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Excellent: New York City gets the heaviest snowfall of the years

New York City had its heaviest snowfall in years after a storm hit the northeast on Wednesday and Thursday. The National Weather Service recorded 10 inches of precipitation in Central Park. Upstate, Binghamton received 41.

It’s my first snow in town. I moved in last year, but we didn’t have any snow. So I don’t know, it’s like the whole town’s wrapped in a blanket. It’s beautiful. It’s great, it’s great for the kids to see normal things and experience a real winter in the city.

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New York City had the heaviest snowfall in a few years after the storm hit the northeast on Wednesday and Thursday. The National Weather Service recorded 10 centimeters of precipitation in Central Park. In the northern state, Binghamton has 41.CreditCredit…. Benjamin Norman in the New York Times.

The mighty Northeast moved from New York to New England in the late Thursday morning, leaving behind the largest snowfall the city has received in years.

On Wednesday and Thursday, a rapid storm hit a large part of the northeast with snow, grains of ice and strong winds. Areas in the state of New York that were given more than a foot of snow were particularly badly affected. From Virginia to Maine, authorities have attributed hundreds of car accidents and at least six deaths to the weather.

Despite the heavy precipitation, the impact of the storm in the New York area – the first major snowfall of the season – was less devastating than expected given the changes in schools, work and nightlife that the pandemic brought.

At the start of the storm, people started clearing pavements and driveways and pulling out cars that had drowned in the snow, while the authorities in the affected areas continued to advise against testing icy roads. For the legions of commuters who worked from home for months, the management was unnecessary. Some schools continued to use the online methods they had been counting on for months.

If there’s one positive side to this cloud we live under, it’s this one, said George Latimer, Executive Director of Westchester County, N.Y. It’s a cloud we live under.

A winter storm warning was issued at 1 p.m. for New York City and the surrounding suburbs in New York City, New Jersey and Connecticut. The heaviest snowfall to hit the city during the night. At 8:00, he fell 10 inches into Central Park, according to the National Weather Service.

The amount of snow we have seen in the last 24 hours is the highest we have seen since January 2016, according to mayor Bill de Blasio.

  1. Ithaca, N.Y. Heather Ainsworth for The New York Times.
  2. ManhattanBenjamin Norman for The New York Times.
  3. BostonScott Requirements/Getty Images
  4. Wilkes-Barre, Pa.Mark Makela/Getty Images
  5. Bronx-Gabriela Bhaskar for the New York Times.
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According to weather reports, snow fell in parts of Connecticut, and almost a foot of snow was recorded in the Bronx and Jamaica, Queens.

In the north, up to 10 centimeters were found in parts of Massachusetts, and more was expected. Several cities in the state of New York reported record or near-record snowfall.

This is a serious illness, says Andrew M. Cuomo of New York City.

In Binghamton, N.Y., meteorologists reported 41 inches of snow, more than 4 inches per hour falling at night. The Broome County Executive Office, which covers the county, ordered a driving ban on Thursday morning, banning all but the most important employees from driving on the roads.

The effects of the storm were expected to last longer. With temperatures close to freezing, the weather service warned that roads and sidewalks can be dangerous and that travellers should be particularly vigilant.

High winds and sleet caused power outages in parts of New York City. There have been more than 9,100 power cuts in the state of New York, Cuomo said Thursday morning. According to utility officials, more than 3,700 customers of Long Island were without power, with most of the power outages taking place in the east of Suffolk province.

In New Jersey, according to the authorities, there were 13,000 power cuts at the height of the storm.

Da’Val Johnson, a meteorologist at the weather service, said that the cold temperatures associated with the storm were expected to continue, and that the wind effects would make the area particularly cold.

It’s gonna be a long time before it’s pretty cold, Johnson said. For example, to welcome people in the winter.

Binghamton Mayor Richard C. David said the snowfall was more than double what was expected.

Binghamton Mayor Richard C. David said the snowfall was more than double what was expected. credit related Craig Ruttle/Associate Press.

