If the reader receives mail in this section, thank you, it is formulated in the form of a question: Which car should I buy? This issue gets more complicated every year. Lately many of my pen friends have been asking me which three-ton superhero I would recommend. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It is my duty to point out that the oversized private car fleet in the United States poses a threat to public health and a failure of regulatory and fiscal policy (I see you, paragraph 179 of the IRS Code). On average and under extreme conditions, SUVs and trucks have become too big, too greedy and too much on the road. Don’t buy it.

Do you see that? Even the air is somehow sucked out of the room.

Another unit I’m interested in is my preference among the more mid-size plus, upper-class, rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive traditional four-door sedans in the $50,000 to $75,000 price range. If these readers can recharge at home, I advise them to immediately buy the Pass Go, buy the Tesla and enter the 21st century. Otherwise, the usual suspects


Episode 5,


E-Class, Lexus GS, Cadillac CT5 and Audi A6

During this horse race not only Genesis flew away, but all the others retreated.

I’m answering all these letters at the same time. If I spent my money – the most precious child – I would probably buy the Genesis G80 2021. And then answer me: What the hell is… ? Here, let me.

Genesis is the luxury division of Hyundai, the Korean version of the Toyota Lexus. For us, the frozen veterans, this is the last chapter in the story of 2008. Hyundai is doing its utmost to gain the confidence of Western markets. These efforts have often been thwarted by the embarrassing design of whole cars, I say; show cars that are supposed to be glamorous, with brilliant craftsmanship, formal style – but presented as somewhat naive. The doll explosion of a car like the G90 limousine could not be denied. The warranty coverage was unrivalled. The pride of ownership just wasn’t there.

Genesis, once considered the model for the luxury sedan, was relaunched in 2015 as an independent global luxury brand. In the next car market, which focused on SUVs and away from limousines, only a few people noticed.

They should notice. The third generation G80, a product of an independent Genesis design studio, is elegant, majestic, with surprisingly large dimensions (104 cubic metres), with bold nose-to-tail lines like brush strokes, a rising strap and light spikes working along the swing, suggesting an approach. Hot-rodders ask for a pose to come down. In terms of profile, the G80 is an almost fast model of the Audi A7.

In addition to the minimum protective grille, the most striking feature of the G80 is the luxurious backlighting. The integrated daytime running lights with four lamps consist of luminous glass tubes that wrap around the wings, stop at the wheel arches and then continue to the doors. This parallel wire design is repeated in the wrap-around taillights. The presence of the G80 after dark is very strongly registered on a cooling meter.

It is sometimes said that a good design is free. You don’t work in the car industry. All good things come at an extra cost. Four glass tarpaulin panels on the roof posts for better visibility ? Awesome. A grid the size of the lid of a dustbin that can withstand the European tests for pedestrians? Awesome. When I set up my company for Genesis, I represent its obvious project capital.

During these races not only Genesis took off, but others also withdrew. The employees, especially Mercedes, had to struggle with the mass class, so that the seams inside the show, sometimes literally, could reduce costs. On the other hand, our Prestige Package 3.5T amplifier has stolen a fortune in hardware details: Matt wood finish on dashboard, doors and centre console; extensive embroidery on leather-covered consoles, doors and seats; oddly exotic infotainment controller, integrated dial with faceted edge on the outer edge and touchpad in the centre – the teeth of the princess and annoying to start with. Under the controller is an illuminated turntable, slightly smaller than a hockey puck, made of tempered glass: a gearbox. The interior is immediately cheerful and sober and contains high-quality German car designers that are often described as fascinating.

The 14.5-inch display mounted horizontally on the dashboard provides a carousel of application-like functions, from navigation and phone to a selection of soothing ambient sounds like rain. Connect to Apple and Android and, of course, charge wirelessly. The best dedicated audio system is a high-speed, heart-wrenching encyclopedia with 21 well-hidden speakers for printing.

Maybe the silence is more disturbing. The sound insulation in the cabin of the G80 is impressive, even for an old deaf man like me. At high speed, the G80 cab reached 66 dB according to Auto and Driver. They tested a car with a 2.5-liter Turbo 4 with 300 hp. Our car is equipped with a 375 hp 3.5 litre V6 and a double turbocharger – not so quiet, but still pretty quiet.

So we have come to the greatest provocation, subversion and disorganization of the G80: What is the surcharge for recognised luxury brands? What’s he buying? Look at the smooth skin. Do Korean cows work much less? What does it say about ready-made luxury when a five-digit Hyundai product comes to a quiet living room and competes with a six-digit Bentley? How long can reputable car manufacturers tolerate the extra zero?

It can be said that the value of Europeans lies in their access to superior performance, behaviour and driving pleasure. This argument has some value, but not so much. Our G80 was very powerful. Mounted on an eight-speed rear-wheel-drive transmission, the V6 accelerates the G80 to 60 mph in five seconds, which it should do. As with passing speeds, acceleration is high and easily accessible.

Of course BMW refines its cars a little more sporty. The G80 stands firm on the soft side, if you know what I mean. However, the Genesis’s steering is responsive and sensitive; the multi-link rear axle and the dual-link front axle generally meet the requirements and quickly master the steering load. The suspension valves are on the side, 80% of the performance – the tyres; the G80 3.5T carries the Michelins (Primacy Tour all season), which are excellent compensators.

I’m not saying that a Mercedes-Benz or a matching Audi isn’t a beautiful car with a magical pedigree. Except that if I had tried to recreate the G80, function by function, net for the network, such as a class E or A6, the result would have cost about $10,000 more, more or less. If I were to consider the cost of warranty extensions compatible with Genesis’ 10-year limited coverage? A few thousand more, I think.

Remember, this is my money we’re talking about.

2021 Genesis G80 3.5T Prestige AWD



History of the origins

Base Price : $62,250

Price, as verified: $68,050

Undercarriage: 3.5-litre DOHC V6 with twin turbochargers; automatic eight-speed transmission; four-wheel drive with rear-wheel drive

Power/torque: 375 hp at 5800 rpm/391 lb-ft at 1300 rpm

Length/width/height/wheelbase: 196.7/75.8/57.7/118.5 inches

Weight: 4343 pounds.

0-60 miles per hour: 5.5 seconds

EPA fuel consumption: 18/26/21 m/p, city / highway / combined

Trunk: 13.1 cubic meters

Write to Dan Neal at [email protected].

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