Stimulus Check: Will Talks Resume Next Week?


Will the talks resume next week after the elections? It’s possible.

Thursday the 5th. In November, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell urged lawmakers to reach an agreement when they return to work next week, News on 6 reported.

At the press conference, McConnell said this [virus] won’t go away until we kill it. So this is the first job. I think we should do it, and I think we should do it by the end of the year. I think, now that the election is over, we should eat and sit down.

McConnell’s statement came after the announcement that the 19 Covid cases in the United States had not been reported on Friday, July 5. November, broke a new record of over 120,000 cases.

However, according to the Washington Post, McConnell and House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi, the details of the economic aid bill continue to be compromised.

According to the publication, Washington is on the eve of a seismic power shift as the last votes are counted in the presidential election, but the dynamics around the economic aid negotiations, which have been splashed and bounced for months, do not seem to have changed.

Here’s what you need to know:

A little less – better adjustedA little less – better adjustedA little less – better adjusted

In a speech at a press conference on Friday, McConnell said… Our economy is really moving forward to get back on track. This should, in my opinion, significantly affect the scope of any additional rescue plan we implement…

He moved on: I really think we need a different vaccine, but I think it reinforces the argument I’ve made in recent months that something less – rather than injecting another $3 trillion into the problem – is more appropriate, with its strong emphasis on issues directly related to the coronavirus, which we all know won’t go away until we have the vaccine.

When Pelosi was then asked if she wanted less help, she answered: … I don’t like this at all, because they still haven’t agreed to destroy the virus. This isn’t something we shouldn’t even consider, it was a mistake to do it sooner.

The document also points out that if it is not clear that an agreement can be reached, it is very difficult to know whether Mr Trump is ready to sign on his way to retirement.

If Joe Biden wins…

With the election coming to an end, Vice President Joe Biden is becoming an increasingly likely winner.

What will Biden’s incentive plan look like if he is chosen?

According to CNET, Biden’s plan includes the implementation of certain aspects of the CARES Act, including, but not limited to, incentives for eligible Americans and additional unemployment benefits.

The Ministry is writing: The Biden plan, like the one supported by Trump, will contain more direct incentives, but it does not specify its amount or whether any of the qualifications will be changed. Democrats and Republicans are negotiating additional incentives that would include a new round of direct payments, but the clock is ticking on the passage of the bill and the results of the third presidential election will be announced on 3 December. November could play a role in setting the date.

According to CNET, the Biden plan provides for an additional amount of $200 in addition to the monthly payments to social security beneficiaries.

And as for the federal student loan waiver, Biden won’t require people who owe money to make payments or see the interest rate complex until the end of September, the bureau said.

Finally, Americans no longer have to pay cash for COVID tests, treatments or vaccines as soon as they become available.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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