ALBANY, N.Y… – A blizzard that hit the northeast reported or near-recorded snowfall to parts of the state of New York, prompting Andrew M. Cuomo’s government to declare a state of emergency in 18 counties outside New York City and its immediate suburbs on Thursday.

The snowfall was particularly heavy in the southern part of the state, with the largest city in the area, Binghamton, getting 41 centimeters of snow according to the National Weather Service. The heaviest snowfall was recorded at Binghamton, at more than 10 cm per hour, according to meteorologists.

The previous two-day snowfall record that the city set in March 2017 was 35.3 inches.

The authorities in the town and County of Broome, where Binghamton is located, have urged residents to stay off the roads to allow ploughing.

Earlier Thursday, Broome County Director Jason Garnar said the county is using all available four-wheel drive to keep hospital and retirement home employees working, as the region continues to face an increase in coronavirus cases over the past month.

In one case, the Broome County Sheriff used a Humvee to transport a sick patient to the hospital after ambulances and snowmobiles were unable to reach a remote area. The parking spaces of some hospitals and health centres were also inaccessible, which led to further complications.

Some small towns and villages have not yet found drivers for their snowploughs.

The main north-south road, Highway 81, was largely parked Thursday morning, Garnar said, after disabled vehicles blocked traffic. Also at other locations numerous cases of cars driving off the road have been reported.

Binghamton Mayor Richard C. David said more than two dozen shifts worked Thursday to clear the city streets, but some broke or got stuck in the snow.

It’s historic here, he says.

Most of the companies were closed and the snowmen planned to work all night long in an attempt to evacuate the city.

Initially, no damage was reported directly caused by the storm, the mayor said. Local television station WBNG reported later Thursday that the 125,000 square metre inflatable dome at the Greater Binghamton Sports Complex collapsed under the weight of the snow pack. No injuries have been reported.

David said residents of the largely rural area along the northern border of Pennsylvania were surprised by the intensity of the storm, while the original forecast demanded 8 to 18 inches of snow.

Instead, he said, the snowfall was more than double what was expected, making it more difficult for the hunters.

The mayor said he woke up at 2:30 this morning. Thursday and was stunned to see what he described as a state of white haze.

I’ve never seen it happen so fast in this day and age, he said.

In fact, it was beautiful, he said.

A small rural village in the Newark Valley, northwest of Binghamton, seems to have been hit even harder, with about 44 centimetres of snow, according to Cuomo.

In Albany, the capital of the state, almost 23 centimeters had fallen on Thursday afternoon. Mayor Kathy Sheehan declared a state of emergency and closed down civilian buildings.

According to authorities, one person was killed in a car accident on Interstate 80 in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, involving several trailers. The honor… The state police of Pennsylvania…

Slippery roads led to several fatal car accidents, airlines cancelled hundreds of flights and some rail and metro services were delayed on Thursday because a winter storm created dangerous conditions on the east coast.

Two people were killed on the roads in Pennsylvania and a 19-year-old man died in a plane crash in Virginia, authorities said. The Governor of New York, Andrew M. Cuomo, said there were more than 600 accidents in the state during the storm and two people were killed.

Half a dozen people were hospitalized for non-lifethreatening injuries in a multi-vehicle collision in New York City, authorities said Wednesday night. George Latimer, executive director of Westchester County, N.Y., said there were several dozen stops on the highways during the night and police rushed to rescue the drivers.

In New Jersey, at 8 a.m., state forces responded to more than 200 snow-related accidents. On Thursday, the officials said. By 4 p.m., New Hampshire State Police had been called in to respond to more than 200 snow-related accidents. By 4 p.m., the New Hampshire State Police responded to 271 accidents. On Thursday, a spokesman said.

Even in areas where the worst of the storm has been over since Thursday, the authorities have asked people not to drive because the weather forecast is colder and crews are working to clear highways and roads.

If you don’t have to be on the road, don’t drive today, according to Cuomo.

