workplace. Employers often face ethical and professional dilemmas when it comes to promoting employees and the consequences of promotion decisions. Knowledge of the relevant legal provisions and a full understanding of the situation can help employees and employers avoid unnecessary disputes and conflicts in the workplace.

FAQ : What is an essay about racism and more – please explain.

Should you write an argumentative essay on racism? Don’t know how to proceed? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions, which we will explain to you.

What is racism?

Racism is a particular form of discriminatory and denigrating attitudes and actions of people towards others on the basis of their ethnic origin or skin colour.

How do you start an argumentative essay?

The first point to consider is a solid introduction. State the purpose of your research, make a concrete statement about the main topic and formulate a thesis statement at the end of this section.

What makes a good argumentative essay?

Any college essay, including the How to End Racism essay, benefits from a carefully worded and quite controversial topic. It’s boring to debate the obvious, so your job is to provide at least two perspectives on the topic.

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