Basketball has come a long way since dawn. A lot has changed in the course of history, from the way the game is played to the way players prepare for the season, so we’ve never been able to objectively compare eras.

Now the game leans more towards the periphery. It’s all about speed and space, and teams need five players who can shoot the ball from a high level arc. We are on the threshold of an era of unpositioned basketball.

But long before the team dared to bring more than 50 three-point shooters into the game, there were still effective and regular three-point shooters. Today we’re going to talk to you about the players who have scored the most three points in ten years.

80s – Larry Byrd

527 Three dots up to 38% 3FG Andrew D. Bernstein/NVAE/Getty Pictures

Young fans don’t know how good Larry Bird was. Before Kevin Durant, he was Kevin Durant. He was able to run for foul, dominate both ends of the glass, put the ball on the ground and consistently score all three levels for every other player in NBA history.

A bird can shoot with either the right or left hand. His hip and leg movements allow him to create a separation and his size gives him a huge advantage over any defender he encounters. Despite the fact that he fired only 527 three-point shots in this decade, he must still be considered one of the largest three-point shooters.

1990s – Reggie Miller

1,728 Three points up to 40% 3FG–.jpg

Reggie Miller built a three-point radiator. He was also the first goalkeeper outside the bow in the history of the NBA and in the distant past most defenders just didn’t have many answers for him when he caught the ball in the fence.

Miller was a cold-blooded killer when he found out about the ark. He had and broke the most three-point records and was one of the most influential and revolutionary players to do so, thanks to his ability to kick effectively.

years 2000 – Ray Allen

2 162 Three-points up to 40% 3FG–.jpg (via

Most young fans only see Ray Allen as a marksman, but in the early years of his career he was an aggressive driver and a thorn in his side, and an impressive athlete. Then he moved this game to the periphery and it became an unprecedented threat.

Allen made one of the softest jumps in the history of the game and felt that he was about to score a massive three points in his career, including one of the most iconic shots in the history of the NBA final in Game 6 against the Spurs in 2013.

years 2010 – Stephen Curry

2,953 Three points up to 43% 3FG–.jpg Credit: Getty Pictures

If all these players from the past were impressive, Stephen Curry makes them all look like amateurs, at least on all three points. I mean, the guy literally broke all the existing three-point records.

Stephen Curry will be the most powerful actor of the decade. That is why today’s children are increasingly attracted (and photographed) by the logo. You may or may not like modern basketball, but you have to honor this great shooter.


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