Public transport has worked well for the most part. The New York subway generally works on a normal weekday schedule. Some buses equipped with chains ran at reduced speed and were therefore slowed down.

The Long Island Railroad provided limited service in the morning, and the Metro-North Railroad, which serves communities in upstate New York, reported only scattered delays. The New Jersey train and bus service, which had been suspended in central and northern New Jersey, resumed around noon.

More than 200 flights were cancelled on Thursday at three major airports serving New York City, but the airlines said they expect to resume normal operations later in the day.

A Spirit Airlines flight that landed on the grass at Baltimore-Washington International Airport on Thursday morning while turning on the asphalt. The 111 people on board were not injured, the airline said.

More snow fell in Boston on Thursday.

More snow fell in Boston on Thursday. The honor… Cody O’Loughlin for The New York Times.

On Thursday evening, the storm, which engulfed a large part of the northeast and central Atlantic Ocean, hit the coast of Cape Cod and eastern Maine. A dizzying amount of snow remained in many places, and the flakes fell again on Thursday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.

At least three cities – Boston, Hartford, Conn. and Providence, R.I. – separated on the 17th. December their snow records. Boston made the biggest breakthrough with 12.5 inches, up from the previous record of 6.4 inches.

Ronaldo Miano, 39 years old, started ploughing the Boston area at 12:30. Her four-man crew left Watertown and by 2 p.m. she had reached Brooklyn, where she had ploughed more than 30 houses.

I can usually go a day or two without sleeping, says Miano, who comes from Brazil and has worked in the industry for 12 years.

In the north of New England, snowfall continued throughout the afternoon. Parts of New Hampshire were given 40 centimetres of snow or more, and much of southern Maine was affected by over 20 centimetres of snow. As the storm moves out to sea, the National Weather Service predicts dry and cold weather, creating potentially dangerous conditions for frozen snow on the roads.

In Springfield, Massachusetts, where about a foot of snow fell on Thursday morning, Mauro Daniele said he didn’t see any cars on the road in either direction when he drove to the family bakery, La Fiorentina Confectionery.

It’s such a storm when the people inside are stuffed, Daniel said, preparing gingerbread sets for a local competition. We’re from New England, we’ve seen worse. But with what is already happening with small businesses and the economy, that last inch of snow is exactly what we need.

Yet a small crowd of regulars come in the morning to drink coffee and read the newspaper, he says.

It doesn’t matter what the weather is, he said.

In Connecticut, the streets of downtown New Haven were quiet except for the tampering of ploughs and scraping of shovels. Ziona Greenberg and her husband Norman were among the few people on the streets on Thursday morning.

said she worked at home during the pandemic and didn’t leave her apartment for days. The snowfall, she says, motivated the couple to go outside.

I woke him up and ran to the window, she said.

On Thursday morning, the small town of Danbury in central New Hampshire was buried under the probably largest snowfall in New England: 32 inches or more.

The city has a population of about 1,200 people and three snowploughs working around the clock to keep pace, says Kelsey Dodge, who works in the deli of Danbury Country Store.

This is the biggest snow I’ve personally seen here in one night, said Dodge, describing how several cars have thrown up the small hill near the shop.

They just turn in the snow, she says.

An outdoor dining room braving a storm in Manhattan's East Village.

Eating al fresco, braving the storm in Manhattan’s East Village. The honor… Hiroko Masuike / New York Times.

The snow removal in New York City went as planned, with almost all streets cleared of snow and salt at least once at 6am. On Thursday and the trucks will wait two or three more passes to keep them clean, health officials said.

Those responsible answered with a resounding yes to one of the big questions asked at Easter: The open-air restaurants that have become necessary in recent months have remained unchanged.

Sanitation workers expressed concern that teams could accidentally cause damage to curbs that were temporarily closed before the storm.

It doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem, said Edward Grayson, acting ward commissioner, referring to the snowfall. For the most part, they kept.

