A woman with a bald headband, shown with the dog that saved her.

Levy and Chico, and a scalp injury on the right side (Photo: James Linsell Clarke / SWNS).

The woman believes that her dog saved her life by sniffing out septicaemia after she reacted badly to the hair dye and suffered third-degree burns.

Levi Carter, 22, ordered a hairdressing salon in February 2018 for a professional hair bleaching treatment.

A few minutes after applying the bleach, she said her scalp began to burn and she was smoking – before the stylist removed it quickly.

In the evening Levi started a cerebral hemorrhage and was sent to the burn ward at Nottingham Hospital, where she was treated for third-degree burns.

The burns became more painful, and Levi returned to the hospital after he thought his Yorkshire terrier, named Chico, had smelled the infection.

The package didn’t leave his scalp alone and refused to calm down – he sniffed wounds on his head.

The employee was then diagnosed with sepsis and treated on time – but almost three years later she suffered from permanent baldness.

Levy of Lincolnshire hopes to warn others of the importance of testing the patch for the use of hair dyes.

Damage to Levi’s scalp due to bleaching of the dye (Photo: James Linell-Clark/ SWNS)

Levi said: It’s all been incredibly traumatic.

I still have big bald spots, and I need surgery to cover them.

I only came back to the hospital because my dog wouldn’t leave me alone – he must have smelled the infection.

If I’d left it any longer, who knows what would have happened, I wouldn’t be here. Chico saved my life.

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Levi, who works as a carer for adults with learning difficulties, dyes his hair regularly at home.

When she wanted to make a radical change from brunette to blonde, Levi booked a place in the living room.

After the stylist had treated his whole head with peroxide bleach, Levi felt a burning sensation and immediately noticed that something was wrong.

A few minutes after using peroxide bleach, she says her scalp began to burn and she smoked - before the stylist washed it quickly.

Even after the hairdresser had removed the bleach, the hydroxide remained (Photo: James Linsell Clarke / SWNS).

she says: It was very painful and my head really started smoking.

We went straight to the sink and let my head run under a cold tap for about 20 minutes.

They felt very bad, and they offered to paint a different color, and finally I left with a bright red.

Shortening and painting cost 40 pounds – the interior reduced the price of the original 60 pounds.

Bald spot on Levi's head.

Levy ended with massive baldness (Photo: James Linsell Clarke / SWNS).

In the evening she noticed that her head was bleeding and went to the hospital in Nottingham, where she was treated for third-degree burns on her scalp.

It turns out Levi still had peroxide on his scalp, which burned his head.

Levi shows his bald head

Levy needs surgery for baldness (Photo: James Linsell-Clark/SWNS)

Over the next four weeks, the burns on Levi’s head became more and more painful.

She was warned about this problem by her dear Chico, who according to her could feel the development of the infection.

When Levi herself noticed the smell, she returned to the hospital, where she was admitted and treated for life-threatening infectious septicaemia.

The doctors said they caught it before it got too serious, and Levi kept the drip on for three days.

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Although Levi’s burns began to heal, the damage to the hair follicles was so severe that she still had some baldness.

In August 2019, Levi performed a scalp reduction to stretch the skin on his head and cover the missing hair.

Unfortunately, the operation did not go well and she has to undergo another operation to try to restore baldness.

she says: I was incredibly shy, and I fought for a long time.

I couldn’t get a haircut, so I dyed my hair at home.

Little Chico felt a septic infection, Levi said (Photo: James Linsell Clark/SWNS).

I need more surgeries and the doctors are planning to inflate the balloons under my scalp because the first operation didn’t work.

He has to stretch it so they can put it together and hopefully seal the bald spots.

It is so important to get tested before you start, because you have no idea how your skin will react.

Too bad I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t have lost my hair.

I’m just grateful that my dog forced me to act – otherwise, who knows where I’d be or if I’d be here today.

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