These restaurants – some simple, some so extensive that they resemble miniature restaurants – are allowed to open all over town at 6pm. On Thursday afternoon, mayor Bill de Blasio twittered.

If you decide to go out to dinner tonight, don’t wear your fancy shoes! He wrote.

In October, the city’s health service trained its staff in recognizing open-air eateries and taught drivers to drive around them without burying them in the snow. There were no reports of teams entering these structures being attributed to training by officials.

Because the snow was wet and heavy instead of light and powdery, those ploughing had to work more methodically and more slowly than normal.

South Boston on Thursday morning.

South Boston on Thursday morning. related to Cody O’Loughlin’s credit for the New York Times.

Cities from the middle of the Atlantic to New England were covered in snow and ice on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and some saw more snow at night than last winter.

New York. Central Park got 10 centimeters of precipitation, according to the National Weather Service. Nine inches were measured at LaGuardia Airport and more than 11 inches in Jamaica, Queens. At Long Island, the total snowfall was usually three to eight centimetres, depending on the weather service.

Binghamton, NY. According to the authorities, at least 41 centimeters of snow fell in the south of New York City. The 40-inch city airport in Maine, N.Y., set a record for the largest snowfall in two days at that location, according to the weather service.

Newark. New Jersey’s largest city received 11.4 inches of snow, according to the weather service.

Boston. Early Thursday morning snow continued to fall throughout the region. According to the weather service, the city has 17. December set a daily record snowfall of 12.5 inches.

Hartford, Conn. The city, the capital of Connecticut, registered 12.5 inches just before noon Thursday, according to the weather service.

Philadelphia. The city received 6.6 inches of snow, most since March 2018, according to the weather service.

Baltimore. As much as 8.5 inches of snow fell in parts of Baltimore County, but by the beginning of Thursday, the city of Baltimore had only 3.8 inches of snow, according to the weather service.

Washington. The weather service reported that an inch of snow fell on Wednesday. Dulles International Airport, located near the city in Virginia, received 2.3 inches at midnight.



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The Governor of New Jersey has declared the delivery of the blizzard vaccine a success.

Governor Philip D. Murphy of New Jersey said a blizzard that hit the east coast on Wednesday and Thursday morning delayed the delivery of coronavirus vaccines to some hospitals by several hours.

Also, when you go out this morning to help your neighbors dig, don’t forget to stay safe at all levels. If you see a downed power cable, report it. Don’t come near it. If you run out of power, report it and don’t think anyone else will. Don’t forget, we have a pandemic. So stay away from the community and help your neighbors. I think it’s only fair to say this before anyone asks: I think this storm has disrupted a number of vaccine deliveries, but I think it’s a disruption that’s being measured and executed. But a little later, unlike binary, he did get there, and now he doesn’t. I don’t know any place that doesn’t expect to get it. It may be a little later than expected. I said yesterday that we started with six hospitals, 47 others are operational, and I think 35 of those 47 hospitals should be vaccinated today or tomorrow. I think it’ll be measured in a couple of hours or half a day, instead of a lot more.

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Governor Philip D. Murphy of New Jersey said a blizzard that hit the East Coast on Wednesday and Thursday morning delayed the delivery of coronavirus vaccines to some hospitals by several hours. CreditCredit … George Etheredge for The New York Times.

The winter storm that hit the east coast on Wednesday and Thursday morning was complicated by a coronavirus pandemic like everything else in 2020.

The safety warnings that usually follow a storm – be careful when travelling, try to stay warm, beware of those most at risk – have become even more urgent due to fears of the recent spread of the virus in many areas on the way to the cave.

Remember, Governor Philip D. Murphy from New Jersey said we have a pandemic. So stay away from the community and stay undercover while you help your neighbors.

As intensive care units and emergency departments have already been overwhelmed by cases of Covida 19 disease, hospitals in hurricane affected areas have postponed elective surgery to free up beds. Several major cities, including New York City, Baltimore and Hartford, Connecticut, have temporarily closed test sites for the virus in anticipation of heavy snow and wind.

The storm also jeopardized the timely delivery of coronavirus vaccines shortly after the health workers started the first vaccinations this week. Luka, who runs the 12 hospitals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, was expecting to receive his first batch of vaccine on Thursday, but a company spokesman said the storm could delay delivery.

The storm delayed the delivery of vaccine doses to New Jersey hospitals by several hours, Murphy said.

He’ll get there, he said, but he’ll come later.

In New York City, where most of the storm continued, authorities said they would open the city’s virus testing centers on Thursday afternoon.

Hundreds of school districts said they would close schools on Wednesdays and Thursdays because of the storm, but others thought the e-learning approach they had perfected during the pandemic was a perfect replacement for a snowy day, which disappointed some students.

Even the usual headaches of travel delays – hundreds of flights were cancelled on Wednesdays – were accompanied by new concerns about the virus. Chloe Cho, 22, was scheduled to return to Chicago from Boston on Thursday, but the storm forced her to postpone her trip for an extra day.

I’m not excited, she says. Usually I don’t mind waiting at airports, but now, because of Covid, I’m afraid I have to wait for a flight because of the storm.

Traffic and snow on the Vine Street Expressway in Philadelphia on Wednesdays.

Traffic and snow on the Vine Street Expressway in Philadelphia on Wednesdays. The honor… Cameron Pollack for the New York Times.

The great winter storm that hit the eastern United States on Wednesday and Thursday probably made some people wonder: What about global warming?

But while there is increasing evidence that climate change impacts storms, the relationship can be complicated and yes, contradictory. Winter was expected to disappear for the most part, according to Judah Cohen, director of seasonal forecasts at AER, a company that provides its customers with information on weather and climate risks.

As winters get warmer and milder, so do extreme weather conditions, particularly in the northeastern United States, according to Dr Cohen in a recent article on climate change in nature. From the winter of 2008-2009 to 2017-2018, there were 27 major winter storms in the Northeast, three to four times more than in the previous five decades.

One factor that could feed hurricanes is a warmer atmosphere, which could contain more water vapor. Not only could this mean more precipitation, but when the vapor forms clouds, it releases heat into the air that fuels hurricanes, said Jennifer Francis, a senior scientist at the Woodwell Center for Climate Studies. The increasing tendency of the jet stream to oscillate widely to the north and south, creating weather events such as the terrifying polar vortex, is also potentially important but less well understood, he said.

Does this mean that this storm was caused by climate change? Jonathan E. Martin, professor at the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, warned against drawing any conclusions.

Because of the huge natural variability of storms and the weather they cause, I think it’s dangerous to link individual winter storms or their characteristics to climate change, he said. And that same storm, he added, receives a lot of moisture from the water vapor that evaporates from the Atlantic Ocean, which complicates the picture.

Dr. Francis agreed that relationships are complex, but added that all storms today form in a very different climate, so there is no doubt that the same storm would not have been the same as decades ago.

Employees in Providence, R.I., load snow ploughs of salt Wednesday morning before the storm.

Employees in Providence, R.I., load snow plowing with salt Wednesday morning before the storm. related to Philip Keith credit for the New York Times.

The coronavirus pandemic has plagued city budgets across the country, and its consequences may be obvious to residents who wake up on snowy streets and sidewalks on Thursdays.

In some cities, services such as snow clearance were to be discontinued because officials found it difficult to balance their budgets. In Syracuse, N.Y., where the budget relies heavily on the sales tax, the sidewalk cleaning program was scrapped in the face of a deficit of about $40 million, said Mayor Ben Walsh. By Thursday morning, about six inches of snow had fallen in the city.

The good news is that we have been able to maintain our budget for plowing roads, and we feel that we are ready for what is going to happen tonight and this winter, Walsh said Wednesday before the snow started to fall in Syracuse.

Although there is still enough money to clear the roads, the need to keep the staff healthy raises additional questions. It takes two people to operate the big shifts, and they have to sit next to each other. If someone tests positive for the coronavirus and the two members of the hunting team are quarantined, it may prevent the city from clearing the snow, Walsh said.

He stated that most of the workers in Syracuse were also affected by the shifts and that he had to work with the city union to get them back to work.

Holyoke, Massachusetts, cut his snow removal budget by $150,000, but the impact won’t be felt during the season’s first storm, said Mike McManus, public works manager. Thursday morning almost three meters of snow fell in Holyoke.

This is really our first big storm, so we still have a budget, he said. Maybe our tenth storm will be different, but not this one.

McManus said his department might run out of money later on, but it’s a known problem and he’s not too worried.

Public safety is always important, so there are always resources, he said.

A woman is skiing in Manhattan's East Village on Wednesday night.

A woman is skiing in Manhattan’s East Village on Wednesday night. The honor… Hiroko Masuike / New York Times.

It’s usually a nightmare in New York City: halfway through the week or at Easter they promise to dump a foot of snow before the morning rush hour, disrupt traffic, close airports and commuter train lines, slow down the subway service and somehow force parents to work with young children who are excited about taking a day off from school.

But the year is 2020. Snow Day started nine months ago. And, what can only happen in this time of pandemic, a big blizzard is for many a welcome change, something new to observe from the windows behind which the New Yorkers have been living since March.

Of course, for the most important employees and city facilities, the storm could still cause serious problems. The restaurateurs who stopped eating indoors on Mondays and Wednesdays, before the storm, had endured the first period of inactivity since spring. Taxi drivers, food sellers – all those who earn their living on the streets – have suffered more losses than in previous months.

But in other parts of the city it was almost indulgent to anticipate and prepare for something fun – seeing a colossal storm coming and thinking about tobogganing. Mothers and fathers were planning to mute messages from their desks before setting off with their sons and daughters to explore the cool white hills that are normally unavailable during the workday.

On Wednesday, Daniel Lugo and his 6-year-old daughter Frieda tried their hand at two hardware stores in the Windsor Terrace district of Brooklyn and finally found what they were looking for on Prospect Avenue – a long blue sled. Our last one, the worker says.

Oh, yeah! There was a screaming reaction. And no Frida. It’s really good, Lugo said, his glasses cover his mask. Normally he takes the subway to Manhattan, but now I take the subway in socks, he says. I’ll take half the day, take this sled. I’m really excited.

But he has to wait until after school to go sledding with Frida. In the upside-down star of the century 2020, it was schoolchildren in New York City who suffered a loss on Thursday and missed the chance to take a day off. This week the city indicated that distance learning will probably make the snow days disappear, maybe forever.

Sledding at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Wednesday night.

A sleigh ride to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Wednesday night. linked to the Cameron Pollack credit for the New York Times.

While the heavy snowfall was passing through Philadelphia on Wednesday, students in the city urgently appealed to the school’s officials: Thursday is a snow day.

Thirteen-year-old Sean Gifford said he was one of over 1,500 students who signed a petition asking for a day off. He said he was thinking in particular of the students whose internet could be cut off by the hurricane.

The petition, which the students intended to send to William R. Hite, the director of Philadelphia schools, was published in a secure Google Doc.

The students usually work hard, says Sean, a seventh grader at Julia R School. Masterman Lab and Demonstration School. But in Covid’s time, it’s much more than that. We deserve these snowy days. They should be treated as if they were snowed in before the pandemic, because with the power cuts in some places and the inability to travel online, many students will simply not be able to go to school. And I don’t think it’s fair that they’re absent.

The school’s officials were not impressed, reflecting the district’s considerable investment in Chromebooks for distance learning.

We admire our students for taking the initiative to get together and give their opinion on this issue, but we have no intention of changing our position on this issue, said Monica Lewis, Assistant Director of the District Communications Office. However, we understand that students and teachers need breaks throughout the day, and we encourage them to do so.

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